Aug 6, 2014

A Republican's thought on a GOP-Tea Party brake-up: "Don't let the door hit ya in the ass"!!

 By RF Schatten

"Happy Days are here again!!" No!!'s not the Democratic Party's Chorus rehearsal...but, you could certainly hear the Republicans humming it!!
Only, if Steve Baldwin's idea could muster enough support, and a grass roots movement could begin?...start, by removing the Tea Party's grass roots out of Dumbo's butt, and open their own Club House. They need to get their own political certification, as a Political Party...and stop being a Far Right Conservative, dressed in RINO clothing. Aside from both, being Conservatives...there's nothing "Republican" about the Tea Party.

I've been a Liberal and a Democrat, all my life...but, I've always had Republican friends, and respected their views. There's good and bad in everyone, no matter who believes in what....but, their was civility and decorum, then. No matter how heated the arguments, if it was good for the country, a bipartisan spirit between the Majority and their Loyal Opposition, would matter what Party held Congress or the White House. Everyone came together, for the good of the Nation. You fight a good fight, but save your integrity for the next good battle...meanwhile, respect the wishes of what the majority of the country wants!!

It'll be a good thing for everyone. their agenda is certainly not the GOP's, and it never has been...just ask all those Republican ex-politicos, out there. Chaos reigns supreme in the GOP, today. For the Tea Party? they'll have a Charter of their very own, and call themselves a Political Party. There's been others a recent History...the American Independent Party with Wallace, the Independent run and Reform Party of Ross Perot. Compared to those movements, the Tea Party is way ahead and very well organized.

Naturally, if you're going to seriously organize a really strong 3rd Party movement, this serious crowd is going to need the most serious, and strongest leader to carry them, back to the future...and who is the strongest, most serious, and intellectually bizarre, among them? who else, is better to lead this cast of characters?...they can have their National Convention in Sarah's backyard, and throw insults at Russia!! 

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