Aug 16, 2014

Ferguson Police Dept. 2009 & 2014: Nothing changes...just the victims

By RF Schatten 
Arrest the wrong suspect, beat the living daylights out of him in jail...and when you got to let him go? charge him with property damage...for dirtying your clothes with his spilled blood!!

Outrageous!! except it happened in 2009, again, in Ferguson. Race tensions and Police brutality is not something new, for Ferguson, Missouri. On Sept. 20th, 2009...Henry Davis was arrested on a warrant...except, it wasn't the same Henry Davis. The rest is history for that poor man...nothing happened to the cops, the DA dropped the property damage charges, he suit the Ferguson PD and lost...and now, it's in Federal Appeals Court. From past experience, wouldn't the Ferguson Police Dept. known better, than to do anything that would incite the actions, which occurred? Yes!! if you're on the Left...Maybe!! if you're on the Right...and No!! if you're FoxNews, as they scramble and try to seriously figure out, why they say "No"!!

It looks like Governor Jay Nixon, has ordered the Missouri State Police, to take over the situation...and 'one' man, Capt. Ron Johnson, who's the new Commander for Ferguson...appears to have the most level mind, in the entire Show Me State. He's showing what a little understanding and psychology can accomplish...Missouri State Troopers, and led by Ron Johnson, marched alongside the protesters rather than ordering them off the streets. Besides bringing some calmness to an already tense situation, Johnson's march, is a clear message that Law Enforcement agencies around this country, needs to be seriously reformed...they're not para-military units, among other things.

Ferguson, Missouri has become a Bipartisan ground zero...Democrats and Republicans are literally talking, and agreeing with each other...and turning the issue into a national discourse. It must feel pretty lonely, up there on top...for FOX now days...justifying murder and violence. Expect Rupert to change his tune on's what's best for business.