Aug 3, 2014

Justifying Genocide, and the indecent immorality of the thought

 By RF Schatten

 The "Times of Israel" contributor, Yochanan Gordon...suggests that Genocide is permissible, if it's a means of achieving their goal...the eradication of the Gaza Strip.
Question: If Genocide is morally permissible within their own mindset and in front of their eyes, as a
means of achieving 'their' ultimate solution...would you have considered Germany's 'ultimate solution', within 'their' own mindset, morally permissible?
Both set the same goal...the annihilation of the other!! Whether it's Showers, Gas Warfare, or via artillery obliteration...murder is murder!!...women, children, the elderly, are all innocent civilians caught in a continous quagmire...with no hope in sight. And there's no good guys on either side, remember...talks of complete annihilation, don't just come from one side of the table!!

We have a never ending War, that 100 years from now...we'll all be dead...but, nothing will change, just 100 more years of aggravating each other. These two sides ultimately proves, that War doesn't solve diddly squat. HG Wells said; "If we don't end War, War will end us". No side is ever going to stop, at least, while they both receive military, it leaves only two plausible alternatives: Once and for all, stand aside and let them totally destroy each other to death...and, everyone else caught in the line of fire. Or work via diplomacy, in finding answers to both sides, that will bring a much needed peace to the region.

What other alternative do we really have? Kill each other or make Peace...that's it!! Common Sense tells you, there's no winners while people die. But, those intellectually incapacitated...true to their nature...thinks the Bibi approach is a winner, their Conservative Anti-Muslim sentiment, just bursting out. There's absolutely nothing moral, about what either side is doing, and hypocritically defending their immoral over the other...will only show, your true colors.

Times of Israel Op-Ed Advocates Palestine Genocide FULL TEXT | Mediaite