Aug 9, 2014

Washington to Bush II: 12,525 Executive Orders. Obama's 183? Abuse of Executive Powers!!

 By RF Schatten

Quick!!...Who was the 21st President of the United States? He's not among the most popular Chief Executives...but well remembered now, as the most famous director of the New York Port Authority...if you saw "Die Hard: With a Vengeance". President Chester A. Arthur had a relatively quiet administration...and only 96 executive orders, in 4 yrs. Grover Cleveland had only 113, but in his second go round as President, he issued 140, that's a total of 273. Harrison had just 143...then McKinley with 185...till Teddy arrived and issued 1,081 Orders. Barack Obama has issued less Executive Orders (183), in the amount of days he's been in office...than any other President in over 100 years. Chester Arthur, left office on March 4th,1885. Ironically enough, Arthur signed another controversial bill at that time...the Immigration Act of 1882.

The modern 20th-21th Century records of Executive Orders: Herbert Hoover 968, FDR 3,522, Truman 907, Eisenhower 484, JFK 214, Johnson 325, Nixon 346, Ford 169 (in less than 3yrs), Carter 320, Reagan 381, Bush I 166 (in 4 yrs), Clinton 364, Bush II 291. We've had 40 out of 41 Presidents (William Henry Harrison died in 32 days) issue 12,525 Executive Orders, before Obama...and his 183 exe. orders, suddenly is an abuse of Presidential Power? Who the hell, is kidding who?

If you have absolutely no plan or policy to offer the American people...create a diversion, and have a Law Suit, keep the public unaware of their total lack of leadership, while selling all the anti-Obama horseshit sound bytes. Hopefully, keep all the theatrics of their News Headlines throughout all the media, Election season continues. And after they're thoroughly embarrassed in Court?...start the Impeachment create the next great diversion, for 2016. Still, with no constructive plans or policies...since 2008!! 

Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote: "The Court has repeatedly affirmed the long-standing principle that the Executive Branch has virtually unfettered discretion in deciding how and whether to enforce the law against individuals." What does the GOP really want, out of all of this? Remove the Power of the Executive Office, while the Black guy's there...or, maybe even if it's a woman?...and return the power, when the GOP gets elected. And if anyone says, that's not's all really about abuse of power...keep thinking like that. The GOP needs all your support, so they won't go down in the SS Lipton...alone!!

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