Feb 28, 2016

Without Freedom of the Press...there is No Freedom of Speech

By RF Schatten

Without Freedom of the Press...there is No Freedom of Speech!!!

A vulgar human being who does not like the Press because they question his vulgarity and his dishonesty?? All the money and power in the world won't buy this spoiled brat and bully, a Social Intellect...or in his case, any type of Intelligence.
Too upset because the Press doesn't like you, bubbe?? Like a rich spoiled kid, if someone calls you a name or doesn't like you...I'm taking my Ball and Bat home so nobody can play, and my dad is going to sue all of you!

Lawsuits, Lawsuits, Lawsuits...solve all your problems with Lawsuits. Trump has sued almost everyone in existence on this planet and their uncle, he sues Businesses of every type for a living...so, with all the lawsuits he's going after, when does he have time for Politics? when does he sleep?...he sues entire Cities...and even Countries, folks!! This degenerate even sued his ex-wife! and he never wins anything, anyhow...but all his legion of Lawyers are sure delighted with Le Grande Orange! Please! more Lawsuits, Donald!

"Freedom of the Press is not an end in itself, but a means to the end of achieving a Free Society" ~~ Felix Frankfurter

In denying the Freedom of the Press...you are denying the basic right for others to hear what someone else has to say. Individuals may not be able to express themselves the way others can, and how can their voices be heard? who will hear their cries?...it's the Press who speaks for We, the People! And if "We, the People" don't like or agree what they have to say, We, the People have the 'freedom' to read someone else's thoughts and ideas. If you're a Conservative, read Murdoch's Papers or watch Fox!...they openly lie like hell, but that won't bother a Conservative, the truth seems less important than winning.    

"Criticism of Government finds sanctuary in several portions of the 1st Amendment. It is part of the Right of Free Speech. It embraces Freedom of the Press" ~~ Hugo Black

Throughout the world...throughout History! whether Right Wing or Left Wing...see what happens when the Free Press is shut down! By then, you can say whatever you want, cause no one can hear you...just make sure if they 'do' hear you...don't say nothing bad about President Trump, he'll start by suing you, and then with his Fascist fascination of power?...hope you're not one of those "Poorly Educated" that he loves so very much. He'll find something for you...sorry!

Now, to those Poorly Educated Trump supporters who truly believe this bucket of slime can pull-off this horseshit?!?!
The only way to change the 1st Amendment is by passing a new Constitutional Amendment and 'that' is not ever going to happen...not in the 50 States...it's not just 51% we're looking at...it's 75% of the States to agree in this Century, in a time when you can't even get Two States to agree on anything?...removing people's rights while Gun crazies complain about their rights?

The 1st Amendment is a very powerful tool for We, the People! it's something very special that not all Countries possess these days, and what makes us the greatest country in the world?...the ability to express ourselves, the right to dissent, and to openly disagree with our Government!
The Press has the right to express our thoughts and feelings to a public that feels the same as we do, and if you don't like it?...just switch back to Fox!

Trump threatens to weaken First Amendment protections for reporters | PBS NewsHour

Feb 26, 2016

Trump & Christie: Mr. Outsider meets Mr. Insider

 By RF Schatten

Mr. Outsider meets Mr. Insider...an "Outsider" with absolutely no understanding of how Government functions and the "Insider" who will direct him on how to be Presidential by sitting down, shutting up, and staying out of people's way,..though, he could at least learn how to shutdown bridges.

Why would a man who attempted to run for President, settle for a "Cabinet Position" after becoming the biggest endorsement by a professional Politico, thus far for Trump? Unless someone more reputable emerges, the Trumpster's only choice under the category of the "Political Insider" is the Pillsbury Dough Boy, the Hockey Mom, or who else? What self-respecting Republican would even dare team up with this piece of vulgarity and totally classless man?

1st, the elimination of Palin from any real contention...Trump wants a 'real' pro, not Crazy Sarah! Which leaves him at this time, only with Chris Christie. So let's suppose Christie does get the VP?!?!
Regional Demographics mean nothing in this Election Year! Christie can become his very own version of a Dick Chaney...though Dubya at least had some knowledge of the National and International Political Theater. It's running the big show without taking the responsibility...while the Donald stays away combing his hair and looking at himself in the mirror.

As they say; "Politics makes strange bedfellows"...but these two characters have a lot in common...a con artist billionaire from New York and an old fashioned crooked political boss from New Jersey, who understands the use of political "machines" and racketeering . You tell so and so, if they don't support me, we'll screw their careers!...hope they don't need to go home via the George Washington?
Everyone got screwed, from top to bottom...but Chris! Like Atlantic City!...who got screwed? and who left town with all the money? the Trumpster! Sure! they'll 'Make America Great, Again'...at least, their own little piece of America!

"The fact of the matter is, no one's gonna get inside this guy's head... there is no better fighter than Donald Trump," ~~ Chris Christie

No one is gonna get inside this guy's head?...except Chris Christie, if he can become his Vice President!! Not getting into this guy's head? Come on! both Christie and Trump love 'the poorly educated' that believe this horseshit...they 'do' have a lot in common.

A brokered Convention? The final act and the desperation of the Great Clown Circus...and what an act!! If Trump gets to the magic number before arriving at the convention, you may have to call those men in their little white coats, have Reince Priebus removed' and sent to Happy Acres...while moderate zombie Dumbos wonder around in a circle, doing nothing!
Chairman of the National Republican Committee? He lost control the day he took over for Michael Steele. He's just another Wisconsin failure for the Koch Brothers who counts him along with Scott Walker and Paul Ryan among their Political Biotchs!

Donald Trump's endorsements represents the who's who of the batshit world!....la crème de la crème!...Chris Christie, who even with his new found love for Le Grande Orange, sold his personal Donors List to Rubio. Then comes Palin...probably Trump's Secretary of State cause she can see Russia from her Porch!...and followed by Ted Nugent, Gary Busey, Duck Dynasty, the American Neo-Nazis, along with the KKK and David Duke's own personal endorsement!

The Insanely Stupid, the Pedophile, and the White Supremacist Vote. Good endorsements, Donald!...ahhyup! a lot of family values out there with this group of characters! There 'is' more room at Happy Acres...and a discount rate for Republicans! 

Chris Christie Endorses Donald Trump, Probably Because He Wants a Cabinet Position

Feb 21, 2016

The New Politics of Degenerate Values & Immorality

 By RF Schatten

When you speak beyond the scope of your own imagination...and true understanding...the fool in you comes out roaring and ends biting you right in the ass!

As Lincoln, Mark Twain, or whomever said; "It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak up and remove all doubts". Welcome to the GOP's latest and greatest exercise in Presidential Elections with the uncrowned standard bearer Donald Trump's Political Circus of Horrors.

And as I say repeatedly, what was the Grand Old Party...and now, up to the Bushes...is no longer! And they don't even deserve a eulogy for allowing themselves to serve that 'Tea' at Republican Black Tie Cocktail Affairs. The new symbol of the GOP: Old Dumbo, with a Lipton Tea Bag hanging over his trunk!

In today's climate of lies, innuendos, insults, and vulgarity over facts, respect, and decorum....the Trump Show continues to "Bern" the GOP! Many South Carolina Republicans are saying that if Trump becomes the Nominee, they will vote for Hillary or Bernie instead!

A modern day Snake Oil Salesman attracting the very same crowd, a professional con artist extraordinaire communicating with the very same mindset of those days gone by!

His hypocrisy with each issue just gets bigger and bigger...he's considered to be Xenophobic, but does business with the very same people he doesn't really care for.  Being against American Companies investing oversees while his own Companies do it every day. 

"Let me give you the bad news: Every car, every truck and every part manufactured in this plant that comes across the border, we’re going to charge you a 35% tax...they are going to take away thousands of jobs.”! And  he favors 35% on every company that takes jobs away from Americans.

What the Trumpster doesn't say is what real experts say about his ingenious ideas; “Mr. Trump is either inexcusably hypocritical or inexcusably ignorant of economics...there is zero Economic Difference between, say, a U.S. Car Company’s investments abroad in Factories and Mr. Trump’s own investments abroad in Hotels ~~ Donald J. Boudreaux, Professor of Economics, George Mason University.
Another Economic pundit, Mark J. Perry, Professor of Economics and Finance at University of Michigan-Flint said; “When it comes to Political Hypocrisy, Donald Trump deserves a Gold medal, at the same time that the billionaire businessman criticizes Ford for producing some of its cars in Mexico, and threatens to stop any expansion there and impose a 35% tax on Ford Imports from Mexico, he certainly has no trouble taking advantage of the global marketplace when it comes to his own businesses.”

Perry continued “For Trump to operate, outsource and invest globally while criticizing companies like Ford for doing the same is the ultimate hypocrisy. To be fair to Ford, Trump should either agree to impose a 35% tax on Trump Collection clothing and Hotels around the world, and agree to stop investing overseas, or he should stop his threats against Ford for operating as a Global Car Maker.”

Lies, Lies, and more Lies! And now into the outrageous category! “I have thousands and thousands of Hispanics…I lead with the Hispanics. I’m leading in every poll with Hispanics,... they love me, I love them.”! A habitual liar? or are all the polls showing 80% of all Hispanics opposing a Trump candidacy, lying? Tomorrow? He's gonna love all the Blacks because they're all crazy about him, too!
In Spanish is "Tener Cojones"  To have the balls to speak about Latinos adoring him, while he truly hates their guts and wants to deport them!...and he thinks Hispanics are ignorant to believe that Horseshit?!?!
Lawsuits against Ted Cruz on Birther issues, and now questioning the Birther issues of Marco Rubio?

Neither Cruz or Rubio is going to get the Latino Vote either way...especially the Cuban Vote, cause neither of them identifies with the new Cuban generation (only the old GOP Cuban guard in the 80s to 90s age range are still faithful to them). But neither will Trump ever get his adoring Latino Votes. As they say in Little Havana; Trump es un Degenerado, Cruz un Descarado, y Marco Antonio un Mojoncito. A degenerate, a shameless human being, and a piece of shit!

A News Bulletin: Republicans, you've lost the Latino Vote!!!

Trump just told this amazing whopper during his victory speech in South Carolina

Feb 15, 2016

SCOTUS' 4-4 Predicament & the GOP's Suicide By Filibuster

 By RF Schatten

"There is a Higher Court than Courts of Justice and that is the Court of Conscience. It supersedes all other courts" ~~~ Gandhi

May he rest in peace, but Antonin Scalia was not a very devout Catholic as he tried to appear in front of his public, cause this man never had a "Conscience" for doing what's right in the eyes of God...rather, he pretty much sold his soul and the conscience that goes along with it for money, power, and influence...a true Republican 'soldier' that put his Party ahead of his Judicial Oath, a GOP asset...a Strict Constructionist when it mattered to his Party and a Judicial Activist when it mattered his Party needed an issue passed, often making up his very own interpretations of the US Constitution. Like Corporations being recognized as People!?!?

And how he and the other 4 Republican Judges took the 14th Amendment and for "One Time Only" as they said! used the Equal Protection clause...and a horseshit explanation... to rule on Bush v. Gore in 2000. According to 5 Republicans, George Dubya deserved being President cause his equal protection rights under the 14th Amendment were being violated by Gore! Yes? No? As all the world's legal authorities agreed...the most bullshit politically motivated Court Decision ever made, just in order for a losing Political Party to take power legally after losing the Popular and Electoral vote. But, of course it was Florida's Electoral Vote on question...could've Jeb fix that?...of course! remember "Jeb Can Fix It"!

Scalia was a very smart man who used his position to hurt a nation, while favoring his Corporate benefactors...a waste of a great jurist and a great mind! but, he did say in an interview with New York Magazine he believed in Hell and the Devil!...maybe, he did know where he was headed after he met his maker?

Why would the Republican Party agree to Obama's choices for SCOTUS, when they haven't agreed with him for 7 years? Now the "Next Messiah" says he's going to obstruct and filibuster the Nomination. Why would the GOP rally around Cruz and probably commit political suicide in doing so? With only half of this Court's Sessions done...how will a 4-4 Court rule? Everything will just go back to the lower courts...which Conservatives certainly do not wish, but they just don't have any options left...except, accept Obama's!

The fact a Supreme Court Justice passes away while still holding office is tragic...whether you like him or not...is tragic and sad, but shit happens! Of all the Justices to pass away...Antonin Scalia freaks the living hell out of the Grand Old Party the most...and, with what they have to offer this Country in quality of Republican Candidates in this Election Year? They better worry!...the only way these characters that call themselves Republicans can now run, is with an all exclusive Ultra Right Wing plank...cause that's the only following they still have left!

They're in a Lose-Lose situation and nothing, especially Cruz's Filibuster spectacle, is going to help them. Filibusters and any other obstruction are just going to help fuel the chaos, in which this powder-keg of a Republican Party will blow-up into by Convention Time.

Rallying around the death of a man whom the Republicans are hypocritically accusing the Democrats of politicizing his death? It's the GOP who's making it political, openly opposing by obstructing and filibustering any SCOTUS Nominee Barack Obama nominates!...obstructing yet another nominee because it's Obama who's making the nomination. Wait till after the Elections so the public can have their say? The public did have their say...they elected Obama!...and he's still in office!

Determined to stop Obama at any cost? They've been talking tough for 8 years and for 8 years those eggs on their faces has become the symbol of the Republican Party depicted throughout the world, via High Tech and TV...Big Dumbos with eggs running down their faces and trunks...they haven't stopped Obama from landmark legislative acts, building the best economy and becoming "Best Economic President in Modern Times" by the highly respected Republican Business Magazine; Forbes. Cutting unemployment to the lowest levels since Dubya was President, admired and respected throughout the world with higher poll ratings than here in America! I guess the rest of the world is not as Racist as they are right here, in the "Greatest Country in the World"!

Obama did it all with blatant Republican Obstructionism since 2008, from Legislation to Confirmations, Government Shutdowns, treasonous meetings with Foreign Governments behind the Administration's and State Department's backs, attempted coercion of foreign governments to stop Nuclear Treaties, and also the coercion of the United Nations and all the Countries of the Earth on Climate Change Initiatives!

And after all that, along with having the worst record in Congressional History for accomplishing absolutely nothing in 8 years!...they want to finish it off with one last big show, courtesy of Ted "Tail-gunner" Cruz!...and, Barack Obama will undoubtedly get his one final shot with those eggs, and make them look like the total losers the Grand Old Party has become!    

If Republicans block Obama’s Supreme Court nomination, he wins anyway - The Washington Post

Feb 12, 2016

No "October Surprise": GOP's failed continuance of Reagan's Legacy

 By RF Schatten

The plausibility of Republicans paying off yet another Iranian Government?...all to keep yet more American hostages imprisoned in order to influence yet another Presidential Election? You bet!!

“In the course of the talks for exchanging prisoners, the Republican rivals of the current US Administration, who claim to be humanitarians and advocates of human rights sent a message telling us not to release these People (American Prisoners) and continue this process (of talks) until the eve of US Presidential Elections" ~~~ Ali Shamkhani (Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council)

Why would it sound like such a treasonous act?...privately negotiating with separate factions of sovereign governments, behind the back of your own Government 'is' treason!...in every way, shape, or form!

The fact: Ronald Reagan 'did' secretly negotiated the "October Surprise" (that, also led to the deaths of thousands of innocent people around the world, and in Central America in particular) behind Jimmie Carter and his Administration's back...and against the policies of Iran's President at that time, Abdolhassan Bani-Sadr...and secretly worked out a deal with the leader of Iran's radical faction, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khomeini!

And what a deal! This great human being's outrageous plans was to keep the hostages in captivity until 'after the 1980 Presidential Election were over', even to the point of not returning them till his Inauguration Day!...totally staged to show the poor suffering Hostages and the the future President on split screen, as Reagan raises his right hand and places his left hand on the Bible, the plane with the hostages takes off...as he takes the official Oath of Office and becomes the President, the message that the Hostages have past Iranian Air Space is flashed through TV Screens all over the world!...all Hollywood! how Ronald Reagan became St. Bonzo to Evangelical America and all his GOP faithful...he becomes the "Leader of the Free World", and wow! at the exact moment!?!? Our American Hostages are free!!...it's a miracle! hallelujah! God bless St Bonzo!

That's how great St. Bonzo was...committed treason to his own government, cheated to win an election, but even worse...played with other people's lives! Political pawns, suffering and held hostage for a god awful amount of days, and then? having to stay longer than necessary just to make good old Ronnie look good!

Looking good was all he ever wanted, the US-Iran Arms-for-Hostages negotiations in 1985 and 1986 was part of the deal...but Bonzo did "not recall" that, naturally.

A traitor? he was already a giant traitor to his Union when as President of SAG, ratted out his own friends and membership to McCarthy's House Un-American Activities Committee, where many people's lives and careers abruptly ended. The hostages' lives and careers?...and the GOP's compassion? 444 long days!...of which at least, 75 of those days were just to make a Grade-B Actor look good! Ahhyup! Dumbos have compassion, alright! 

Now today's GOP wants to win one for the Gipper, and go ahead and strike another deal...even if they think Iran is part of their Axis of Evil shtick. You've got to give them credit...having the gull to make a deal with the very same people they claim to someday exterminate from the face of this earth...and again, it's another chapter from Reagan's Book on American Traitors.

This time, Iran is telling the Republicans to take a hike!...after their failed letter trying to disrupt the International Nuclear Negotiations, Republicans are once again making fools out of themselves in the world stage. The 47 Traitors continue to work behind its own Government's back, negotiated privately with Netanyahu behind Obama's back, and continue to support Bibi's long term goals...which includes the destruction of those very same Iranians, they're trying to negotiate with to Win again the same way!

Since St. Ronald, George I, and George II...Cheating, buying the Courts, and buying Elections has become the Republican Way of Life...and now, with not one single solitary Republican Party Policy favored by any majority of the country?

It appears the Grand Old Party is going for all the marbles by throwing respect and decorum out the Capitol windows by just being openly vulgar and aligning themselves with the only people left who still believe, follow, respect, and currently adores them...Right Wing Extremism! Their current standard bearer, actually celebrated by re-tweeted an openly White Supremacist's compliments on his "Make America Great" election victory in N.H.

Conservatism in America has mercilessly broken down and the Republican Party has turned to disrespect, immorality, and vulgarity, in what's left of their self-hating life with those whom they just refuse or simply cannot understand! Growing up in generations of ignorance, or just in self-denial of the course which the natural evolution of our society is progressively moving!...Forwards, not Backwards!

Oh, well! Republicans and all their corruption will never change, they'll continue to lose nationally and never know why!...till they stop worshiping St. Bonzo!

Iran Claims Republicans Tried To Delay Return Of US Prisoners Until After The Election

Feb 5, 2016

Snyder is Poisoning Flint...and GOP Blames Obama!

By RF Schatten

Wasn't the "Big Government Takeover" of Benton Harbor enough of a clue about Rick Snyder's mind and personal character? The Flint problem didn't start during this Election cycle and doesn't need to be an election issue...if things were handled right from the beginning! What Republicans in their right mind would want to have such a scandal during National Elections? Oops! sorry, we 'are' speaking about today's Grand Old Party!

In the case of one, Richard Dale Snyder...a paid in full, Koch sponsored stooge and crook portraying the role of Governor William J Lepetomane, along with his very own Hedley Lamar, portrayed by Joseph Harris, aka "The Czar of Benton Harbor" tried to takeover the town, get rid of the heavily low income population, build Golf Courses, and a giant shoreline development for the wealthy....and still come out with a nice handsome commission for all his efforts in the deal.
Frankly, Rick Snyder doesn't give a damn! so why would he be scared of poisoning that City's population...his benefactors have been poisoning the waters of communities throughout the country for years! and all those facts and much more, are just a click away!...for those 2 scoundrels, it's routine for the Bros to settle out of court and pay the judges' fines...they have Billions to blow!

"The Michigan Republican party would like you to know that Gov. Rick Snyder (R) has been busy trying to heal the city of Flint while the malevolent Obama administration has only stood in the way". The statement by the local Michigan GOP...and the condemnation by the RNC? Where is that long line of concerned and upset Republican citizens? Oops! sorry, not in this version of the Grand Old Party!

The water switch was motivated by saving money for Flint? which, was under the control of a State Emergency Manager aka Hedley Lamar, naturally! Lies, more Lies, and yet another Scandal...the fact he knew what all experts were telling him, and still allowed it to happen?...just to save a buck? Knowing you're poisoning people is not healthy for children and other living things...now, you don't need a war for our youth to die...just poison them or have the cops shoot them!

This is the immorality that America is facing...you don't make "America Great Again" by knowingly poisoning people, as if they were casualties of War...and in this case, a dirty and filthy political war by dirty and filthy maniacal politicos with no purpose in life other than continue the fear and hate of a Society they refuse to understand.

With the Koch Brothers' fingerprints up and down and all over the place...the state government continues as corrupt in Michigan as in its Koch sister-state Wisconsin with Snyder's Twin-mirror, Scotty "Too Hottie" Walker! Playing with people's lives is Criminal!...no matter how you slice it!...and Criminal Charges should be filed. Will the federal government respond to the cries of social injustice and political chicanery in Michigan?
In an election year? You bet!...Rick Snyder screwed up royally! it's his bad...but Republicans are still going to hurt. Already being the Party known as the protectors of the 1%, their total lack of remorse and lack of understanding of social issues...such as the human right to obtain free clean water...is going to bite them in their arse this November!   

This degenerate of a politician who swore in his oath to uphold the highest standards of his office for which the voters entrusted him, will continue in his merry ways...until someone decides to put a stop and brings him up on criminal charges. And in an election year? It's just going to be another wild circus act for the Dumbos in 2016!

Bernie Sanders Calls For Federal Criminal Investigation Into Rick Snyder For Poisoning Flint | Politicus USA