Aug 11, 2014

Christian Broadcasters?...not, what Jesus Christ meant!

By RF Schatten

This ‘good’ Christian would love for America to become infested by a deadly disease…another bright shinning example, why American Christian Fundamentalism is rejected, and viewed as an aberration…by all sects of Christianity throughout the world. “Ebola could cleanse America of Atheists, Gays, and Sluts”…says, this insult of a Talk Radio host. What this moron won’t say is…the Ebola Virus is not selective, like Christian Fundamentalists are…and it can strike anyone, including human waste like Rick Wiles.

Does he care? does Rush care? do any of them care? They all are the same…they don’t give a rats ass who gets hurt, as long as they can push their filthy agenda of Racism and Bigotry. They picked that up, way back in 2008, a couple of hours after Obama got elected…when McConnell and Friends had their, now infamous “secret meeting”…”our only agenda is to make him, a one term president” at any cost, whether the Nation goes down with him or not. If it’s not the Blacks, it’s the Gays, or the Women, or the Latino and all other ethnic groups…or the elderly…and screw the young!! you certainly don’t want them, too educated!!

But most of all, Religions…if you’re not “one of them”? You don’t exist!! For fanatics of these modern day charlatans, and demagogues…ignorance is just not bliss, but it’s paramount. The disgusting filth, spoken by these so called righteous men…and women like Ann Coulter, who thinks; “it’s ‘idiotic’ that the American Ebola victim went to Africa to cure sick people in Africa”…because, “Africa is a Cesspool”. Dr. Brantly went to Africa…exactly, to do God’s work…something Conservative Christians, could never and will never understand: Help those less fortunate, no matter who they are.

Ebola could cleanse the United States of Atheist, Gays, and sluts? where do the sluts fit in?…if you mean doing anything for $$$?…then, all of the Koch Brothers’ political beneficiaries, would be cleansed. All the scare and political horseshit, brought on by these characters…disguised as “concern of the American people”…is a way to instill their Bigotry and Racism, into the American Scene as their form of anger…and carry it a step further, at times. The world may be frantically looking for a cure…but, there’s another deadly disease, out there. It’s called “Religious/Social Ignorance & Chronic Cognitive Dissonance”…there’s no cure for this, folks!!