Aug 29, 2014

Chow time for Texas' National Guard...courtesy of the local Food Bank

By RF Schatten

Maybe the Texas Guard can cross the Border...and have the Kids feed 'them'.

First, everyone said it was a bad move...the monthly cost alone, runs in the millions, and worst of all...he did it all just for Political Grandstanding, showing those dastardly Kiddy Brigades at the border, who's the boss. He wants those sound his potential opponents, how tough he is. Then, there's that Indictment and all the legal headaches and distractions...and he's still contemplating running for President?...again?

How embarrassing it must be, for National Guard Troops in Texas. Visiting Food Banks because they can't afford to eat, while standing with an empty gas can...jugging away, and asking people for a handout. I can see those cardboard signs; "Need Gas to get home...please! any donation appreciated, God Bless! :-) " You see a picture of GIs moving boxes into a truck...who are they bringing that food to? and who are they helping? Then they say; "Hey! that's for us, man...we're starving!" That's not right! that's an awful embarrassment, and a black mark for the state, and for Perry. A Texas State Representative, René Oliveira, said; "These brave men and women have apparently been sent on a mission without accommodating for their most basic needs"...he continued "We need to find immediate solutions for these hungry soldiers."

Well, another management failure for Rick Perry. If there's one thing he's good at, is his "Texas Success". And for those Trolls who'll defend him, to their death...check the article in my Blog, "The Peruser"...of Sept 11, 2011: "The Great Texas Success...not told by Rick Perry" Read it, then defend him with a straight face. About the only thing Rick is really good at, is executing people...he's #1 Nice thing to be proud of! So, how are you going to fix this fine mess, Rick? Another fine embarrassment on your Resumé...oops!!

Texas National Guard Troops At Border Can't Afford Food