Aug 28, 2014

The Republican Party...a wholly owned subsidiary of Koch Industry

By RF Schatten

It's official, the "John Birch Society" now owns the Grand Old Party...just ask Mitch!..who just admitted, the GOP wouldn't be financially anywhere, if it wasn't for Koch Family $$$.

Citizens United, Americans for Prosperity, FreedomWorks...what the hell, do you think they are?? 'John Birch' is not a politically correct name!! Fred C. Koch should be very proud of his 2 boys...they are carrying on his legacy and his dreams, to the max. The Brothers Koch, are living proof that $$$ buys you enough power, to overthrow a country's simply purchasing its employees. People ought to learn more about Fred, the John Birch Society, and specially his 2 creepy human waste of sons, David and Charles. At least his other 2 sons, Fred Jr and William have enough self-respect and character, not to be part of Koch Industry...neither, have financial interests in the family business, whatsoever.

Now, talking about  just coincidences; the GOP agenda of anti-education, anti-environment, anti-minimum wage, anti-healthcare, anti- social entitlements, and every other issues...including Race Relations, Immigration, Voter suppression, Women, and Marriage Equality...just happens to be, by all coincidence, naturally...David Koch's agenda as the Libertarian VP candidate in 1980, and his own personal philosophy and the family's, about the power of Aristocracy. The thoughts of a Ruling Class Society, is not far from their imagination.

There's enough information about these two good ol' boys...about their wonderful philanthropy, their charities, their contribution to the Arts and Opera...wonderful! wonderful! But talk about the Koch Brothers who hold records in Pollution Fines, and Wrongful Death settlements...for polluting the streams and the water everywhere they operate. These 2 nice fellows, are not so nice when you get to meet them...ask the families of those who have died because of their company's neglect!! Mitch McConnell, the political whore that he is...wholeheartedly endorses the Koch Brothers, and specially the $$$ left by the side of the bed...every time they meet.

It's ironic that the Birchers were prominent during the last time, racial tension was so turbulent in this, Black/White confrontations are beginning to resemble the pre-Civil Rights days, with FreedomWorks preaching John Birch's words.

In Leaked Tape Mitch McConnell Admits The Koch Brothers Are Running The Republican Party