Aug 13, 2014

The Tongue...Simmons lives for controversy, whether it's his profession or his private life

By RF Schatten

Expected anything different from “The Tongue”? He’s an example of a man, who’s talent as an entertainer and cultural icon, stops with his mouth…both onstage or offstage. His success after KISS, has been limited to a non-existent movie career, a few guest shots on TV, and reality shows. Now, with a not too well received, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction…Simmons, Stanley, Frehley, and Criss…have decided to take on, ‘one’ more Tour, and a reality series!! Simmons, without KISS…is nothing!!
So, what’s a better way for Simmons to get his career moving, back into the spotlight? He’s the GOP’s New York version of Ted Nugent…so he’s got to get his sound bytes in!!…the world needs to remember KISS is still alive!!
Gene Simmons, born Chaim Witz, immigrated with his mom, from Israel…he’s a Conservative Republican, and a pro Israel Hawk. Whether you agree with him, or not…that’s his right. But, all this babble about Immigrants and the English language, is just plain horseshit. As an 8yr old, growing up in Jackson Heights, Queens…with parents going to night school, themselves…you learn quickly in school, and in the streets. If you want to learn proper English in school…without the “Goddamn”…you will!! How many families; Italians, Spanish, German, Hindu, Jewish? how many have someone in their family, who just refuses to speak English? That’s life, Gene!! You can speak English, you can be bilingual, or even multilingual…or you don’t have to speak it, at all…that’s your God given American Right. Most, if they become citizens; they learn…and afterwords, they’ll stop speaking English!! It’s been like that, since the 1st non-English speaking immigrants, arrived on our shores.
All this “Learn Goddamn English” is pure Political Theatrics…to appeal, to whatever base he has politically…and eventually win them over commercially to KISS. To succeed you've got to know English? I believe Immigrants understand the values of learning the language of the Country they live in. He may be politically controversial, but this Immigration shtick of his, is just plain stupid…or it may show his true personal character…who, as a Jew, should know something more about his own history, when it comes to Persecution and Immigration.
But, we’re speaking about Gene Simmons, who will remain as controversial as ever…and strange as ever. I hope that KISS uses their face paint, when they Tour…have you seen, how they all look, lately?
KISS Frontman Gene Simmons: If Immigrants Want Success In The U.S., 'Learn Goddamn English'