Feb 15, 2016

SCOTUS' 4-4 Predicament & the GOP's Suicide By Filibuster

 By RF Schatten

"There is a Higher Court than Courts of Justice and that is the Court of Conscience. It supersedes all other courts" ~~~ Gandhi

May he rest in peace, but Antonin Scalia was not a very devout Catholic as he tried to appear in front of his public, cause this man never had a "Conscience" for doing what's right in the eyes of God...rather, he pretty much sold his soul and the conscience that goes along with it for money, power, and influence...a true Republican 'soldier' that put his Party ahead of his Judicial Oath, a GOP asset...a Strict Constructionist when it mattered to his Party and a Judicial Activist when it mattered his Party needed an issue passed, often making up his very own interpretations of the US Constitution. Like Corporations being recognized as People!?!?

And how he and the other 4 Republican Judges took the 14th Amendment and for "One Time Only" as they said! used the Equal Protection clause...and a horseshit explanation... to rule on Bush v. Gore in 2000. According to 5 Republicans, George Dubya deserved being President cause his equal protection rights under the 14th Amendment were being violated by Gore! Yes? No? As all the world's legal authorities agreed...the most bullshit politically motivated Court Decision ever made, just in order for a losing Political Party to take power legally after losing the Popular and Electoral vote. But, of course it was Florida's Electoral Vote on question...could've Jeb fix that?...of course! remember "Jeb Can Fix It"!

Scalia was a very smart man who used his position to hurt a nation, while favoring his Corporate benefactors...a waste of a great jurist and a great mind! but, he did say in an interview with New York Magazine he believed in Hell and the Devil!...maybe, he did know where he was headed after he met his maker?

Why would the Republican Party agree to Obama's choices for SCOTUS, when they haven't agreed with him for 7 years? Now the "Next Messiah" says he's going to obstruct and filibuster the Nomination. Why would the GOP rally around Cruz and probably commit political suicide in doing so? With only half of this Court's Sessions done...how will a 4-4 Court rule? Everything will just go back to the lower courts...which Conservatives certainly do not wish, but they just don't have any options left...except, accept Obama's!

The fact a Supreme Court Justice passes away while still holding office is tragic...whether you like him or not...is tragic and sad, but shit happens! Of all the Justices to pass away...Antonin Scalia freaks the living hell out of the Grand Old Party the most...and, with what they have to offer this Country in quality of Republican Candidates in this Election Year? They better worry!...the only way these characters that call themselves Republicans can now run, is with an all exclusive Ultra Right Wing plank...cause that's the only following they still have left!

They're in a Lose-Lose situation and nothing, especially Cruz's Filibuster spectacle, is going to help them. Filibusters and any other obstruction are just going to help fuel the chaos, in which this powder-keg of a Republican Party will blow-up into by Convention Time.

Rallying around the death of a man whom the Republicans are hypocritically accusing the Democrats of politicizing his death? It's the GOP who's making it political, openly opposing by obstructing and filibustering any SCOTUS Nominee Barack Obama nominates!...obstructing yet another nominee because it's Obama who's making the nomination. Wait till after the Elections so the public can have their say? The public did have their say...they elected Obama!...and he's still in office!

Determined to stop Obama at any cost? They've been talking tough for 8 years and for 8 years those eggs on their faces has become the symbol of the Republican Party depicted throughout the world, via High Tech and TV...Big Dumbos with eggs running down their faces and trunks...they haven't stopped Obama from landmark legislative acts, building the best economy and becoming "Best Economic President in Modern Times" by the highly respected Republican Business Magazine; Forbes. Cutting unemployment to the lowest levels since Dubya was President, admired and respected throughout the world with higher poll ratings than here in America! I guess the rest of the world is not as Racist as they are right here, in the "Greatest Country in the World"!

Obama did it all with blatant Republican Obstructionism since 2008, from Legislation to Confirmations, Government Shutdowns, treasonous meetings with Foreign Governments behind the Administration's and State Department's backs, attempted coercion of foreign governments to stop Nuclear Treaties, and also the coercion of the United Nations and all the Countries of the Earth on Climate Change Initiatives!

And after all that, along with having the worst record in Congressional History for accomplishing absolutely nothing in 8 years!...they want to finish it off with one last big show, courtesy of Ted "Tail-gunner" Cruz!...and, Barack Obama will undoubtedly get his one final shot with those eggs, and make them look like the total losers the Grand Old Party has become!    

If Republicans block Obama’s Supreme Court nomination, he wins anyway - The Washington Post