May 25, 2015

Fox News ‘Self-brainwashing’ the Ignorantly's not hard!

 By RFSchatten

So! FoxNews is "Self-brainwashing" Republicans? shit!?!? How long did it take a Republican to figure that out?

Roger Ailes admits he pretty much works for the GOP, so, why would he try to brainwash Republicans into becoming batshit Tea lovers? Unless! that's the intention all's Extreme Far Right $$$ that's flowing into the GOP coffers now days, not Moderate Centrist cash. The Grand Old Party is not the Party of Lincoln anymore, neither the Party of Eisenhower...or, even Nixon's or Ford's. It's a whole new looney batshit world out there! and the "Radical Fringe" 'is' the "New Republican Party"!

The irony that the man who's accusing FoxNews of turning gullible Republican followers into a Political force who's #1 agenda is to push hatred, fear, separation of the Races, and an all out Class War...happens to be a former Adviser to the very Men 'most' responsible for starting this whole mess to begin with, Ronald Reagan and George H.W.!
Bruce Bartlett, as an Economic Adviser to the dynamic duo, is just as responsible as all the other Economists at the White House. Bruce is just as responsible for the Income Inequality in this country for advising and supporting those very policies that created such a giant income disparity.

The marriage of Conservative Industrialists and Evangelical Christianity during the Bonzo & Bush era, was a marriage made in Hell...while the rich got richer and the poor got 'trickled' over...Evangelicals have been annoying the living hell out of the rest of humanity in their quest to make this nation, and its 318.9 million people...Christian!

Self-brainwashing Republicans??...they get what they deserve...with the caliber of your typical FoxNews aficionado, it's not hard to brainwash the ignorantly indifferent!

Ex-Reagan adviser: Fox News is ‘self-brainwashing’ Republicans into a radical fringe party