May 24, 2015

When reality slaps you right in the kisser! The GOP's discontent with themselves!

By RF Schatten

Polls show discontent with our GOP Congress? And to the surprise of whom??...the rest of the world has been watching, and been predicting this outcome for a long time!...the fact it's taken Republicans this long to wake up, it's a tribute to the BS and Misinformation of the GOP and FoxNews. 
Even with all the horseshit they spew to their loyal flock...reality, sooner or later sticks out its ugly head. When the majority of Republicans around the country believes the GOP Leadership, plainly sucks!...either some major changes gotta be made or they will sink to the depths of extinction.
The GOP's dilemma? As bad as their leadership is...who's being groomed? The GOP today lacks a sense of normalcy...they dislike the taste of Tea, but will drink the poison just to keep a false sense of's the dysfunction of a party with no true national agenda, their arrogance and greed will be their only legacy. A Republican? That's yesteryear!'s not the Grand Old Party anymore, it's the Grand New Tea Party!
Rising Liberalism and Memories of Iraq are not just some of the factors for the GOP crash! Their character, their actions, their attitude, and their remarkable dislike for everyone and everything that doesn't fit in their own little world.
A Political Party that promised not to do a damn thing in Washington until a Black Man is no longer the President...and has kept to that promise! Absolutely nothing has been done by the GOP since January 20th, 2009...and have they ever cared? It's not just their war against that advancement of the Black's against the social advancement of the poor, and the advancement of the classes. When you're on top, you don't want your neighborhood intruded!
The worst inequality since the Great Depression and very proud to serve their masters! The arrogance and disdain towards those less fortunate, and their service and dedication to those who own this nation...We, the People? more like "We, the Corporation"! The Corporate World and American Conservative it: “Corruption Inc.”
Income Inequality would rank up there as #1 issue. When the top 1% is worth the same as the entire bottom 90% of this country 'combined'? Yea, that's an issue! When the share of Household Wealth owned by the 1% 'Increased' in the last 30 years from 7% to 22%, while the bottom 90% 'Decreased' from 36% to 23%? Yea, that's an issue! 

How the GOP protects even with their own lives if necessary the 1% of this Country, and how Laws throughout the Country have been tweaked to favor wealth at every turn. How they pass laws that allow corporations to Frack or do whatever they want in towns without seeking permission of town hall or their residents. A paid in full Supreme Court helps.
More factors why the GOP is trying to crawl out of the toilet from the latest polls?
The disrespect for our country, by negotiating with another Government to undermine the State Department and the President of the US efforts in nuclear negotiations, and the total lack of respect to the World by publicly announcing their intentions to obstruct the UN initiative of Climate Change!
Their disrespect for authority and their total blatant disrespect of their Commander-in-Chief. Their disrespect and hate of US Veterans, while hypocritically calling them Patriots. Health care? Only for those who can afford it! Social Security? Screw the elderly! Welfare and Food Stamps? Fuck'em, let them eat cake! 
There disrespect for the Latino and their total racist hatred towards the Blacks. And how about their views on women...and who should have control their body? Gays? For these batshit Christians?...Gays are the new Black!
So, what else do the Republicans have that keeps them from moving up and out of the toilet? The Tea Party, The Cast of Clowns, and Evangelical Christian America...with 'this' alone, what else do you need to know?

Polls Show Discontent With GOP Congress, Rising Liberalism — And Shifting Memories On Iraq - The National Memo