Dec 27, 2014

The Hypocrisy of Political Corruption: Who's Corrupt?

By RF Schatten

A Political Party accusing another Political Party of Corruption? is like 2 Street Walkers accusing each other of moral and unprofessional ethics!

When a Republican-appointed majority in the highest court of the land, decided that a Republican who accumulated a less substantial amount of votes than his opponent, should be President of the United States...where was all the outcry by the GOP? Of course, not!! would you, if it was reversed?

Apparently to conservatives...only Democrats are corrupt and appoint corrupt Judges...anyone appointed by the GOP are held to that same higher pure conservative judicial standards of Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, and others. Corrupt Judges? Whether you're a Liberal or Conservative, a Nazi or Commie, Religious or Atheist, Donkey or Dumbo, even a Tea drinking Moron!...everyone, absolutely every organized political  corrupt!! But, to attack a judge because she was appointed by Obama? just more Right Wing Propaganda. Throwing out lawsuits intended against a President, happens on both sides of the aisles, all the time...suing a President is not that easy. He has the executive power of "Pardon" and "Amnesty". Just because he knows how to use it when Congress ignores Congressional matters...doesn't make it only makes them look like foolish idiots who got out-smarted by their arch nemesis...again!

But 'this' is the Obama era! The hate for this man is beyond's their sordid love of carrying their hate way beyond the political theater, and into mainstream society.

Oh! Republicans love a good cry and sympathy when lawsuits are thrown out of court against them...they're getting very experienced at it...whether it's Obamacare, Gay Rights, Immigration, whatever! They're on the wrong side of every single social issue in this country! But, do you give a damn? Not really...why should they? The American public keeps electing them to do horseshit like this, and pay them even more money to do absolutely nothing in Congress for them!
The loser of the lawsuit? Raising Arizona Sheriff Joe "Toughest Sheriff in the Nation" Arpaio. Disappointed, Joe?...tough shit!

Corruption: Obama Appointee Throws Out Lawsuit Against...Obama