Aug 25, 2014

America's neglect with its' own future

By RF Schatten

"When you look at politicians and congress, they're not really looking to the future; they're looking to get re-elected." ~~ Andrew Herrmann (former President, ASCE)

A crumbling American Infrastructure, that ranks 14th in the world...and we 'were' the model of the world!! That's the problem...we 'were', #1.  In Washington, all you hear is the "Blame Game"...but no one really wants to do, anything about it!! Why? Ignorance, time passes and no one really thinks about it...and the $$$ is usually needed for other things. A "Band-aid" mentality...temporary fixes, and a few 'no bid' grease my palm, I'll grease yours. That's the American Way!!...but our infrastructure is still crumbling down, and what the hell, are we going to do about it?  At this moment in US History?...wait! wait! and wait some more...and when you're tired of go again, and wait some more!! Do you really expect this Congress to do anything resembling, work?

The American Society of Civil Engineers rated our country's infrastructure D+. That's embarrassing, when our roads, bridges, and other structures are considered too dangerous to ride. The fatalities alone, caused by our failure to maintain good roads, should say something about our eminent future...if we rely so heavily on our roads, as we do today...particularly in the transportation of goods, and the importance of accessibility, something must be done. These roads and structures just don't go back to IKE or FDR...they go back to pre-1900s. Can't blame Obama, this time...this goes back to every administration since Ike was hitting 18 Holes.

Is there a fix-it kit, for this mess? FDR rebuilt a country...and put a load of people back to work. Eisenhower built the modern American Infrastructure, the envy of the world...and put a lot of people to work, too. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to put these equations, together. A complete reconstruction of the American Infrastructure will employ millions, and bring much needed $$$ and fresh blood to all the local economies. It's been suggested by this Administration, but an absurd idea from those bound to destroy any progress, this administration can make...even if it destroys this nation, on the way!! The job creators? really don't care...they got their $$$ stashed in offshore banks, find loopholes to move legal corporate homes, out of the country for Tax shelter...and outsource American jobs to India,Taiwan, or wherever they can save in labor costs.

Why would they care about the 14th best country's Infrastructure? they don't care about its people, now!!

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