Aug 30, 2014

Why Texas Education continues to have to think, idiot!

By RF Schatten

I presume that Judge John Dietz, is a 'Critical Thinker'. They say, it's a devastating loss for Greg Abbott and his agenda on the systematic dismantling of the Public School System in Texas. In the ruling, the Judge explains; "The evidence clearly establishes that local districts do not have meaningful discretion in the levy, assessment and disbursement of property taxes; therefore the Texas school financing system imposes an unconstitutional state property tax.”...translation...the Texas State's School Financing System, is Unconstitutional!

Greg Abbott wants to continue all the excellent failures that Texas has become in Education...50th in the Nation in High School Graduations for 10 straight years...between 2001-2010. His experiment with a Charter State School System, was knocked down by someone, who's allowed to think. Greg Abbott wants to outlaw "Critical Thinking" and Analysis in the entire Texas School System, or as it's called Texas Education Agency, that's TEA for short...and along with his Tea drinking buddies, have made it part of almost all the State's local school boards agenda. The Master Plan of the Tea Party in the Lone Star State: Get rid of Critical Thinking, then get rid of Public Education. The least education our future generations have, the better! why? because that's what they're told...remember, most of these people have less education than their kids. In their minds, their kids can be as stupid as 'they' are. If it's fine for them...why should their kids be smarter?

This is what Abbott's moral character is all keep the masses as ignorant as possible, while preaching hatred and fear of Gays, Blacks, Hispanics, and all Ethnic and religious groups...including all non-conservative Christians. His own master plan also includes the legal control of Women Rights in Texas. A hypocrite, whose wife is Hispanic. But, he has the solid backing of the Tea Party...and their 'Brawny' benefactors...the stupids and their minions, with Master Puppeteers, pulling all their strings from the shadows. I wonder how much string he has left?...with Wendy Davis outraising him in donations...and running up his butt, and around the corner wherever he turns? Can't wait for the Debate!!

Court Humiliates Greg Abbott (Again) And Crushes his Unconstitutional Attack on Public Education