Dec 28, 2014

New Republican Manual: "How to attract someone you really despise".

By RF Schatten

The the crossroad of their existence...are trying to cross uncharted waters. How to attract Hispanics and other minorities into their Old White Men's Club.

Have no fear! the Dumbo's have a plan! They have their secret weapon!...minority members who naturally, know all about their communities and are set to infiltrate and recruit more minorities into the Grand Old Party. And who better to know about the Cubans than Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio??

Yeah! these two characters know their community...their communities know them too well, only much better! As a Cuban, I can say; "Rafael Eduardo Cruz y Marco Antonio Rubio son dos pendejitos comemierditas que se pasan por ser importante". They are nothing!! just an embarrassment to Cubans... a good majority of Cubans will agree!

Oh! the GOP won't stop just with the Ted and Marco Show!...also, recruiting Women! You know how much the GOP cares for Women and all their 'Rights'? So, in comes the name of Carly Fiorina...that great business woman! (ask Compaq how great it turned out for them).The businesswoman responsible for outsourcing and offshoring thousands of HP jobs to India and every other country that she could benefit from cheap labor. She later ran for the US Senate in California on a platform of creating jobs for Californians...presumably for those thousands of HP employees that she laid off!
Gov. Bobby Jindal is their voice for the American Hindu Indian Louisiana. You know how many Cajan Hindu voters he can bring to the Republican Party? And their point men to attract the Blacks to the GOP? Fine, respectful, outstanding members of their community..Blacks like Allan West, Ben Carson, and Herman "Pizza Man" Cain.

The Republicans are in the predicament of their to attract minorities to their party as a matter of survival, while keeping their conservative principals and trying to sustain their Status Quo,..or take lessons on how to survive working with Tea loving morons. But regardless, the chance of a Minority impact on the GOP remains around zero, nada!...and will remain at that level for some cannot attract Minorities, when you oppose every single issue from every single minority in the world!

And those ambitious minority members that are going to revolutionize the Dumbo Party? Let's be honest folks! Cain, Carson, West, and people like Clarence Thomas...are not the most popular and most revered names of their community...maybe a Colin Powell, but the Party has pretty much driven him off the political stage. Fiorina, a cutthroat businesswoman? How is her life connected with those women who do not have equal rights, and who are denied certain health services. For the GOP is not about Women's's about how much Fiorina can make for them, financially.

Marco and Ted? their ambition is them...their flock is ultra right wing politics and social conservative religion. Won't find too many in Little Havana cheering them on...most are too busy making plans to visit an Island, 90 miles south...Gracias Obama!

GOP Puts up a Bigger Tent for Minority Challenge - ABC News