Aug 30, 2014

Why Texas Education continues to have to think, idiot!

By RF Schatten

I presume that Judge John Dietz, is a 'Critical Thinker'. They say, it's a devastating loss for Greg Abbott and his agenda on the systematic dismantling of the Public School System in Texas. In the ruling, the Judge explains; "The evidence clearly establishes that local districts do not have meaningful discretion in the levy, assessment and disbursement of property taxes; therefore the Texas school financing system imposes an unconstitutional state property tax.”...translation...the Texas State's School Financing System, is Unconstitutional!

Greg Abbott wants to continue all the excellent failures that Texas has become in Education...50th in the Nation in High School Graduations for 10 straight years...between 2001-2010. His experiment with a Charter State School System, was knocked down by someone, who's allowed to think. Greg Abbott wants to outlaw "Critical Thinking" and Analysis in the entire Texas School System, or as it's called Texas Education Agency, that's TEA for short...and along with his Tea drinking buddies, have made it part of almost all the State's local school boards agenda. The Master Plan of the Tea Party in the Lone Star State: Get rid of Critical Thinking, then get rid of Public Education. The least education our future generations have, the better! why? because that's what they're told...remember, most of these people have less education than their kids. In their minds, their kids can be as stupid as 'they' are. If it's fine for them...why should their kids be smarter?

This is what Abbott's moral character is all keep the masses as ignorant as possible, while preaching hatred and fear of Gays, Blacks, Hispanics, and all Ethnic and religious groups...including all non-conservative Christians. His own master plan also includes the legal control of Women Rights in Texas. A hypocrite, whose wife is Hispanic. But, he has the solid backing of the Tea Party...and their 'Brawny' benefactors...the stupids and their minions, with Master Puppeteers, pulling all their strings from the shadows. I wonder how much string he has left?...with Wendy Davis outraising him in donations...and running up his butt, and around the corner wherever he turns? Can't wait for the Debate!!

Court Humiliates Greg Abbott (Again) And Crushes his Unconstitutional Attack on Public Education

Aug 29, 2014

Chow time for Texas' National Guard...courtesy of the local Food Bank

By RF Schatten

Maybe the Texas Guard can cross the Border...and have the Kids feed 'them'.

First, everyone said it was a bad move...the monthly cost alone, runs in the millions, and worst of all...he did it all just for Political Grandstanding, showing those dastardly Kiddy Brigades at the border, who's the boss. He wants those sound his potential opponents, how tough he is. Then, there's that Indictment and all the legal headaches and distractions...and he's still contemplating running for President?...again?

How embarrassing it must be, for National Guard Troops in Texas. Visiting Food Banks because they can't afford to eat, while standing with an empty gas can...jugging away, and asking people for a handout. I can see those cardboard signs; "Need Gas to get home...please! any donation appreciated, God Bless! :-) " You see a picture of GIs moving boxes into a truck...who are they bringing that food to? and who are they helping? Then they say; "Hey! that's for us, man...we're starving!" That's not right! that's an awful embarrassment, and a black mark for the state, and for Perry. A Texas State Representative, René Oliveira, said; "These brave men and women have apparently been sent on a mission without accommodating for their most basic needs"...he continued "We need to find immediate solutions for these hungry soldiers."

Well, another management failure for Rick Perry. If there's one thing he's good at, is his "Texas Success". And for those Trolls who'll defend him, to their death...check the article in my Blog, "The Peruser"...of Sept 11, 2011: "The Great Texas Success...not told by Rick Perry" Read it, then defend him with a straight face. About the only thing Rick is really good at, is executing people...he's #1 Nice thing to be proud of! So, how are you going to fix this fine mess, Rick? Another fine embarrassment on your Resumé...oops!!

Texas National Guard Troops At Border Can't Afford Food

Chow time for Texas' National Guard...courtesy of the local Food Bank

By RF Schatten

Maybe the Texas Guard can cross the Border...and have the Kids feed 'them'.

First, everyone said it was a bad move...the monthly cost alone, runs in the millions, and worst of all...he did it all just for Political Grandstanding, showing those dastardly Kiddy Brigades at the border, who's the boss. He wants those sound his potential opponents, how tough he is. Then, there's that Indictment and all the legal headaches and distractions...and he's still contemplating running for President?...again?

How embarrassing it must be, for National Guard Troops in Texas. Visiting Food Banks because they can't afford to eat, while standing with an empty gas can...jugging away, and asking people for a handout. I can see those cardboard signs; "Need Gas to get home...please! any donation appreciated, God Bless! :-) " You see a picture of GIs moving boxes into a truck...who are they bringing that food to? and who are they helping? Then they say; "Hey! that's for us, man...we're starving!" That's not right! that's an awful embarrassment, and a black mark for the state, and for Perry. A Texas State Representative, René Oliveira, said; "These brave men and women have apparently been sent on a mission without accommodating for their most basic needs"...he continued "We need to find immediate solutions for these hungry soldiers."

Well, another management failure for Rick Perry. If there's one thing he's good at, is his "Texas Success". And for those Trolls who'll defend him, to their death...check the article in my Blog, "The Peruser"...of Sept 11, 2011: "The Great Texas Success...not told by Rick Perry" Read it, then defend him with a straight face. About the only thing Rick is really good at, is executing people...he's #1 Nice thing to be proud of! So, how are you going to fix this fine mess, Rick? Another fine embarrassment on your Resumé...oops!!

Texas National Guard Troops At Border Can't Afford Food

Aug 28, 2014

NRA says; Kids Just Wanna Have buy them an Uzi for Christmas!

By RF Schatten

"Who would put an Uzi in the hands of a nine-year-old girl? What is wrong with these people? What is wrong with this culture?". Joe Scarborough was simply, shocked!! Well, Joe!...the answer to all 3 of your you!! You, and what your philosophy represents...along with most Conservatives, the GOP, and all the Far Right Conservatism in America. You support all of these in and day out! Hey!! kids just wanna have fun!! right Joe?

Wayne Lapierre and Ted Nugent, believe in forcing children to shoot their way to the next grade!...they're on record, for this crazy shit. A lot of Ritalin is going to be dispensed in the schools, when these new commandos walk in for their first day of class!...even if they can't bring anything in, they'll get ready to rumble after school! Or do you believe that all kids who is trained in Firearms, are going to abide by all Gun Safety regulations, all the time?...or not sneak a gun out of the house?

Kids, as mature as they might the end of the day...they're still kids! We're not in the Wild West's a different world, Something, just knocked some sense into Morning Joe...the thoughts of a father. But what's the difference from one child, mentally scarred for life?....and all those hundreds of dead kids, shot by all these head cases...that never should've had such an easy access to guns? But, your side wants more guns in school, Joe? The NRA and most of your esteem crazy colleagues...don't agree with ya!! Do what's right, and as a op-ed journalist, start a crusade against the NRA!! But, that would spoil the Republican apple cart...just turn around and ignore it, Joe. You guys will find some excuse, in your long and deep archive of horseshit blame Obama!!

The NRA, where Kids just wanna have fun...the grown-up version, that is. They just don't want their toys, taken away!

NRA Reacts To Nine Year Old with Uzi Shooting her instructor: Kids Just Wanna Have Fun

The Republican Party...a wholly owned subsidiary of Koch Industry

By RF Schatten

It's official, the "John Birch Society" now owns the Grand Old Party...just ask Mitch!..who just admitted, the GOP wouldn't be financially anywhere, if it wasn't for Koch Family $$$.

Citizens United, Americans for Prosperity, FreedomWorks...what the hell, do you think they are?? 'John Birch' is not a politically correct name!! Fred C. Koch should be very proud of his 2 boys...they are carrying on his legacy and his dreams, to the max. The Brothers Koch, are living proof that $$$ buys you enough power, to overthrow a country's simply purchasing its employees. People ought to learn more about Fred, the John Birch Society, and specially his 2 creepy human waste of sons, David and Charles. At least his other 2 sons, Fred Jr and William have enough self-respect and character, not to be part of Koch Industry...neither, have financial interests in the family business, whatsoever.

Now, talking about  just coincidences; the GOP agenda of anti-education, anti-environment, anti-minimum wage, anti-healthcare, anti- social entitlements, and every other issues...including Race Relations, Immigration, Voter suppression, Women, and Marriage Equality...just happens to be, by all coincidence, naturally...David Koch's agenda as the Libertarian VP candidate in 1980, and his own personal philosophy and the family's, about the power of Aristocracy. The thoughts of a Ruling Class Society, is not far from their imagination.

There's enough information about these two good ol' boys...about their wonderful philanthropy, their charities, their contribution to the Arts and Opera...wonderful! wonderful! But talk about the Koch Brothers who hold records in Pollution Fines, and Wrongful Death settlements...for polluting the streams and the water everywhere they operate. These 2 nice fellows, are not so nice when you get to meet them...ask the families of those who have died because of their company's neglect!! Mitch McConnell, the political whore that he is...wholeheartedly endorses the Koch Brothers, and specially the $$$ left by the side of the bed...every time they meet.

It's ironic that the Birchers were prominent during the last time, racial tension was so turbulent in this, Black/White confrontations are beginning to resemble the pre-Civil Rights days, with FreedomWorks preaching John Birch's words.

In Leaked Tape Mitch McConnell Admits The Koch Brothers Are Running The Republican Party

Aug 25, 2014

America's neglect with its' own future

By RF Schatten

"When you look at politicians and congress, they're not really looking to the future; they're looking to get re-elected." ~~ Andrew Herrmann (former President, ASCE)

A crumbling American Infrastructure, that ranks 14th in the world...and we 'were' the model of the world!! That's the problem...we 'were', #1.  In Washington, all you hear is the "Blame Game"...but no one really wants to do, anything about it!! Why? Ignorance, time passes and no one really thinks about it...and the $$$ is usually needed for other things. A "Band-aid" mentality...temporary fixes, and a few 'no bid' grease my palm, I'll grease yours. That's the American Way!!...but our infrastructure is still crumbling down, and what the hell, are we going to do about it?  At this moment in US History?...wait! wait! and wait some more...and when you're tired of go again, and wait some more!! Do you really expect this Congress to do anything resembling, work?

The American Society of Civil Engineers rated our country's infrastructure D+. That's embarrassing, when our roads, bridges, and other structures are considered too dangerous to ride. The fatalities alone, caused by our failure to maintain good roads, should say something about our eminent future...if we rely so heavily on our roads, as we do today...particularly in the transportation of goods, and the importance of accessibility, something must be done. These roads and structures just don't go back to IKE or FDR...they go back to pre-1900s. Can't blame Obama, this time...this goes back to every administration since Ike was hitting 18 Holes.

Is there a fix-it kit, for this mess? FDR rebuilt a country...and put a load of people back to work. Eisenhower built the modern American Infrastructure, the envy of the world...and put a lot of people to work, too. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to put these equations, together. A complete reconstruction of the American Infrastructure will employ millions, and bring much needed $$$ and fresh blood to all the local economies. It's been suggested by this Administration, but an absurd idea from those bound to destroy any progress, this administration can make...even if it destroys this nation, on the way!! The job creators? really don't care...they got their $$$ stashed in offshore banks, find loopholes to move legal corporate homes, out of the country for Tax shelter...and outsource American jobs to India,Taiwan, or wherever they can save in labor costs.

Why would they care about the 14th best country's Infrastructure? they don't care about its people, now!!

Inside America's crumbling infrastructure - The Week

Aug 19, 2014

Blame all your failures on someone else...that's, the cheap Republican way.

By RF Schatten

"Oh!! I can't do my job...because Obama is not being up to his job", "every single Republican failure, is Obama's Fault"...words of a Big Time Political Loser!! A coward, who'll sleep with long as he can keep his Speaker's job. When you try to burn your candle on both're bound to end up getting burned...and if you have no scruples? you just don't give a shit!! You're just a Political whore...and you love it!!

It's nice to see the GOP is such a good humanitarian they care for the Poor, the Sick, the Elderly!...all that humility that just gushes out of them! How they care about equality, and educating our children for the challenges of the future, in a world where we could live pollution free, no Acid Rain or smog...with clean rivers and streams! Wait! Wait a minute!...that's not the GOP?...Sorry!! They're nice guys, who haven't passed a single piece of Legislation since they woke up, November 5th, 2008. Where's the Jobs Bill? Wage Increase? what have they done for the Vets...without public pressure? the unemployed middle class?...where's those extensions?
John Boehner is Speaker of the's his 'job', to lead 435 Members, not just his Party's...but,
all 435. It's his job to pass Bipartisan Legislation, so it can proceed to the next step...and eventually, pass and become Law. Legislate...that's what the taxpayers elected him, for...and are paying
him to do.

Don't blame Congress? Yea!! it's their fault!...the least productive Congress in modern US History. Congratulations, John!! You may have a boss...and you may think he's not doing his job...but, he's still your boss!! And here's the punchline, pal: If you don't do your job...he will do it for ya, with Executive Orders. Anywhere else, you would've been fired for public disrespect of your superior...and most of all?...for not doing 'your' job, and creating your Party's
failures, as well, as all of your own. 

John Boehner Blames All Of His Failures On Obama Not Being Up To The Job Of President

Time for the'Show Me' State, to show something positive about Ferguson

BY RF Schatten

Mike Brown was shot at least 6 times...2 bullets to the head. That's murder...and that's why the Ferguson PD has been so silent.

The autopsy was performed by Dr. Michael Baden, well renowned Forensic Pathologist, who worked on the JFK and Martin Luther King Jr. cases...among others. “In my capacity as the forensic
examiner for the New York State Police, I would say, ‘You’re not supposed to shoot so many times’ ”. Brown's Attorney, Benjamin Crump, reiterated Baden's statement; “The sheer number of bullets, and the way they were scattered all over his body, showed this police officer had a brazen disregard for the very people he was supposed to protect in that community,”

How did this whole story first start? like all others. The Ferguson Police Dept. has had its moments with the Community, through the years. 50 White Police Officers and 3 a town that's 67% Black? Yes!! racism is very prominent in all of this. And for Conservatives, before they call it reverse racism? The fact that the town employs 50 Whites and only 3 Blacks...wouldn't you expect a little racist hate from the Community? Too many different witness views of the entire event...including the actual shots recorded from a smartphone. Though the general conclusion of events leading to the
shooting, remain the same. The fact that the body remained in the street for 2 to 3 hours...and the Paramedics were not allowed in, by the Ferguson PD...becomes a very serious question. Why?

I don't care whether Michael Brown was guilty of stealing some cigars. or whether he was charging at the cops or not. He stopped, raised his hands, and cried out; "I don't have a gun!! stop shooting"!! He raised his hands, and lowered his head...then, got shot through the head!!
Yea!! the Right will come with every excuse in the world, to justify the PD's action...but, the fact remains...if you shoot an unarmed person in the head, not just once, but twice!!...that's MURDER!!

Autopsy Shows Michael Brown Was Struck at Least 6 Times -

Aug 17, 2014

Robin Williams in Hell? If you're from Westboro'll get to meet him

By RF Schatten

"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity" ~~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Westboro Baptist Church, may call themselves "Baptist"...but there's nothing Christian about them. This, is an example of the mentality of the American Christian Right. Just pure unadulterated vile Racism and Hatred. They call Roman Catholicism and Islam, "Devil Worshiping" ...they publicly hate Protestants, Lutherans, Anglicans, Methodists, etc, etc, get the point? There's not another Religion in the world, they believe is correct. Ethiopian Orthodoxy?...a big lie! Hinduism?...they set up the "God hates India" website (similar to "God Hates Fags") Judaism?..."A true Jew, is a Christian" "they are nothing more than typical, impenitent sinners ... they are the real Nazis, the vast majority of Jews support fags"!! The Westboro Baptist Church, just doesn't like anybody who's not like them...they worship hate and death. As Shirley Phelps-Roper said, the $200,000 the church annually spends to fly to funerals to protest, was money spread "God's Hate". When Fred died, Shirley said that she will not hold a Funeral, because they don't worship least, no theirs!! They 'do' worship "Carcass", apparently.

This whole deal with Robin Williams, just shows their "sincere ignorance"...cause he acted as a gay person? Oh!! since Williams was one of those Hollywood Liberals, who was involved in Liberal and Progressive causes...naturally, he must have been gay? No stupid!! your "conscientious stupidity" just flows right out of you...he just happened to be a genius mind, trapped inside a great thespian's body. He could portray any character, and make him believable. Don't knock someone, on how they died!!...and why they did, what they did...unless you've gone through the same tormented pain!!. If you truly have gone through it all, like he did, with all the shit!! would understand, why!! You may not agree with his decision, but you understand...and you'll look at it, not with anger...but sorrow!!

The human waste, that calls themselves the Westboro Baptist Church, has the distinction of being the largest Homophobic Institution in this Nation. There's something about fanatic homophobic persecution, that brings out the "man" inside that J.Edgar Hoover, and the tough guy...Roy Cohn...who fell to AIDS. They were both scum, and different than Westboro Baptist.      

Westboro Church to picket funeral of Robin Williams, calling it ‘carcass worship fest’

Aug 16, 2014

"Disinformation"...that's the Republican way...or, better said, the Goebbels way!!

By RF Schatten 
The Republican Party publicly.condemns Gay Marriage, and has a deep hatred towards Homosexuality. They're against Women Rights, are against the Elderly, and don't care for Hispanics or any other Ethnic minority. The Blacks? In the eyes of the GOP, they're Ann Coulter likes to call the President..."The Monkey". They have no dignity or respect for the Poor or the Middle Class...they are against all Social Entitlements: Social Security for the elderly, Medicaid for the poor, Medicare for the elderly and the disabled...Obamacare...guaranteed health care for everyone, regardless who you are, and Food Stamps..."let them eat cake!!" They don't believe in unemployment compensation...if you lose your job? Tough shit!! If you're a Vet? Tough shit too. They're Anti-Children...some in the GOP talk about repealing Child Labor Laws. Take a look at the Children living in poverty today, going hungry, and how many in all those 'Red' States...don't get healthcare? And they're also Anti-Education...more like, 'Anti-Public' Education...they believe 'Private' education is the only way to go, and, if you have the $$$...if you don't? Oh, well...tough shit, again!!

We've seen what they're doing: Anti-Environment...they want to eliminate the EPA!!...just too many pollution fines to Koch Industries. Remaining ignorant or maybe, not too ignorant...on Climate Change. We see were they want to spend our Tax Dollars on...their Tax Dollars? Eliminate it!!...they 'are' the Job Creators, they say. They push for Corporations to save more Tax Dollars, that they already don't not only Outsourcing the work to other countries, but...allowing Corporations to make a profit from the income invested in Foreign Banks' Tax Shelters throughout the world. It's all about the money, not; We, the People.
Lets not forget, the immense Voter Suppression effort, throughout America...and the Racism, Hatred, Fear, and Violence...the remarks by Republicans, Christian Conservatives, and Tea Party loyalists. The filth and obscenities that come out of these, so called 'Christian' people...and their misrepresented moral values.

We see all this crap!! and you wonder why Fox News isn't enough? You know, what kind of trouble Conservative America must be in...when you have to make up stories, pay people to fake it, and say how bad their Obamacare Coverage is, and then have their Propaganda Puppets; Limbaugh and their shtick, with their constant overflow of horseshit. And how they become paranoid, because Christianity is not the only Religious choice, today. Now, they have created over 20 Fake News their only way of winning, by lying? Disinformation?...the Republican Way!!

Ferguson Police Dept. 2009 & 2014: Nothing changes...just the victims

By RF Schatten 
Arrest the wrong suspect, beat the living daylights out of him in jail...and when you got to let him go? charge him with property damage...for dirtying your clothes with his spilled blood!!

Outrageous!! except it happened in 2009, again, in Ferguson. Race tensions and Police brutality is not something new, for Ferguson, Missouri. On Sept. 20th, 2009...Henry Davis was arrested on a warrant...except, it wasn't the same Henry Davis. The rest is history for that poor man...nothing happened to the cops, the DA dropped the property damage charges, he suit the Ferguson PD and lost...and now, it's in Federal Appeals Court. From past experience, wouldn't the Ferguson Police Dept. known better, than to do anything that would incite the actions, which occurred? Yes!! if you're on the Left...Maybe!! if you're on the Right...and No!! if you're FoxNews, as they scramble and try to seriously figure out, why they say "No"!!

It looks like Governor Jay Nixon, has ordered the Missouri State Police, to take over the situation...and 'one' man, Capt. Ron Johnson, who's the new Commander for Ferguson...appears to have the most level mind, in the entire Show Me State. He's showing what a little understanding and psychology can accomplish...Missouri State Troopers, and led by Ron Johnson, marched alongside the protesters rather than ordering them off the streets. Besides bringing some calmness to an already tense situation, Johnson's march, is a clear message that Law Enforcement agencies around this country, needs to be seriously reformed...they're not para-military units, among other things.

Ferguson, Missouri has become a Bipartisan ground zero...Democrats and Republicans are literally talking, and agreeing with each other...and turning the issue into a national discourse. It must feel pretty lonely, up there on top...for FOX now days...justifying murder and violence. Expect Rupert to change his tune on's what's best for business.

Aug 14, 2014

How to Justify Violence?...just ask FoxNews

By RF Schatten

If you want to exploit violence...the indecency of FoxNews, is the perfect place to do it!! Justify the violence by the Ferguson Missouri Police putting out a report that "One" member of the Black Panthers was in town...obviously, to stir problems and get into their fans' feelings and views...or more like, whatever view they intent to exploit. We all know, how 'Fair and Balanced'...FoxNews and News Corp. are!!

Do you want tension and restlessness, to get worse? in a town where an innocent victim, was shot? and where civil unrest...just brings more tear gas, and shootings? Well!! Fox!! is the place to be, my friends!! Fox News’ Martha MacCallum went on to push Black Panther fears, by claiming that the Panthers are pushing racial violence in Ferguson...all, because an FBI report, that ONE member is in Ferguson. Martha MacCallum, is a grown woman...she knew the ramifications, for what she doesn't take too many sound bytes, to pour gasoline over the fire!! Whether she morally felt, it should have been reported, or she did what's best for shows the insensitivity in the mindset of most on the Right, along with their thriving fascination with gun violence. To them, Guns solve everything.

It's funny that FoxNews is trying to justify the "Militarization" of the Police...when even Rand Paul, is calling for the "de-militarization" of the Police. You gonna have people, complaining that some were saying; "Death to the Police"...well? how do you think they feel? In my days they were called "Pigs", when they acted in that same manner!! Police Intolerance, is never justified!!

Let's thank the media...and specially the Social Media... for keeping people aware of the true details. We're evolving throughout the largest changes in our Cultures, and in our Society in general, in the history of this Country. The truth is hard to hide, anymore...and Social Media is what keeps it honest. "Because of social media, the police don't have control of this story" , said George Karpf, George Washington University professor. "It's opened everything up, changed how the media decides what's worthy of coverage...and who to trust". It feels nice, that the cops don't have control of the story...or how they can't BS their way out.

USAToday's Lyndsay Deutsch and Jolie Lee, wrote: "Residents of Ferguson, Mo., didn't wait for press conferences, petitions or legal action to bring national attention to their streets after a police officer fatally shot an unarmed black teen. They snapped a photo, they used a hashtag. And, in the span of five days, their growing, stinging social media cloud of real-time updates shaped a raw public discourse about the victim, Michael Brown, race relations and police force in the USA". 142,000 Tweets Tuesday, 655,000 Wednesday...and growing. Stop the power of We the People? Republicans 'do' hate the Internet!

Fox News Tries To Justify Militarization and Violence of Ferguson Police

Aug 13, 2014

The Tongue...Simmons lives for controversy, whether it's his profession or his private life

By RF Schatten

Expected anything different from “The Tongue”? He’s an example of a man, who’s talent as an entertainer and cultural icon, stops with his mouth…both onstage or offstage. His success after KISS, has been limited to a non-existent movie career, a few guest shots on TV, and reality shows. Now, with a not too well received, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction…Simmons, Stanley, Frehley, and Criss…have decided to take on, ‘one’ more Tour, and a reality series!! Simmons, without KISS…is nothing!!
So, what’s a better way for Simmons to get his career moving, back into the spotlight? He’s the GOP’s New York version of Ted Nugent…so he’s got to get his sound bytes in!!…the world needs to remember KISS is still alive!!
Gene Simmons, born Chaim Witz, immigrated with his mom, from Israel…he’s a Conservative Republican, and a pro Israel Hawk. Whether you agree with him, or not…that’s his right. But, all this babble about Immigrants and the English language, is just plain horseshit. As an 8yr old, growing up in Jackson Heights, Queens…with parents going to night school, themselves…you learn quickly in school, and in the streets. If you want to learn proper English in school…without the “Goddamn”…you will!! How many families; Italians, Spanish, German, Hindu, Jewish? how many have someone in their family, who just refuses to speak English? That’s life, Gene!! You can speak English, you can be bilingual, or even multilingual…or you don’t have to speak it, at all…that’s your God given American Right. Most, if they become citizens; they learn…and afterwords, they’ll stop speaking English!! It’s been like that, since the 1st non-English speaking immigrants, arrived on our shores.
All this “Learn Goddamn English” is pure Political Theatrics…to appeal, to whatever base he has politically…and eventually win them over commercially to KISS. To succeed you've got to know English? I believe Immigrants understand the values of learning the language of the Country they live in. He may be politically controversial, but this Immigration shtick of his, is just plain stupid…or it may show his true personal character…who, as a Jew, should know something more about his own history, when it comes to Persecution and Immigration.
But, we’re speaking about Gene Simmons, who will remain as controversial as ever…and strange as ever. I hope that KISS uses their face paint, when they Tour…have you seen, how they all look, lately?
KISS Frontman Gene Simmons: If Immigrants Want Success In The U.S., 'Learn Goddamn English'

Aug 11, 2014

Christian Broadcasters?...not, what Jesus Christ meant!

By RF Schatten

This ‘good’ Christian would love for America to become infested by a deadly disease…another bright shinning example, why American Christian Fundamentalism is rejected, and viewed as an aberration…by all sects of Christianity throughout the world. “Ebola could cleanse America of Atheists, Gays, and Sluts”…says, this insult of a Talk Radio host. What this moron won’t say is…the Ebola Virus is not selective, like Christian Fundamentalists are…and it can strike anyone, including human waste like Rick Wiles.

Does he care? does Rush care? do any of them care? They all are the same…they don’t give a rats ass who gets hurt, as long as they can push their filthy agenda of Racism and Bigotry. They picked that up, way back in 2008, a couple of hours after Obama got elected…when McConnell and Friends had their, now infamous “secret meeting”…”our only agenda is to make him, a one term president” at any cost, whether the Nation goes down with him or not. If it’s not the Blacks, it’s the Gays, or the Women, or the Latino and all other ethnic groups…or the elderly…and screw the young!! you certainly don’t want them, too educated!!

But most of all, Religions…if you’re not “one of them”? You don’t exist!! For fanatics of these modern day charlatans, and demagogues…ignorance is just not bliss, but it’s paramount. The disgusting filth, spoken by these so called righteous men…and women like Ann Coulter, who thinks; “it’s ‘idiotic’ that the American Ebola victim went to Africa to cure sick people in Africa”…because, “Africa is a Cesspool”. Dr. Brantly went to Africa…exactly, to do God’s work…something Conservative Christians, could never and will never understand: Help those less fortunate, no matter who they are.

Ebola could cleanse the United States of Atheist, Gays, and sluts? where do the sluts fit in?…if you mean doing anything for $$$?…then, all of the Koch Brothers’ political beneficiaries, would be cleansed. All the scare and political horseshit, brought on by these characters…disguised as “concern of the American people”…is a way to instill their Bigotry and Racism, into the American Scene as their form of anger…and carry it a step further, at times. The world may be frantically looking for a cure…but, there’s another deadly disease, out there. It’s called “Religious/Social Ignorance & Chronic Cognitive Dissonance”…there’s no cure for this, folks!!

Aug 9, 2014

Washington to Bush II: 12,525 Executive Orders. Obama's 183? Abuse of Executive Powers!!

 By RF Schatten

Quick!!...Who was the 21st President of the United States? He's not among the most popular Chief Executives...but well remembered now, as the most famous director of the New York Port Authority...if you saw "Die Hard: With a Vengeance". President Chester A. Arthur had a relatively quiet administration...and only 96 executive orders, in 4 yrs. Grover Cleveland had only 113, but in his second go round as President, he issued 140, that's a total of 273. Harrison had just 143...then McKinley with 185...till Teddy arrived and issued 1,081 Orders. Barack Obama has issued less Executive Orders (183), in the amount of days he's been in office...than any other President in over 100 years. Chester Arthur, left office on March 4th,1885. Ironically enough, Arthur signed another controversial bill at that time...the Immigration Act of 1882.

The modern 20th-21th Century records of Executive Orders: Herbert Hoover 968, FDR 3,522, Truman 907, Eisenhower 484, JFK 214, Johnson 325, Nixon 346, Ford 169 (in less than 3yrs), Carter 320, Reagan 381, Bush I 166 (in 4 yrs), Clinton 364, Bush II 291. We've had 40 out of 41 Presidents (William Henry Harrison died in 32 days) issue 12,525 Executive Orders, before Obama...and his 183 exe. orders, suddenly is an abuse of Presidential Power? Who the hell, is kidding who?

If you have absolutely no plan or policy to offer the American people...create a diversion, and have a Law Suit, keep the public unaware of their total lack of leadership, while selling all the anti-Obama horseshit sound bytes. Hopefully, keep all the theatrics of their News Headlines throughout all the media, Election season continues. And after they're thoroughly embarrassed in Court?...start the Impeachment create the next great diversion, for 2016. Still, with no constructive plans or policies...since 2008!! 

Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote: "The Court has repeatedly affirmed the long-standing principle that the Executive Branch has virtually unfettered discretion in deciding how and whether to enforce the law against individuals." What does the GOP really want, out of all of this? Remove the Power of the Executive Office, while the Black guy's there...or, maybe even if it's a woman?...and return the power, when the GOP gets elected. And if anyone says, that's not's all really about abuse of power...keep thinking like that. The GOP needs all your support, so they won't go down in the SS Lipton...alone!!

Did SCOTUS Already Greenlight Obama's Executive Action On Immigration?

Aug 6, 2014

A Republican's thought on a GOP-Tea Party brake-up: "Don't let the door hit ya in the ass"!!

 By RF Schatten

"Happy Days are here again!!" No!!'s not the Democratic Party's Chorus rehearsal...but, you could certainly hear the Republicans humming it!!
Only, if Steve Baldwin's idea could muster enough support, and a grass roots movement could begin?...start, by removing the Tea Party's grass roots out of Dumbo's butt, and open their own Club House. They need to get their own political certification, as a Political Party...and stop being a Far Right Conservative, dressed in RINO clothing. Aside from both, being Conservatives...there's nothing "Republican" about the Tea Party.

I've been a Liberal and a Democrat, all my life...but, I've always had Republican friends, and respected their views. There's good and bad in everyone, no matter who believes in what....but, their was civility and decorum, then. No matter how heated the arguments, if it was good for the country, a bipartisan spirit between the Majority and their Loyal Opposition, would matter what Party held Congress or the White House. Everyone came together, for the good of the Nation. You fight a good fight, but save your integrity for the next good battle...meanwhile, respect the wishes of what the majority of the country wants!!

It'll be a good thing for everyone. their agenda is certainly not the GOP's, and it never has been...just ask all those Republican ex-politicos, out there. Chaos reigns supreme in the GOP, today. For the Tea Party? they'll have a Charter of their very own, and call themselves a Political Party. There's been others a recent History...the American Independent Party with Wallace, the Independent run and Reform Party of Ross Perot. Compared to those movements, the Tea Party is way ahead and very well organized.

Naturally, if you're going to seriously organize a really strong 3rd Party movement, this serious crowd is going to need the most serious, and strongest leader to carry them, back to the future...and who is the strongest, most serious, and intellectually bizarre, among them? who else, is better to lead this cast of characters?...they can have their National Convention in Sarah's backyard, and throw insults at Russia!! 

Former GOP Lawmaker Suggests Third Party Led By Sarah Palin

Aug 5, 2014

The 1st Amendment exclusively applies only to Christians?...not, if a non-Christian has something to say, about it!

 By RF Schatten

The 1st Amendment of the Constitution applies to Christians only? no shit? Sounds more like pure, unadulterated Religious Bigotry...with a lot of horseshit, thrown in for window dressing.
So Christians, are the only people in America with rights? 1st Amendment: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition
the Government for a redress of grievances" Nice and short!!

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion"...nowhere, does it say what Religion. "Freedom of Speech"...only for Christians? because Jews, along with Muslims, and all
other non-Christian Religions, and Bryan Fischer's view, outside of Christianity...are not "Protected" by the First Amendment. What makes these Flag draped, Cross and Bible carrying "little" people, think the Constitution was expressly built for them? Where does the words "Christianity" or "Christian" appear in the 1st Amendment? Where does it say, about the establishment of a Theocracy? "It was not written to protect the Religion of Islam"...and how does he know? the Christian ideals of our Forefathers? Ask Tom Jefferson, about 'his' Christian ideals and Family Values!!...and most of those good old boys, too!! That's why they 'specifically', didn't mention "Christianity" or any other Religion!! They had a little different, and better set of values, then.

The name "Fischer"; is traced back to the ethnic Ashkenazic Jews in Germany, a true Yiddish simply means, Fishermen. So, Bryan!! if your name is 'F-i-s-c-h-e-r'...I guess, that
means you have no 1st Amendment Rights!!'re not a goy, your descendants are Jewish, bubbee!! So, pay heed to your own words, and shut the hell up!!...ignorance is bliss, for today's Christian Fundamentalists.
You know? Fischer and Albert Einstein are both, of Ashkenazic Jewish heritage...that's where their resemblance ends...360 degrees apart. Einstein developed the General Theory of Relativity, became an Agnostic, and joined the board of the NAACP, Bryan simply, no Einstein!!

Bryan Fischer Again Claims First Amendment Applies Only to Christians

Social Christians, and their self-denial of true Christianity

 By RF Schatten

In the book "Lead by Humility" by Jeff Krames, you explore 12 lessons of leadership in life, based on the principles of Pope Francis I. Among them..."Take care of people, not lobbies" and "Temper Ideology with Pragmatism". Words clearly intended, towards a segment of our Christian population in our society. Sounds like good common just, can't always get what you want...but will those, whose words were meant for, ever listen? Nah!!

Here you have a 10 point program for Happiness, given in an interview, to a long time friend of an Argentinian Magazine. Never in our lifetime, has a Pope ever been so candidly open, giving interviews with anyone who wishes. Giving out statements way beyond those, ever given by any other Pope in memory...going out into neighborhoods, and giving out a little care. Another example of his principles of leadership..."Avoid Insularity" and "Go where you are needed"

Now, Christianity in America has become very diverse. All, pretty much agree in the principles of Jesus they interpret the words? up to each Church.  And then you have Social Christians, with their very own exclusive interpretation of God and the Bible...spewing their radical, absurd explanations of the Bible, to their loyal flock. God!! they's on their side!! Then all of a sudden...along comes God's official representative on this Earth...and the Bible Belt, has gone berserk!! Why do people believe the Pope, not them? he's got to be a Socialist? Sounds a little stupid, doesn't it?
“School broadens not only your intellectual dimension, but also the human one" Francis said that...will they listen?...nah!!!!  

The Pope's 10 tips for happiness

Aug 3, 2014

Justifying Genocide, and the indecent immorality of the thought

 By RF Schatten

 The "Times of Israel" contributor, Yochanan Gordon...suggests that Genocide is permissible, if it's a means of achieving their goal...the eradication of the Gaza Strip.
Question: If Genocide is morally permissible within their own mindset and in front of their eyes, as a
means of achieving 'their' ultimate solution...would you have considered Germany's 'ultimate solution', within 'their' own mindset, morally permissible?
Both set the same goal...the annihilation of the other!! Whether it's Showers, Gas Warfare, or via artillery obliteration...murder is murder!!...women, children, the elderly, are all innocent civilians caught in a continous quagmire...with no hope in sight. And there's no good guys on either side, remember...talks of complete annihilation, don't just come from one side of the table!!

We have a never ending War, that 100 years from now...we'll all be dead...but, nothing will change, just 100 more years of aggravating each other. These two sides ultimately proves, that War doesn't solve diddly squat. HG Wells said; "If we don't end War, War will end us". No side is ever going to stop, at least, while they both receive military, it leaves only two plausible alternatives: Once and for all, stand aside and let them totally destroy each other to death...and, everyone else caught in the line of fire. Or work via diplomacy, in finding answers to both sides, that will bring a much needed peace to the region.

What other alternative do we really have? Kill each other or make Peace...that's it!! Common Sense tells you, there's no winners while people die. But, those intellectually incapacitated...true to their nature...thinks the Bibi approach is a winner, their Conservative Anti-Muslim sentiment, just bursting out. There's absolutely nothing moral, about what either side is doing, and hypocritically defending their immoral over the other...will only show, your true colors.

Times of Israel Op-Ed Advocates Palestine Genocide FULL TEXT | Mediaite

Aug 1, 2014

O'Reilly's Great Marijuana Ruse, and his very own conflicting Polls

 By RF Schatten

Oh no!! say it isn't so, Mr. Bill!! You lost in your very own Poll? "Should Marijuana be Legalized for Recreational Use"...89% out of 68,930 responses said; Yes!!

His first accusation will undoubtedly be the official Republican excuse...ah!!... I mean, response: "It's possible our Poll got 'hijacked' by the Dems"... a la Thad Cochran. Sure it's possible...but more like "Highly Improbable". Democrats tend not to check O'Reilly's website, too much...if they want to hear him, they'll just listen to him blab on FOX...95% of his Internet base, are his fanatic followers.

Bill O'Reilly is not a stupid man, he knows how to speak, manipulate, and convince his Conservative agreeing to his positions. 89% pro-weed? Must have been a shock, to his 'know it all' ego. He's now learning...I hope...the Republican Party's ignorant self-denial, that even Republicans smoke pot!!...whether publicly, privately, or in a certain the 'closet'.  It pretty much throws "The Great Marijuana Ruse", he highly exalts...down the crapper!

Bill O'Reilly took a poll on legalizing weed. You'll never guess what happened next. - The Week