Aug 5, 2014

Social Christians, and their self-denial of true Christianity

 By RF Schatten

In the book "Lead by Humility" by Jeff Krames, you explore 12 lessons of leadership in life, based on the principles of Pope Francis I. Among them..."Take care of people, not lobbies" and "Temper Ideology with Pragmatism". Words clearly intended, towards a segment of our Christian population in our society. Sounds like good common just, can't always get what you want...but will those, whose words were meant for, ever listen? Nah!!

Here you have a 10 point program for Happiness, given in an interview, to a long time friend of an Argentinian Magazine. Never in our lifetime, has a Pope ever been so candidly open, giving interviews with anyone who wishes. Giving out statements way beyond those, ever given by any other Pope in memory...going out into neighborhoods, and giving out a little care. Another example of his principles of leadership..."Avoid Insularity" and "Go where you are needed"

Now, Christianity in America has become very diverse. All, pretty much agree in the principles of Jesus they interpret the words? up to each Church.  And then you have Social Christians, with their very own exclusive interpretation of God and the Bible...spewing their radical, absurd explanations of the Bible, to their loyal flock. God!! they's on their side!! Then all of a sudden...along comes God's official representative on this Earth...and the Bible Belt, has gone berserk!! Why do people believe the Pope, not them? he's got to be a Socialist? Sounds a little stupid, doesn't it?
“School broadens not only your intellectual dimension, but also the human one" Francis said that...will they listen?...nah!!!!  

The Pope's 10 tips for happiness