May 15, 2015

Pope Francis I - The 1st "People Friendly" Pope...not good news for Evangelical America!

By RF Schatten

How will the World react to Pope Francis' Encyclical on Climate Change? The reason it's even brought up as a question is a testimony to the overwhelming respect and impact Pope Frank has had in the World Community.

To those critics who believe the Pope should stay out of Climate Change discussions and politics...with all due respect to the ignorantly indifferent...protecting the continuity of the existence of the human race is not Politics.

Pope Francis is not the first Pope to speak out and give the Holy See's official View on our Climate and our Environment. In 1971 for Pope Paul VI, it was "Environmental Degrading" 1990, it was an "Ecological Crisis" for Pope John Paul II. And Pope Benedict XVI actually installed Solar Panels and bought Carbon offsets, in its efforts to make the Vatican the first fully Carbon Neutral State.

So, to those who believe in the wisdom of promoting absolutely nothing positive for humanity...stop whining about the Pope taking away your airtime, no one really cares about your philosophy of "It was meant to be like that" or "The Bible said so"'s time for serious civil conversations between grown men of intellect to save the planet from all the crap y'all been turning this world into!!

No other Pope in memory has been more "People Friendly"! A Pope who understands the conflicts within the Catholic Family and those of the everyday common man. A Pope that believes in the highest dignity of even the poorest of the poor!...he's a man on a mission...his accomplishments of drawing nations together is simply remarkable! He's the first true "Ambassador" the Catholic Church has ever had.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio...a Bouncer and Tango Dancer before becoming a Jesuit, and going on to bigger and better things...has a way of persuasion with an unprecedented charm! Will people accept his Encyclical? With the survival of the Planet Earth at stake? about 9 billion inhabitants will believe this Pontiff over 300 American Republicans in Washington DC, publicly determined to openly screw up the other 9 billion!!

And in a sort of related story in Salon by Patricia Miller, it's not surprising that the Religious Right considers Pope Francis I: Public Enemy #1! This time because of the Palestinian issue, before that? the Brothers' Castro...and before that, because it wasn't up to him  to judge gays! or he's a champion of the poor and the oppressed! The Grand Old Tea Party is going to lose that one too!  And yes, they 'should' be scared! No one's better in International Relations and Diplomacy in the world today, than that old Tango Dancer from Buenos Aires!!

How will the world react to Pope Francis's encyclical on climate change? | Environment | The Guardian