May 12, 2015

$82k for Christie's Stadium Food, and it ain't Hot Dogs! Thanks, Taxpayers!

By RF Schatten

How can you keep a story about state corruption serious when the subject involved, is the brunt of every political fat joke on earth...and his scandal of the week just happens to involve Food?!?!

The man who will shatter William Howard Taft's record girth if ever elected President and the Garden State's own big spender...spent $82,594 of the Taxpayers money on Stadium Food! A total of 32 Football Games...all the Home Games for the Giants and the Jets at the Meadowlands during the 2010 and 2011 NFL Seasons. Over $82,000 of Stadium Food!! maybe that's his secret to his slender trim? see what I mean about keeping it serious?? With Christie, he has an uncanny ability to get involved in one scandal after another, and in each of them, there's always something tying those fat jokes...and he manages to do this, all by himself!

It's bad enough that as Governor he has carte blanche for all public events and a free Luxury Box Suite at his disposal...but entertaining and paying for all the food for his guests, at the expense of the taxpayers because he's too cheap to pay for it himself? That's just plain tacky!!

58 occasions using his State Debit Card. $82k is not 58 Hot Dogs...not even Kosher All-Beef with all the works! In all his grandeur as Governor and host of a more exclusive 'upstairs' Tailgate Party, Chris Christie likes to eat well and knows how to put on a top of the line epicurean meal. Only the best! and don't forget the Champagne and all the Liqueur...onlike Food Stamps, his card can buy anything, including Alchohol.

Just another character flaw of a man who's quickly losing any credibility as a politico, and as a personal human being! Spending the taxpayers hard earn money to dine and wine...and kiss the ass of his favorite "Cowboy", Jerry Jones. Over $82k to watch a Football Game in luxury, while the Schmuck who's paying for all that luxury sits at home and watches the game on TV...because he can't afford to go, himself!

The incredible arrogance of the man who'll never become President...Taft's 335lbs will remain safe. Christie's popularity in New Jersey has sunk straight into the Garden State residents, he's at a lower level of dirt, than the Meadowlands' own infamous 50 Yard Line "resident".  Too many scandals and corruption are becoming old news for Christopher James Christie...any charm he ever had if any, is gone.

Not too many people like or care for the Big Guy anymore, except for one...Delaware North Sportservice; just keep those Tax Dollars rolling in!

Chris Christie Spent More than $82,000 Of Taxpayer Money On Food At Football Games