Feb 28, 2016

Without Freedom of the Press...there is No Freedom of Speech

By RF Schatten

Without Freedom of the Press...there is No Freedom of Speech!!!

A vulgar human being who does not like the Press because they question his vulgarity and his dishonesty?? All the money and power in the world won't buy this spoiled brat and bully, a Social Intellect...or in his case, any type of Intelligence.
Too upset because the Press doesn't like you, bubbe?? Like a rich spoiled kid, if someone calls you a name or doesn't like you...I'm taking my Ball and Bat home so nobody can play, and my dad is going to sue all of you!

Lawsuits, Lawsuits, Lawsuits...solve all your problems with Lawsuits. Trump has sued almost everyone in existence on this planet and their uncle, he sues Businesses of every type for a living...so, with all the lawsuits he's going after, when does he have time for Politics? when does he sleep?...he sues entire Cities...and even Countries, folks!! This degenerate even sued his ex-wife! and he never wins anything, anyhow...but all his legion of Lawyers are sure delighted with Le Grande Orange! Please! more Lawsuits, Donald!

"Freedom of the Press is not an end in itself, but a means to the end of achieving a Free Society" ~~ Felix Frankfurter

In denying the Freedom of the Press...you are denying the basic right for others to hear what someone else has to say. Individuals may not be able to express themselves the way others can, and how can their voices be heard? who will hear their cries?...it's the Press who speaks for We, the People! And if "We, the People" don't like or agree what they have to say, We, the People have the 'freedom' to read someone else's thoughts and ideas. If you're a Conservative, read Murdoch's Papers or watch Fox!...they openly lie like hell, but that won't bother a Conservative, the truth seems less important than winning.    

"Criticism of Government finds sanctuary in several portions of the 1st Amendment. It is part of the Right of Free Speech. It embraces Freedom of the Press" ~~ Hugo Black

Throughout the world...throughout History! whether Right Wing or Left Wing...see what happens when the Free Press is shut down! By then, you can say whatever you want, cause no one can hear you...just make sure if they 'do' hear you...don't say nothing bad about President Trump, he'll start by suing you, and then with his Fascist fascination of power?...hope you're not one of those "Poorly Educated" that he loves so very much. He'll find something for you...sorry!

Now, to those Poorly Educated Trump supporters who truly believe this bucket of slime can pull-off this horseshit?!?!
The only way to change the 1st Amendment is by passing a new Constitutional Amendment and 'that' is not ever going to happen...not in the 50 States...it's not just 51% we're looking at...it's 75% of the States to agree in this Century, in a time when you can't even get Two States to agree on anything?...removing people's rights while Gun crazies complain about their rights?

The 1st Amendment is a very powerful tool for We, the People! it's something very special that not all Countries possess these days, and what makes us the greatest country in the world?...the ability to express ourselves, the right to dissent, and to openly disagree with our Government!
The Press has the right to express our thoughts and feelings to a public that feels the same as we do, and if you don't like it?...just switch back to Fox!

Trump threatens to weaken First Amendment protections for reporters | PBS NewsHour