Dec 30, 2014

A Crying Towel for the GOP: Barack & Hillary are "Most admired Man & Woman in the World"

By RF Schatten

Ain't life a motherf*cker?!?! Just as everyone finished burying Barack Obama, after Nov. 3rd...his ratings started to climb, people are looking at the economy in a different light, the troops are coming home...and a new vacation spot is coming soon, 90 miles away! Forbes Magazine named Barack Obama, "Greatest Economic President of Modern Times" And now? "The most admired man in the world" !...for the 7th year in a row!!

The GOP can take over Congress, Gerrymander their asses off, suppress voters, cut off health and/or welfare assistance to the poor...and then, blame every ill in the world on the "Black Guy". It's part their continuous Party standards of lifelong personal smear campaigns...a la Kennedy and Clinton Families....they'll call him whatever they want, depict him in the most derogatory manners, disrespect him publicly and privately. And organized the most massive Political Propaganda campaign of lies, hate, and distortions in American history! Low Poll Ratings? Hey, they get orgasms! watching this shit!. They're currently in a political 7th Heaven...but just can't understand why no one really likes them?

The one thing they'll never understand...just like they've never understood the popularity of a Kennedy or a Clinton...why does Barack Obama remain so damn frickin' popular?!?!

For 70 years, the Gallup organization has been putting out this Poll. 2014 was a 123 sweep for Liberals and Progressives...Pope Francis placed 2nd, and Bill Clinton showed up at 3rd. On the Women's side, Hillary Clinton took top honors for the 17th time in the last 18 years, she was followed by Oprah, and rounded out by Malala. For those looking forward to another round of circus elections...Hillary has been admired by more people and for more years than any other female in history...19 times!... 6 more than Eleanor Roosevelt!

Republicans, naturally will find every excuse in the world, why the Gallup Poll came out with those results...and you'll hear and see all these right-wing nutjobs looking for scandals or conspiracies under every rock.  They'll continue their insults till he retires, and then some. Hate and ignorance go hand in hand...and they'll never understand why people like a Kennedy, a Clinton, and an Obama will always remain close to the hearts of so many Americans...while there's not a single Republican president ever revered by the general populace..."Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton...the most admired Man and Woman in the World"?  Republicans hate that!  Life, sure 'is' a motherf*cker!!

President Obama Named The Most Admired Man In The World For The 7th Straight Year