Aug 16, 2014

"Disinformation"...that's the Republican way...or, better said, the Goebbels way!!

By RF Schatten 
The Republican Party publicly.condemns Gay Marriage, and has a deep hatred towards Homosexuality. They're against Women Rights, are against the Elderly, and don't care for Hispanics or any other Ethnic minority. The Blacks? In the eyes of the GOP, they're Ann Coulter likes to call the President..."The Monkey". They have no dignity or respect for the Poor or the Middle Class...they are against all Social Entitlements: Social Security for the elderly, Medicaid for the poor, Medicare for the elderly and the disabled...Obamacare...guaranteed health care for everyone, regardless who you are, and Food Stamps..."let them eat cake!!" They don't believe in unemployment compensation...if you lose your job? Tough shit!! If you're a Vet? Tough shit too. They're Anti-Children...some in the GOP talk about repealing Child Labor Laws. Take a look at the Children living in poverty today, going hungry, and how many in all those 'Red' States...don't get healthcare? And they're also Anti-Education...more like, 'Anti-Public' Education...they believe 'Private' education is the only way to go, and, if you have the $$$...if you don't? Oh, well...tough shit, again!!

We've seen what they're doing: Anti-Environment...they want to eliminate the EPA!!...just too many pollution fines to Koch Industries. Remaining ignorant or maybe, not too ignorant...on Climate Change. We see were they want to spend our Tax Dollars on...their Tax Dollars? Eliminate it!!...they 'are' the Job Creators, they say. They push for Corporations to save more Tax Dollars, that they already don't not only Outsourcing the work to other countries, but...allowing Corporations to make a profit from the income invested in Foreign Banks' Tax Shelters throughout the world. It's all about the money, not; We, the People.
Lets not forget, the immense Voter Suppression effort, throughout America...and the Racism, Hatred, Fear, and Violence...the remarks by Republicans, Christian Conservatives, and Tea Party loyalists. The filth and obscenities that come out of these, so called 'Christian' people...and their misrepresented moral values.

We see all this crap!! and you wonder why Fox News isn't enough? You know, what kind of trouble Conservative America must be in...when you have to make up stories, pay people to fake it, and say how bad their Obamacare Coverage is, and then have their Propaganda Puppets; Limbaugh and their shtick, with their constant overflow of horseshit. And how they become paranoid, because Christianity is not the only Religious choice, today. Now, they have created over 20 Fake News their only way of winning, by lying? Disinformation?...the Republican Way!!