May 30, 2015

"Delightfully Tacky...Yet, Unrefined": Hooters? No, FoxNews!

By RF Schatten

You've got to hand it to FoxNews...when it comes to Tasteless and Publicly Offensive programming...they're in a class all of their own! With all due respect to Hooters, the "Fair & Balanced" crowd at Fox, should change their moniker to "Delightfully Tacky...Yet, Unrefined"

There 'is' a reason why all the Advertisers on "19 and Counting" are taking their money and running away from this Family's Values, as fast as it's humanly possible. It's called Embarrassment!
A planned featured Sit Down Interview with Megyn Kelly to discuss the scandal and to "share their hearts" with the 'public' this case, your loyal everyday Fox minions! ...and don't expect a "Questions & Answers" Interview, digging heavy into the subject.
"We appreciate the outpouring of love and prayers for our family at this time"'s going to be a Revival! A sermon, sweetly shedding their tears and miraculously becoming a true wholesome Christian Family, all over again; all that will probably be missing will be a big "Cross" behind Megyn.

There's no need to drag the Duggar's fiasco on TV, the their hometown is embarrassed enough and ashamed ...they're not going to admit to anything, especially with so many things that are being investigated...and now, Child Protective Services is starting their own series of investigations. Every day, new filth has been coming out. Jim Bob and Michelle can spew their religious heart out all they want and convince their own flock. But, that's as far as it's going to go...with other Christian Evangelicals, that's it!

Child Abuse, any way you cut it...covering up a Child's mental and criminal acts, is giving that child 'Carte Blanche' to continue in his merry ways. Yes! FoxNews is very "Unrefined" in its views on Morality, and very "Tacky" in its selection of programming...Fair and Balanced? they're not!...Unrefined and Tacky?    

Duggars To Sit Down For Fox News Interview With Megyn Kelly

May 29, 2015

Ted Cruz: The Hell with the Northeast!...It's a "Statutory Obligation" to Aid Texas!

By RF Schatten

I guess, God meant for all this to happen...if you're a Climate Change Denier. So! why would you want the Federal Government that you hate so much, to help you? What's the difference between a Hurricane in New Jersey and New York...and a Flood in Texas? Screw all the devastation of the Northeast!...but when it comes to Texas? It's the Federal Government's "Statutory Obligation" to rescue the Lone Star State!

Where are all those climate deniers in Texas? Most of them? currently in self-denial of their own stupidity...while demanding, wishing, and even hoping the Federals will bring them Aid. You're not going to find too many people believing that the 'end' is here...for a brief extraordinary moment when reality sets in, their ignorance slap's them right in the back of their heads! and their cry for help and thanks to the US Government is real, and may even be sincere...they'll naturally, forget and go back to their ways, be re-born back into their own stupid selves once again, some other day.

Brenda Ekwurzel of the Union of Concerned Scientists, said; “When you have a warmer atmosphere, then you have the capability to hold more water vapor”...“When storms organize, there’s much more water you can wring out of the atmosphere compared to the past". Do you truly believe all these long tall Texans are going to rush and question their anti-science believes, in the wake of what's currently arising? A better question would be; Isn't there any Fix whatsoever for Stupid??
“Billions of $$ in damage in Texas & Oklahoma. Still no weather-caster may utter the phrase Climate Change”. They really, really hate Bill Nye in Texas! This Science the light of what's happening and the residents' own personal experiences with the storm...makes too many people think! and 'Critical Thinking' is forbidden in Texas!

Ted Cruz voted opposing Federal Aid for Hurricane Sandy, as did Tom Cotton, who said that he didn't think "Arkansas needs to bail out the Northeast"...then went begging when they got flooded! And ditto for Colorado's GOP Congressional Delegation...Screw Sandy, but please, please, please, help Colorado!
The Republican Party and their stand against Climate Change...instigated by Big $$$, and fueled by sheer Religious insult to the mentality of Americans and that of rest of the World; and a future lousy, nasty Chapter in American and World History!

"Climate Change" is real. If Evangelical America wants to deny it, and believe what the Bible has to say within their interpretations...then enjoy your own personal 'End of Days' in the Flood...Ciao, baby! 

Ted Cruz adopts a new posture on disaster aid | MSNBC

May 27, 2015

Marco Rubio saving Christianity from the Catholic Church...for your Vote!

 By RF Schatten

Now, it's the "Survival of Christianity"...and how the Catholic Church is bent on its destruction!  “After they are done going after individuals, the next step is to argue that the teachings of mainstream Christianity, the 'Catechism' of the Catholic Church is hate speech”.
How the horseshit keeps flowing out from this little man, it's simply incredible. But, Marco Rubio couldn't care less what he's all about his ambitions, obtaining the votes to achieve those ambitions, and using whomever it takes to reach those goals.

Rubio's latest strategy involves pandering to the Evangelicals, and hopefully grab away a little of the booty from Ted Cruz and now...Dan Savage's favorite Republican, Rick Santorum! Rubio's problem is finding his own fan base...and with a field of hopefuls larger than the Kentucky Derby, our man just doesn't know whom to pander, he's tried every other angle and failed!
Marco is just an eternal AA rookie who can't keep up with the Big blunder after another...and now, the Evangelical route.

Bad political amateurism?...speaking blatant stupidities against the Catholic Church, for which his constituency of Cuban-Americans in the Sunshine State is overwhelmingly Roman Catholic, and now happy with a friendly Hispanic Pope capable of converting anyone...we'll see Raul at Mass, but will we see Fidel?
He also he has made it clear of offending the Gay Community in a State where the Gay Community happens to be very politically active...obtaining those 'votes', is getting more difficult by the day!
A nice politely looking, smooth talking fellow who once was a darling of the Tea Aficionados will get zilch for all his pandering...standing up next to Ted Cruz...Marco Rubio is a dud!

What type of "Dud"?: "After they're are done going after the individual"? a subliminal message from Martin Niemöller's "First they came for"? or just grabbing some cheap emotions?...“There’s a Real and Present Danger.”? maybe he read Tom Clancy's "Clear and Present Danger"? Originality has never been the Aquafina Boy's forte.

Marco Rubio, Rick Santorum, Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, and the rest of the cast of clowns, are hopping from bed to bed, and now sleeping with Good Old Time Religion for the 'almighty' votes!...while ignoring the rest of the nation as being inferior to them and their well being!
Yes! they 'will' lose! This Ship of Fools is sinking faster than the Titanic!! 

Marco Rubio: Legalized gay marriage is ‘a real and present danger’ to the survival of Christianity

May 25, 2015

Fox News ‘Self-brainwashing’ the Ignorantly's not hard!

 By RFSchatten

So! FoxNews is "Self-brainwashing" Republicans? shit!?!? How long did it take a Republican to figure that out?

Roger Ailes admits he pretty much works for the GOP, so, why would he try to brainwash Republicans into becoming batshit Tea lovers? Unless! that's the intention all's Extreme Far Right $$$ that's flowing into the GOP coffers now days, not Moderate Centrist cash. The Grand Old Party is not the Party of Lincoln anymore, neither the Party of Eisenhower...or, even Nixon's or Ford's. It's a whole new looney batshit world out there! and the "Radical Fringe" 'is' the "New Republican Party"!

The irony that the man who's accusing FoxNews of turning gullible Republican followers into a Political force who's #1 agenda is to push hatred, fear, separation of the Races, and an all out Class War...happens to be a former Adviser to the very Men 'most' responsible for starting this whole mess to begin with, Ronald Reagan and George H.W.!
Bruce Bartlett, as an Economic Adviser to the dynamic duo, is just as responsible as all the other Economists at the White House. Bruce is just as responsible for the Income Inequality in this country for advising and supporting those very policies that created such a giant income disparity.

The marriage of Conservative Industrialists and Evangelical Christianity during the Bonzo & Bush era, was a marriage made in Hell...while the rich got richer and the poor got 'trickled' over...Evangelicals have been annoying the living hell out of the rest of humanity in their quest to make this nation, and its 318.9 million people...Christian!

Self-brainwashing Republicans??...they get what they deserve...with the caliber of your typical FoxNews aficionado, it's not hard to brainwash the ignorantly indifferent!

Ex-Reagan adviser: Fox News is ‘self-brainwashing’ Republicans into a radical fringe party

May 24, 2015

When reality slaps you right in the kisser! The GOP's discontent with themselves!

By RF Schatten

Polls show discontent with our GOP Congress? And to the surprise of whom??...the rest of the world has been watching, and been predicting this outcome for a long time!...the fact it's taken Republicans this long to wake up, it's a tribute to the BS and Misinformation of the GOP and FoxNews. 
Even with all the horseshit they spew to their loyal flock...reality, sooner or later sticks out its ugly head. When the majority of Republicans around the country believes the GOP Leadership, plainly sucks!...either some major changes gotta be made or they will sink to the depths of extinction.
The GOP's dilemma? As bad as their leadership is...who's being groomed? The GOP today lacks a sense of normalcy...they dislike the taste of Tea, but will drink the poison just to keep a false sense of's the dysfunction of a party with no true national agenda, their arrogance and greed will be their only legacy. A Republican? That's yesteryear!'s not the Grand Old Party anymore, it's the Grand New Tea Party!
Rising Liberalism and Memories of Iraq are not just some of the factors for the GOP crash! Their character, their actions, their attitude, and their remarkable dislike for everyone and everything that doesn't fit in their own little world.
A Political Party that promised not to do a damn thing in Washington until a Black Man is no longer the President...and has kept to that promise! Absolutely nothing has been done by the GOP since January 20th, 2009...and have they ever cared? It's not just their war against that advancement of the Black's against the social advancement of the poor, and the advancement of the classes. When you're on top, you don't want your neighborhood intruded!
The worst inequality since the Great Depression and very proud to serve their masters! The arrogance and disdain towards those less fortunate, and their service and dedication to those who own this nation...We, the People? more like "We, the Corporation"! The Corporate World and American Conservative it: “Corruption Inc.”
Income Inequality would rank up there as #1 issue. When the top 1% is worth the same as the entire bottom 90% of this country 'combined'? Yea, that's an issue! When the share of Household Wealth owned by the 1% 'Increased' in the last 30 years from 7% to 22%, while the bottom 90% 'Decreased' from 36% to 23%? Yea, that's an issue! 

How the GOP protects even with their own lives if necessary the 1% of this Country, and how Laws throughout the Country have been tweaked to favor wealth at every turn. How they pass laws that allow corporations to Frack or do whatever they want in towns without seeking permission of town hall or their residents. A paid in full Supreme Court helps.
More factors why the GOP is trying to crawl out of the toilet from the latest polls?
The disrespect for our country, by negotiating with another Government to undermine the State Department and the President of the US efforts in nuclear negotiations, and the total lack of respect to the World by publicly announcing their intentions to obstruct the UN initiative of Climate Change!
Their disrespect for authority and their total blatant disrespect of their Commander-in-Chief. Their disrespect and hate of US Veterans, while hypocritically calling them Patriots. Health care? Only for those who can afford it! Social Security? Screw the elderly! Welfare and Food Stamps? Fuck'em, let them eat cake! 
There disrespect for the Latino and their total racist hatred towards the Blacks. And how about their views on women...and who should have control their body? Gays? For these batshit Christians?...Gays are the new Black!
So, what else do the Republicans have that keeps them from moving up and out of the toilet? The Tea Party, The Cast of Clowns, and Evangelical Christian America...with 'this' alone, what else do you need to know?

Polls Show Discontent With GOP Congress, Rising Liberalism — And Shifting Memories On Iraq - The National Memo

May 22, 2015

GOP Candidates' affinity for Pics with Pedophiles and Child Molesters

By RF Schatten

What is it about Pedophiles, Child Molesters and every other degenerate and hypocritical scumbag, that tend to be lured into strict conservatism and the evangelically religious?

Yes! Pedophiles, Molesters, serial Rapists, every sick human scum in the world comes in every flavor of ideology. But, whenever you hear about a Preacher, an Actor, or a Politician...of those caught being naughty, kinky, or just plain criminally abusive...why does the overwhelming majority busted, always sways back publicly towards Conservatism and Evangelical Christianity?

The hypocrisy in being a Public Figure...whether you're a reality TV personality, a Preacher publicly leading his flock against Homosexuality...while exposing himself publicly in an LGBT social network, or a very promising politico exposing his private parts in YouTube. As I said earlier, they come in all flavors of ideology and their own theological thoughts! They got caught, as the Swaggarts and the Haggards once did...and do they feel any remorse? One guy was truthful, he screwed up and admitted he's a sex addict...but, he's still doing it!  whether on YouTube or somewhere else.

Most others? they play the Conservative line; Retrieve overnight to "Repent" and publicly become "Born-Again" the following they really give a shit? Morals!...when have they, when immorality is part of their common way of life?

Joshua James "Josh" Duggar is a shinning example of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's Evangelical Christian upbringing...their own home-schooled education because no one else is sufficiently Christian. 19 kids is a 'Victorian Family' today's world, even Pope Frank must wonder if there's some alternative form of birth control!

Josh was a bad boy...a child molester (at least, as much as is known to date), a Pedophile, and all hidden up since the first time he got caught by his dad...good old Jim Bob and Michelle are as guilty as little Josh! The Great Mom & Dad Stars of TLC's reality show; "19 and Counting" And Josh also happened to be Executive Director of the "Family Reseach Council", a Conservative Lobbying Group...advocating a lot of morals and decency, naturally!  He resigned and apologized. His and his wife's personal Business? a Wholesale Used Car Lot!...back to be a used car salesman, I suppose.

Saying that 'Karma Sucks' now days would not be that inappropriate...the GOP is feeling that Bad Karma, every day! Aside from their notorious batshit mentality...what do occupants of the Clown Car, have so much in common? On an Election Cycle involving a National Election, what's better than having a Candidate get a Picture taken with influential members of lobbying groups? this case, what is going to be their sound bytes about Little Josh?

Scott Walker, Rand Paul, Rick Perry, Ted Cruz...what are they going to say about their lobbyist buddy, molesting at least 5 girls including a couple of sisters? Mike Huckabee, on the other hand, don't mind Pedophiles...his Cat Scratch Fever buddy is an admitted Pedophile!

Here Are Pictures Of Molester Josh Duggar With Scott Walker, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz

May 20, 2015

Matthew Makela: Mr. I Hate Gays...and being straight on not being straight!

By RF Schatten

Glory, Hallelujah!! I spoke to the Lord, personally...and he has forgiven me. Praise the Lord! I am re-born! least, until next weekend!

It's incredible that in an era of Social Media and Technology, would someone with at least some resemblance to normal intelligence, understand such things in the world as YouTube? about Instagram?

If you're in Politics or a Public figure known in your community for your conservative ways, particularly to your own flock of Parishioners...and if you made a name for yourself, and a reputation as a rabid fanatical just don't visit Grindr!! Yes! if you're that stupid, you deserve all the embarrassment!...and so does, those who gullibly follow every word you say! You're all an embarrassment to your faith!

"The only vice that cannot be forgiven is hypocrisy. The repentance of a hypocrite is itself hypocrisy" ~~~ Alan Dershowitz

The fact that Matthew Makela is a homosexual or a bisexual who enjoys showing himself off to others on the Internet, is not important!...what you do in your own privacy, or in this case, in public; is your god-given's the hypocrisy of a man whose true character is someone who's not whom he pretends to be. Persecuting others' the tradition of J. Edgar and Roy Cohn...while being exactly like those he persecutes!

Yes, there were others claiming the "sex addict" label...Anthony Weiner comes to mind...but Weiner never opposed others for the way they are. Matthew Makela is a father of 5 kids, but has his dark one's perfect, but not everyone is a hypocrite about it!

What is it about Christian Pastors and Ministers, sinning all night and repenting in the morning, declaring themselves born-again? Even If you're only sort of Religious, that's obscene!!

Through the years, disgraced Ministers such as Ted Haggard with his homosexual issues, Jimmy Swaggart soliciting prostitutes, Jim Bakker and his infidelity with Tammy Fae, or Richard Roberts misappropriating University Funds...all were miraculously saved and born-again to see another day...and all of them forgiven. How Christian of them to forgive themselves and each other! it's like nothing ever happened!...all still respected and loved by their fanatical flocks. Wonder how God is looking at all of this, especially the forgiveness among themselves in his name? A man of the cloth should know better!

Declaring oneself "Born-Again",  essentially admonishing all your sins...and then, forgiving yourself! Why didn't they teach that in Catholic School?...sure beats all those confessions with the Monsignor!

EXCLUSIVE: Grindr Screenshots Reveal Antigay Pastor Is A Top Who Likes To Cuddle / Queerty

May 18, 2015

Going Down in Flames...and the GOP's reluctance of an Iraq talking point!

By RF Schatten

"Going down in Flames"! The 2016 Great Clown Show has begun, and it appears that the one taboo word in the GOP's playbook for 2016 is "Iraq".

TV Interview rounds can be savage, even on friendly grounds...and getting hit on Iraq by FoxNews, and followed by reviews, where at least one headline in the world will read; "another GOP Candidate goes down in Flames".  After 2 total disasters by 2 candidates in 2 interviews where the Iraq Issue was discussed, should that be telling sign? or an omen?...get your act together on the Iraq Issue! Marco Rubio? His expertise in Foreign Affairs starts and ends in or around 1959 Cuba, before or after his parents fled or left Cuba voluntarily, depending on who told him the story. But in Rand Paul, Jeb Bush, and Marco Rubio...common sense and understanding takes a back seat to what's most politically feasible...and 'there' is where as the saying goes; the shit hits the fan! admitting you were wrong sure sucks! and denying it makes you look like a big time fool!

How can you admit that it was your leader that Invaded another Nation where over 500,000 Iraqis and over 4,500 Americans died?...100,000s of wounded on all sides, and all just for Oil? And how can the Republican Party admit how Dick Cheney and his Haliburton's awarded Government Contracts, and the profits by exploiting and profiteering off the most vulnerable in a war-torn country? But, most of to explain the cost of the Iraq War? The US cost: For the grant bargain price of $2 Trillion with the opportunity of an increase up to $6 Trillion before the American Taxpayers are finally done paying the tab! Hard to admit when you screw up...a better a man or woman would!...but, you won't find a better man or woman in today's "New" Republican Party!

The Art of Political Stonewalling: The object if to avoid answering a question while gracefully getting away from the subject at hand, and hopefully changing the the case of these gentlemen, the deeper they dig into the subject of "Iraq", the harder it is to pull themselves out...they drown in their own BS!

Rand Paul's thoughts on Iraq? "important question" [for Mr. Bush and others to say whether] "it's a good idea to topple secular dictators, and what happens after we do" ..."I think when Hussein was toppled we got Chaos, and we still have chaos". OK, so we have chaos in Iraq, so? What's his thoughts of the Iraq War? Chaos?!?! So much for his Diplomatic and Foreign Policy expertise!

Jeb Bush's thoughts on Iraq? Already attacked on the Gay Issue...whether it's Honor among Brothers or Honor among Thieves...4 different answers until he finally thought, probably Iraq wasn't too good of an Idea after all? The "smart" Bush wimped out big time!

Marco Rubio's thought's on Iraq? "It was not a mistake", "It was not a mistake", "It was not a mistake"...after constant bombardment by FoxNews' Chris Wallace on his thoughts on why he thinks like that, out of Marco Antonio's own mouth; "I don't understand the question?" Don't expect much from this little man!

Astonishing to see the GOP trying to hide Dubya's Mission Unaccomplished! The Iraq War? You can run, but you can't hide anymore!... it was a Republican War from start to finish...and not one of the 16 or so wannabees wants to man up!

When Rand Paul, Jeb Bush, and Marco Rubio...who are the sanest looking clowns in the Clown Car, crash and burn? Look out for a wild and crazy ride from the Dumbos till 2016 Convention Time!!

Marco Rubio Struggles With Question on Iraq War - First Draft. Political News, Now. -

May 15, 2015

Pope Francis I - The 1st "People Friendly" Pope...not good news for Evangelical America!

By RF Schatten

How will the World react to Pope Francis' Encyclical on Climate Change? The reason it's even brought up as a question is a testimony to the overwhelming respect and impact Pope Frank has had in the World Community.

To those critics who believe the Pope should stay out of Climate Change discussions and politics...with all due respect to the ignorantly indifferent...protecting the continuity of the existence of the human race is not Politics.

Pope Francis is not the first Pope to speak out and give the Holy See's official View on our Climate and our Environment. In 1971 for Pope Paul VI, it was "Environmental Degrading" 1990, it was an "Ecological Crisis" for Pope John Paul II. And Pope Benedict XVI actually installed Solar Panels and bought Carbon offsets, in its efforts to make the Vatican the first fully Carbon Neutral State.

So, to those who believe in the wisdom of promoting absolutely nothing positive for humanity...stop whining about the Pope taking away your airtime, no one really cares about your philosophy of "It was meant to be like that" or "The Bible said so"'s time for serious civil conversations between grown men of intellect to save the planet from all the crap y'all been turning this world into!!

No other Pope in memory has been more "People Friendly"! A Pope who understands the conflicts within the Catholic Family and those of the everyday common man. A Pope that believes in the highest dignity of even the poorest of the poor!...he's a man on a mission...his accomplishments of drawing nations together is simply remarkable! He's the first true "Ambassador" the Catholic Church has ever had.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio...a Bouncer and Tango Dancer before becoming a Jesuit, and going on to bigger and better things...has a way of persuasion with an unprecedented charm! Will people accept his Encyclical? With the survival of the Planet Earth at stake? about 9 billion inhabitants will believe this Pontiff over 300 American Republicans in Washington DC, publicly determined to openly screw up the other 9 billion!!

And in a sort of related story in Salon by Patricia Miller, it's not surprising that the Religious Right considers Pope Francis I: Public Enemy #1! This time because of the Palestinian issue, before that? the Brothers' Castro...and before that, because it wasn't up to him  to judge gays! or he's a champion of the poor and the oppressed! The Grand Old Tea Party is going to lose that one too!  And yes, they 'should' be scared! No one's better in International Relations and Diplomacy in the world today, than that old Tango Dancer from Buenos Aires!!

How will the world react to Pope Francis's encyclical on climate change? | Environment | The Guardian

May 12, 2015

$82k for Christie's Stadium Food, and it ain't Hot Dogs! Thanks, Taxpayers!

By RF Schatten

How can you keep a story about state corruption serious when the subject involved, is the brunt of every political fat joke on earth...and his scandal of the week just happens to involve Food?!?!

The man who will shatter William Howard Taft's record girth if ever elected President and the Garden State's own big spender...spent $82,594 of the Taxpayers money on Stadium Food! A total of 32 Football Games...all the Home Games for the Giants and the Jets at the Meadowlands during the 2010 and 2011 NFL Seasons. Over $82,000 of Stadium Food!! maybe that's his secret to his slender trim? see what I mean about keeping it serious?? With Christie, he has an uncanny ability to get involved in one scandal after another, and in each of them, there's always something tying those fat jokes...and he manages to do this, all by himself!

It's bad enough that as Governor he has carte blanche for all public events and a free Luxury Box Suite at his disposal...but entertaining and paying for all the food for his guests, at the expense of the taxpayers because he's too cheap to pay for it himself? That's just plain tacky!!

58 occasions using his State Debit Card. $82k is not 58 Hot Dogs...not even Kosher All-Beef with all the works! In all his grandeur as Governor and host of a more exclusive 'upstairs' Tailgate Party, Chris Christie likes to eat well and knows how to put on a top of the line epicurean meal. Only the best! and don't forget the Champagne and all the Liqueur...onlike Food Stamps, his card can buy anything, including Alchohol.

Just another character flaw of a man who's quickly losing any credibility as a politico, and as a personal human being! Spending the taxpayers hard earn money to dine and wine...and kiss the ass of his favorite "Cowboy", Jerry Jones. Over $82k to watch a Football Game in luxury, while the Schmuck who's paying for all that luxury sits at home and watches the game on TV...because he can't afford to go, himself!

The incredible arrogance of the man who'll never become President...Taft's 335lbs will remain safe. Christie's popularity in New Jersey has sunk straight into the Garden State residents, he's at a lower level of dirt, than the Meadowlands' own infamous 50 Yard Line "resident".  Too many scandals and corruption are becoming old news for Christopher James Christie...any charm he ever had if any, is gone.

Not too many people like or care for the Big Guy anymore, except for one...Delaware North Sportservice; just keep those Tax Dollars rolling in!

Chris Christie Spent More than $82,000 Of Taxpayer Money On Food At Football Games

May 11, 2015

The Church back in Cuba: Political Ploy or Sincerity...Pope Francis still Wins!

By RF Schatten

"When the Pope goes to Cuba in September, I promise to go to all his Masses, and with 'satisfaction'! I read all the speeches of the Pope, his commentaries, and if the Pope continues this way, I will go back to praying, and go back to the Church, and I'm not joking." ~~~ Raul Castro

Some will say, re-opening of the Catholic Church in Cuba, is only a Political ploy by Raul Castro...and if it is? does it really matter??...the fact that he plans to re-open the Church with the blessing of the Cuban Communist Party, is a giant victory for "Religious Freedom"...anyway you cut it!! Another win for Pope Francis, less than a few months after intervening in US/Cuban Relations.

It's a whole new world out there! China is now a Socialist Society sustained by a Capitalist Economy. We're living in an era...whether you like it or not...where "Civility" has arrived between the Capitalist World and Socialist Societies. We don't necessarily have to agree...just respectfully agree to disagree! There is a hell of a lot more problems in the world today, than who's Capitalist and who's Socialist!

It was very intriguing though, it was Raul who made the overture!...even as a young man, Raul was more a hardliner admirer. Some say Marxism, and many others say Maoism. Fidel, on the other hand, was never trusted during his college years, and even during the Revolution! Not until a few weeks or months before Batista flew, did the Cuban Communist Party, give its approval and financial support. Whether it was Raul's influence or Che Guevara's? Che's devout understanding of true Marxism and Marxist Revolutions, even a non-Cuban was respected by the Cuban Communists, and Raul has been a member since college. Fidel? I have my thoughts...but, that's for another time.

To fully understand and appreciate all these crazy events in International Cuban Affairs, you really have to understand a little Cuban History and its Political turbulence until January 1st, 1959...and the early days that influenced the Brothers Castro.

2 rich kids, whose father was a very influential Sugar Plantation Owner, and raised in a Catholic upbringing...sent to Catholic Schools for a better education, since their parents were illiterate. To Angel Castro y Agriz, coming as a migrant from Spain and becoming one of the richest men in Cuba, was not as important than a good education and the ability to read and write. Catholic Boarding Schools; first LaSalle Boarding School, run by Lasallian Brothers and 'that' wasn't too good of an idea, with Fidel always getting in trouble...either he got expelled or Dad was forced to taking him out. Then came Dolores Boarding School, run by Jesuits...and Fidel's mind truly began to evolve, Raul at that point on, started going to the same schools with his Brothers (oldest brother Ramon, was also there). He did so good, his dad sent him and Raul to El Colegio de Belén in Havana, the top Jesuit School in the Country and excelling academically and athletically...being selected best juvenile school athlete in Cuba in 1944, and from there...some big academic years in College and Law School. The Jesuit Order is as responsible as any other thing in their lives in forming both Fidel's and Raul's mind.

College for Fidel and Raul:
Understanding those days in Cuban Politics you must take into account the that to win elections, and especially Presidential had to have the support of two factions in the Country; the Military and the University Students. At the University of Havana, they took their Politics, filthy as Cuban Political Parties were, their representatives in college were pretty bad...the culture of "Gansterismo" at the University since the 30s, including assassinations everywhere, your ally today is your enemy tomorrow. Raul Castro aligned himself with the Cuban Communist Party...Fidel with the Ortodoxo (Orthodox Party) and its charismatic populist leader Eduardo (Eddy) Chibás. Then in 1951, depressed by his failure in his own Party to beat Carlos Prio-Socarras, the eventual an act to lift the masses into a rebellion...Chibás shot himself while addressing a nation on a National Radio broadcast! His death, was the turning point for Fidel Castro as a man, and his eventual 26th of July attack on the Moncada Army Barracks.

How human events formulate the future...if Chibás would've succeeded instead of the corrupt Cocaine Snorting Prio-Socarras, Batista might not have been able to form a coup against the popular Chibás as he did against Prio-Socarras...and Castro might not have had to commit his attack on the Batista Army Baracks. He would've probably remained a Lawyer, Cuba and Communism would not be talked in the same breath and maybe even a professional major league baseball player if the Washington Senators, didn't cut him in favor of another Pitcher!

Would Fidel and Raul have become less or more Religious if things would've gone in a different direction back in 1951? We'll never know...the past is the past, it's gone! and who gives a hoot? we can never go back in time! It's the future what counts...and the future can't look any rosier, and for at least one Castro; a religious awakening. Must've been that Jesuit upbringing...and the wise words of Pope Frank!!

Castro: Pope Francis so impressive I might return to church - Yahoo News

May 7, 2015

Conservatives' Inability To Understand A Less Conservative America!

By RF Schatten

When you hear the same BS over! and over! and over!...for every single problem, the same illusionary solutions...but not one concrete fact, policy, or plan on anything whatsoever! Only the educationally challenged and the closed minded Religious zealot, remains listening!

The GOP has been exposed! the Emperor's New Clothes...the general public and the world sees through all their pretentions. Yet, to everyone's amazement...they remain incredibly ignorant of 'that' fact!

"A Less Conservative America"...I guess to some, it's the "End of Times"...but dismissing that sector's argument; a Less Conservative America is just part of the natural evolution of man, and how We, the People have evolved as a Society. Intertwining Nationalities, Races, Cultures, Thoughts, and's just the normal act of human progression; you cannot! as much as you pray to the Lord and try! you simply cannot Physically Regress in Time! Sorry, Mr. Tea Bag! just go to the Movies and dream!

Generational Genes Intelligence...the genetics of a nation...the process of the Human Being and the gaining of Intelligence from one Generation to another. Our Nation has been a continuous learning process...the Wretched Refuse would be proud how we have progressed as people and as a nation... not as fast as many have hoped? But we're getting there slowly, but surely!...sometimes it takes a little Shock to the System and Chaos for minds to develop!...Yes, we are becoming a more Liberal Nation!

Politically, Conservative America knows this!...with every Poll taken involving the letter "R" pointing straight South, the sudden compassion for the Poor and Middle Class just makes people throw-up! Conservatism in America today has swung straight to the Extreme Far Right of the Nation with the lunatic fringe of Right Wing fanatics and Evangelicals preaching the Bible! An America ruled by Christian the name of God, naturally...when they don't even understand the true teachings of Jesus Christ!

Evangelicals are a prime reason for Christians leaving the faith! and a prime example for why Conservatism is not Politically Correct in a Multi-Ethnic, Multi-Racial, and Multi-Cultural Diverse Society!

A group of clowns that might prove that Genetic Generational Intelligence can work in reverse...they might be, far more stupid than their parents! And they still can't understand why America is Less Conservative?

A Less Conservative America - The National Memo

May 6, 2015

The GOP's reaffirmation on their own case, favoring Social Anxiety Disorder

By RF Schatten

We sure have been living in very Interesting Times! Thank you, China!! If we could only find a good curse, now that they're the Business World's new Kings of the Hill? Give them credit, it's a good curse that worked...but apparently, it contained a second part...and Wow! never saw that one coming!

The Curse? The downgrade of our economy, the fall of a nation due to financial greed, the corruption that accompanies that greed...and the possible gains of absolute power, due to that greed! All 'that' was expected, ever since America started 'Trickling" down! The Trickle? The 1% gets all the Money, and the rest of America gets Evangelical Christianity!...maybe to the Chinese? but to America, the second part of the Curse has lost its humor!

Social Anxiety Disorder AKA "Social Phobia" is said to be: "An intense fear of becoming extremely anxious and possibly humiliated in social situations...specifically of embarrassing yourself in front of other people".  Sounds like a Republican!  They also "Tend to focus on every little small mistake they do in a social situation and exaggerate them out of proportion" How often do you see Republicans try to correct themselves and instead end up digging the batshit deeper into that hole?

Anthropophobia: The Fear of People and Society! A Xenophobic, Homophobic, Gynephobic political party. The fearing of Immigrants, Gays, Women, their Religious Intolerance for anyone not of their own liking; their Islamaphobia and their Anti-Semitic ways...their hate for a Black Man, was precisely what fueled all the tension, today!...they just don't like anyone, period!!

By the way, they're also Anti-Intellectualists and Anti-Education; keep the flock in their caves and in the dark as much as possible..they're afraid of seeing the light, anyhow! Just don't allow them to think!

In Political Theater, expect the incredibly stupid to act in an incredibly stupid way. In the spirit of their humanitarian love of the community during an election cycle...with the GOP's blessings..." World Relief", an arm of the National Evangelical Association arranged with the State Department the relocation of 60 Refugees from Iraq, Syria, Bhutan, and the Congo into the area of Spartanburg, SC. 60 refugees in a County where families from 70 different Countries have been relocated or moved there to live, diverse enough?

Only one tiny mistake in the arrangements...nobody told the Spartanburg Baptist Church, who went apeshit over the announcement. More refugees for the Spartanburg, SC region?? What a "Welcome to America"?!?! Everyone hates your guts, even former Refugees now SC Residents who've been 'Americanized" in Conservative "Christian" Values! "Welcome to America"? First words these people are going to learn in English, is "There goes the Neighborhood"!!

United Nations' Secretary-General Ban-Ki-moon stated; "Of the 500,000 Maritime Containers that move around the world every year, accounting to 90% of all International Trade...only 2% is ever inspected". It's incredible! No one gives a damn what enters a country by freight...only 2% of everything in the world is matter how big or little, with an opportunity to bring in anything! Worried about terrorism? but not what comes in a secretive looking box, that never was inspected?

Yet, human beings fleeing oppression, hunger, looking for a better life...or just a needed change in their lives....coming to America for the same reasons that our ancestors came, why is it a big deal?

Something is tragically wrong when money and business takes a greater value than people...but, what do you expect from a broken dysfunctional Party, with a severe Social Anxiety Disorder??

This Is A Republican Elected Official's Version Of Welcoming Refugees To America

May 3, 2015

Glen Abbott: Texas' own Dr. Strangelove and his quest to re-live the Alamo

By RF Schatten

Congratulations Texas! It truly proves outlawing Critical Thinking, works! You voted for this dipshit you got everything you voted for! The perfect clown successor to the previous class clown, Rick "oops" Perry!

When Rick Perry decided enough is enough...with thousands of little homeless kids from across Mexico, Central, and South America, all gathering across the border and plotting their terrorist attacks on Texas? It's time for action! Never since the Alamo fell to Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna...has the Lone Star State met such formidable challengers!

The Texas National Guard, in full Body Armor with Guns in hand...guarding the Texas Border from these tiny infidels, all naturally, trained by ISIS, Al-Qaeda, or the PLO...ah, nope, not the PLO...that was the 70s and Arafat's dead! Yeah, ISIS! that's the latest one to fear!

Adding to Perry's continued career of oops, in all his Wisdom...or lack of...he didn't ask the Federal Govt to call up the Governor, he just had to call them up for deployment; along with forking over the cost to the Taxpayers of the Lone Star State, at a rate of $12 Million/mo. And to the sham of Texas Politicos...the Guardsmen weren't  even getting their paychecks and had to go begging at the local Food Banks for Food!! They would've been better off jumping and crossing the river...and eating with the kids!!

And if with Ted Cruz, Louie Gohmert, and that long line of nature's rejects, embarrassing whatever intelligence is left in Texas...isn't enough?? Enter Greg Abbott and his battle cry of "Remember the Alamo"!

Deploying the Texas Guard to monitor the US Military, its bases, and their Maneuvers...because in the guise of "Military Exercise"....Obama plans the takeover of Texas, first by Martial Law...then by rounding up all the White Christians and placing them in concentration camps, torturing by forcing them to read science (and you know about all those death panels Palin keeps talking about), and when that's done, letting in all the immigrants and terrorists...and converting America into a Muslim Nation! All Tejanos, he promises; will stop the dastardly forces of the US Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps. It may be the Lone Ranger's last stand, but he'll go down fighting for Texas. Tonto?...screw this shit, Kemosabe!

Texas under Martial Law? No one is asking the Lone Star to stay in the Union! If they one would care. Good riddance! don't let the door hit you on the way out! Want to be your own Country? You got Oil, you have $$$, you can be self-sufficient! Since you want your own country and not pay Taxes? naturally you won't need and will renounce your American Citizenship...along with your Social Security payments, and all social entitlements going to you, including retirement bonuses, IRAs, all federally insured $$$ will no longer be insured...Bon Voyage!

"I am horrified that I have to choose between the possibility that my Governor actually believes this stuff and the possibility that my Governor doesn't have the backbone to stand up to those who do" ~~~ Former GOP State Rep. Todd Smith

We know all this is just Political Theater! was, with the Oops Man. A big Political Act to show where they stand Politically and Socially on the Issues of the day...and with the 2016 Election Season starting to make its noise? Show the true character of the Republican Party and what they stand for! Another cheap Politico, pandering to the incredible ignorance of today's Texas Community!

Texas Governor Deploys State Guard To Stave Off Obama Takeover : It's All Politics : NPR

May 1, 2015

1st of 3 Christie Allies Pleads Guilty in Bridgegate Scandal...Shades of Nixon's Colson and Dean?

By RF Schatten

When you launch your own investigation, and it's publicly discovered that you lied...go for the Gipper's old stand-by; "I don't recall"!! nope! nope!...ah, nope!...don't remember a damn thing, sorry about that!

What is it about Chris Christie? forget his economic failure in New Jersey, among other things. The only thing you see this guy do is get caught up in one scandal after another!...and always coming up looking guilty as sin!

Whether he is or he's not, he comes out as a smooth operator...outraged about incidents but never claiming responsibility for anything that appears as wrong doings. An old fashioned corrupt politico who rules his office with fear and intimidation. Do you know the high cost involved in "Bridgegate"? and all, just a political payback for not endorsing him?? Talk about "Thugs" in America, today! How about Political Thugs?...themselves, bullying their power around, for their own selfish gains!

Christie's glass house is beginning to crack! Former NY/NJ Port Authority official, David Wildstein, admitted conspiring with Christie's Chief of Staff Bridgit Kelly and Port Authority Deputy Director Bill Baroni, from the very beginning! And David informed Chris of the goings on. Christie's answer? "I have no recollection of the conversation". Always concerned with Justice...but never his own involvement? The man lives a very grayish lifestyle...whatever he can get away with, he'll lie...whatever he can't, he'll spread the horseshit around and get out of it. But! he always ends up looking like a crook, who just got out of jail on a Writ of Habeas Corpus!

And this character wants to be President?
'This' is just New Jersey: 1) New Jersey Debt at an all-time High...$78.4 Billion. 2) New Jersey's Credit Rating, 2nd lowest in the Nation. 3) New Jersey's Job Growth, 2nd lowest in the Nation...only 9,200 Jobs in a 12-month period. 4) New Jersey's Unemployment Rate, 6.4%...higher than the national average.
A Credit Rating that has been downgraded 8 times during the Governor's  tenure as the State's Chief Executive! ...a Garden State record for a Governor, being downgraded that many times. Big Chris wants to do for America, what he has done for New Jersey.

“Today’s charges make clear that what I’ve said from day one is true, I had no knowledge or involvement in the planning or execution of this act,” Those charges shows a man going to Jail for admitting he did commit a crime for his Boss, and Christie knew about it from the very beginning, which means Chris Christie committed perjury!...but, it's only the beginning, more are falling down...and sooner or later Chris is going to have to "Recall" what happened!

Having your staff and loyal allies conspire in an act, such as closing the GW Bridge for political vengeance, while knowingly accepting and privately allowing their actions to continue...makes Chris Christie just as 'guilty' as Richard Nixon was, for covering up his staff's actions during Watergate!!

Whatever happens to all his allies...just like Colson, Dean, and John Mitchell, who all went to jail for their boss, is inconsequential. Like Nixon, Christie is just another bullshit artist who will sooner or later...leave in shame!

Former Christie ally pleads guilty in George Washington bridge scandal -