Aug 14, 2014

How to Justify Violence?...just ask FoxNews

By RF Schatten

If you want to exploit violence...the indecency of FoxNews, is the perfect place to do it!! Justify the violence by the Ferguson Missouri Police putting out a report that "One" member of the Black Panthers was in town...obviously, to stir problems and get into their fans' feelings and views...or more like, whatever view they intent to exploit. We all know, how 'Fair and Balanced'...FoxNews and News Corp. are!!

Do you want tension and restlessness, to get worse? in a town where an innocent victim, was shot? and where civil unrest...just brings more tear gas, and shootings? Well!! Fox!! is the place to be, my friends!! Fox News’ Martha MacCallum went on to push Black Panther fears, by claiming that the Panthers are pushing racial violence in Ferguson...all, because an FBI report, that ONE member is in Ferguson. Martha MacCallum, is a grown woman...she knew the ramifications, for what she doesn't take too many sound bytes, to pour gasoline over the fire!! Whether she morally felt, it should have been reported, or she did what's best for shows the insensitivity in the mindset of most on the Right, along with their thriving fascination with gun violence. To them, Guns solve everything.

It's funny that FoxNews is trying to justify the "Militarization" of the Police...when even Rand Paul, is calling for the "de-militarization" of the Police. You gonna have people, complaining that some were saying; "Death to the Police"...well? how do you think they feel? In my days they were called "Pigs", when they acted in that same manner!! Police Intolerance, is never justified!!

Let's thank the media...and specially the Social Media... for keeping people aware of the true details. We're evolving throughout the largest changes in our Cultures, and in our Society in general, in the history of this Country. The truth is hard to hide, anymore...and Social Media is what keeps it honest. "Because of social media, the police don't have control of this story" , said George Karpf, George Washington University professor. "It's opened everything up, changed how the media decides what's worthy of coverage...and who to trust". It feels nice, that the cops don't have control of the story...or how they can't BS their way out.

USAToday's Lyndsay Deutsch and Jolie Lee, wrote: "Residents of Ferguson, Mo., didn't wait for press conferences, petitions or legal action to bring national attention to their streets after a police officer fatally shot an unarmed black teen. They snapped a photo, they used a hashtag. And, in the span of five days, their growing, stinging social media cloud of real-time updates shaped a raw public discourse about the victim, Michael Brown, race relations and police force in the USA". 142,000 Tweets Tuesday, 655,000 Wednesday...and growing. Stop the power of We the People? Republicans 'do' hate the Internet!

Fox News Tries To Justify Militarization and Violence of Ferguson Police