Aug 19, 2014

Blame all your failures on someone else...that's, the cheap Republican way.

By RF Schatten

"Oh!! I can't do my job...because Obama is not being up to his job", "every single Republican failure, is Obama's Fault"...words of a Big Time Political Loser!! A coward, who'll sleep with long as he can keep his Speaker's job. When you try to burn your candle on both're bound to end up getting burned...and if you have no scruples? you just don't give a shit!! You're just a Political whore...and you love it!!

It's nice to see the GOP is such a good humanitarian they care for the Poor, the Sick, the Elderly!...all that humility that just gushes out of them! How they care about equality, and educating our children for the challenges of the future, in a world where we could live pollution free, no Acid Rain or smog...with clean rivers and streams! Wait! Wait a minute!...that's not the GOP?...Sorry!! They're nice guys, who haven't passed a single piece of Legislation since they woke up, November 5th, 2008. Where's the Jobs Bill? Wage Increase? what have they done for the Vets...without public pressure? the unemployed middle class?...where's those extensions?
John Boehner is Speaker of the's his 'job', to lead 435 Members, not just his Party's...but,
all 435. It's his job to pass Bipartisan Legislation, so it can proceed to the next step...and eventually, pass and become Law. Legislate...that's what the taxpayers elected him, for...and are paying
him to do.

Don't blame Congress? Yea!! it's their fault!...the least productive Congress in modern US History. Congratulations, John!! You may have a boss...and you may think he's not doing his job...but, he's still your boss!! And here's the punchline, pal: If you don't do your job...he will do it for ya, with Executive Orders. Anywhere else, you would've been fired for public disrespect of your superior...and most of all?...for not doing 'your' job, and creating your Party's
failures, as well, as all of your own. 

John Boehner Blames All Of His Failures On Obama Not Being Up To The Job Of President