May 1, 2015

1st of 3 Christie Allies Pleads Guilty in Bridgegate Scandal...Shades of Nixon's Colson and Dean?

By RF Schatten

When you launch your own investigation, and it's publicly discovered that you lied...go for the Gipper's old stand-by; "I don't recall"!! nope! nope!...ah, nope!...don't remember a damn thing, sorry about that!

What is it about Chris Christie? forget his economic failure in New Jersey, among other things. The only thing you see this guy do is get caught up in one scandal after another!...and always coming up looking guilty as sin!

Whether he is or he's not, he comes out as a smooth operator...outraged about incidents but never claiming responsibility for anything that appears as wrong doings. An old fashioned corrupt politico who rules his office with fear and intimidation. Do you know the high cost involved in "Bridgegate"? and all, just a political payback for not endorsing him?? Talk about "Thugs" in America, today! How about Political Thugs?...themselves, bullying their power around, for their own selfish gains!

Christie's glass house is beginning to crack! Former NY/NJ Port Authority official, David Wildstein, admitted conspiring with Christie's Chief of Staff Bridgit Kelly and Port Authority Deputy Director Bill Baroni, from the very beginning! And David informed Chris of the goings on. Christie's answer? "I have no recollection of the conversation". Always concerned with Justice...but never his own involvement? The man lives a very grayish lifestyle...whatever he can get away with, he'll lie...whatever he can't, he'll spread the horseshit around and get out of it. But! he always ends up looking like a crook, who just got out of jail on a Writ of Habeas Corpus!

And this character wants to be President?
'This' is just New Jersey: 1) New Jersey Debt at an all-time High...$78.4 Billion. 2) New Jersey's Credit Rating, 2nd lowest in the Nation. 3) New Jersey's Job Growth, 2nd lowest in the Nation...only 9,200 Jobs in a 12-month period. 4) New Jersey's Unemployment Rate, 6.4%...higher than the national average.
A Credit Rating that has been downgraded 8 times during the Governor's  tenure as the State's Chief Executive! ...a Garden State record for a Governor, being downgraded that many times. Big Chris wants to do for America, what he has done for New Jersey.

“Today’s charges make clear that what I’ve said from day one is true, I had no knowledge or involvement in the planning or execution of this act,” Those charges shows a man going to Jail for admitting he did commit a crime for his Boss, and Christie knew about it from the very beginning, which means Chris Christie committed perjury!...but, it's only the beginning, more are falling down...and sooner or later Chris is going to have to "Recall" what happened!

Having your staff and loyal allies conspire in an act, such as closing the GW Bridge for political vengeance, while knowingly accepting and privately allowing their actions to continue...makes Chris Christie just as 'guilty' as Richard Nixon was, for covering up his staff's actions during Watergate!!

Whatever happens to all his allies...just like Colson, Dean, and John Mitchell, who all went to jail for their boss, is inconsequential. Like Nixon, Christie is just another bullshit artist who will sooner or later...leave in shame!

Former Christie ally pleads guilty in George Washington bridge scandal -