Jan 25, 2017

Hear Them Roar!...Women's March trumps Inauguration

By RF Schatten

"Women, if the Soul of the Nation is to be saved, 'you' must become its Soul" ~~~ Coretta Scott King

Ever since God created Woman, Man has had the notion that the Male of the species…because of their natural physical strength…is a far superior being than the Female. Ever since the days of the Caveman with his handy club…Man, in all of his Machismo…has tried to maintain dominance over women. Throughout the ages, Male Chauvinism has ruled every aspect of Society in this World.

But as we continuously evolve as a Society, while some Men still have their heads stuck up those "Caves", or more likely in the Gutter…it's been the Woman in the forefront of Progress the last 218 years or so. Women, who have championed the righteous fights for Civil Liberties, Social Change, and Social Justice.

The Women's March on Versailles…October 5th, 1789…was the defining moment of the French Revolution, when 7,000+ "Angry Women" packed with Pitchforks and Muskets, marched to the Palace of Versailles and said to Louis & Marie; Guess who's going to eat Cake, now?...Monsieur Guillotine will even "Slice" it for ya!

In 1903, Mary Harris (Mother) Jones made America aware of the plight of Children, working under Draconian conditions…by taking kids out from their factories and having them parade in mass demonstrations. The Demonstrations eventually lead to America's Child Labor Laws!

The late 19th and early 20th Century saw political actions by the Suffragist Movement. Frustrated with the Abolitionists, they began mass demonstrations in 1911, demanding Women's Right to Vote. In 1916 and 1917, Suffragists picketed the White House and 218 women were arrested and brutally beaten by Jailhouse Guards. Results of those actions after the public outrage? The 19th Amendment was created…guaranteeing Women, the Right to Vote! 

In 1914 and 1915, Lucy Parsons led mass Demonstrations in San Francisco and Chicago over the concerns of the Unemployed and the Homeless. In 1917, 15,000 marched in New York City. The issue of the Protests? Racial Discrimination and Lynching.

And in the 1960s, the "Independence" of the American Woman roared into the public's eye. Thanks to women activists like Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem. And ladies in Washington who made their voices heard, like Bella Abzug, Margaret Chase Smith, and Shirley Chisholm…whether they're  liked or not…these women were largely responsible for the changes in the general perception and attitude about the "Weaker Sex"!
The American Woman is not June Cleaver, anymore! She's now bright, intelligent, and well versed in the use of Education and Communication. A person who is totally qualified in every way, shape, and form possible to run a Corporation. Many are there, now! but the Male Chauvinist Status Quo will continue…like always…to impede the progress women make!! 

Now, we have another Historic March…probably, the most Dramatically Historic March in American History…if not, the most historic in World History!
It was a show to end all shows…even Donald Trump's attempt to upstage the March failed miserably with his "Breaking News" appearance in Langley, Virginia. After his schpiel at the CIA…he was cut off, right back to the broadcast of the March.
His 1st 2 Days as President hasn't gone too well. 2 straight days of mediocre ratings…but, worst of all?…being upstaged by Women!!

Women!...lots and lots of angry "Nasty" women, protesting their Equal Rights, their Human Rights, Reproductive Rights, their Rights to proper Health Care, and their Rights to protection from Pu**y Grabbing Misogynist Bullies, Sexual Predators, and Rapists.
But the day wasn't just about women issues; Immigration Reform, Racial Discrimination, Voter Rights, Civil Rights, Obamacare, Education, the Environment, whatever else…

No one has ever said Women cannot inspire!…the respect for their causes has brought out the Men, the Gay community, Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, the Young, and the Elderly…and because of their continuously determined fight for Social Justice?…they were joined by the Rest of the World!

Almost 500,000 in Washington DC…determined by Crowd Scientists, Marcel Altenburg and Keith Still…as 3x the size of the Inauguration. Of course, with the Word "Science" attached…Trump and Republican Circles will dismiss it as Lies and Fake News…like the proof of the pudding Photographs of the Crowds with Obama and with Trump, side by side, and the Film showing the empty stands during the parade…with more cops lined up on one side of the barriers, than people sitting in the stands. Next horseshit Tale?? They were Photoshopped!…just tell them the "Alternative Truth"!…their minions will believe that, too!

There was at least one March in every of the 50 States. Cities and Towns throughout the Country, of every size…from 30, 50, 100 people to thousands… 400,000+ in New York City, 750,000 in Los Angeles, 250,000 in San Francisco, 100,000 next door in Oakland, and 20,000 in Sacramento,  and 50,000 in San Diego.
In the Heart of Dixie, Birmingham Alabama 10,000! Then you got 250,000 in Chicago, 100,000 in Portland, and so forth…an entire Country voicing their displeasure for a man, who most consider an illegitimate President.  
The Facts: Let's just say that over 2 Million people Marched throughout the United States…while the Trump Inauguration couldn't even give away tickets…for free!! and couldn't even fill an NFL standardized size Stadium. 

Millions!! Amazingly the March continued throughout the World…whether from concerns about a Trump Administration, concerned about the issues, or in support of their sisters and brothers in America…their voices also roared! 100,000 in London, with Marches in Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Athens, Tokyo…and in countries as far as Australia and New Zealand, Thailand, Japan, India, South Korea, Switzerland, Sweden, Scotland, and much more!
It must be hard for someone to know, millions and millions of people throughout the world and millions in his own country believe he's a totally unqualified piece of excrement who only cares about #1  Anyone else, would be embarrassed and ashamed of himself for all his actions…President Trumpster, being the indecent human being that he is…could care less what anyone's causes or problems are.

For the next 4 years, the problems within America and our problems outside our shores will be under the guidance of this Country's "Second Banana". While Trump tries to act important…the real importance in his life is to rip off this country for as much as he can get. A man who believes…yes! Believes!…that "To the Victors, goes the Spoils". Donald Trump essentially said; he finds no problem with "Stealing" another Country's Oil! That's an International War Crime! But, for a man with no Morals and even lesser Values? It's all about $$$$ and how much he can make around the world before he gets booted out or ends up in Jail!!

What the general consensus rapidly considers as the Largest & Greatest Protest March in History, it shows what the Power of Women can achieve…combined with Activists with the same Ideals, and people in general who truly and passionately cares. Trump may not care about those women, or their cause…but to mainstream Republicans? It's destroying their ulcers!
Women, Men, Children, the Old, the Young, the Blacks, and the Whites…a truly united Global Gathering…because, our problems are their problems, their plight for Social Justice is our plight for Social Justice! It was a total Global effort beyond any description, whatsoever.

When you have Millions of Women, joined by millions more who supports them and want to vent 'their' own anger! When you see the masses of People…millions in the United States, and millions more throughout the entire World…even in Antarctica!!
When you see a World Protest of this magnitude aimed at Donald Trump, his personal Character flaws, his lack of political understanding, his Policies, and the GOP?
When you see all of that…you'll understand the seriousness of the issue at hand, the political dangers of the situation, and the dire consequences.
A problem that will need immediate attention. But in the world of "Alternative Facts"? Does the Trumpster understand?...or even care?

The Success of the 2017 Women's March on Washington, showed something that President P**sy Grabber will never ever understand!…but, it sure frightens the living hell out of Republicans!

Jan 19, 2017

Inaugural 2017: 19th c. Nihilism & America's Institutional Dysfunction

 By RF Schatten

"A Man without Ethics is a Wild Beast loosed upon this World" ~~~ Albert Camus

Our Peaceful Transfer of Power doesn't appear to be too "Peaceful" this year! But, it's hard to claim otherwise when our Democratic Process comes under attack, and the "Real" Power is being transferred to a Foreign Entity…with its proxy Puppet doing their bidding.
As Camus once said; "Puppets and Chatterboxes pretend to speak in the name of the people". There's no secret that Donald Trump pretends to speak in the name of We, the People…while truly addressing We, the Billionaires and We, the Russian Oligarchs.

The 1st major rip in our Nation's Sovereignty…we got rid of King George! only to gain 240 some years later, an Egocentric, Bare-chested Narcissist, and a very well known Cold Blooded Psychopath, to influence and divide a Nation currently undergoing a severe case of Institutional Amnesia!!

In a Political Party, whose Morals have reached the lowest levels of Political Gutter in US History, why would the GOP want to change now and become Decent and Ethical? Especially when their Standard Bearer is an Indecent, Immoral, and Unethical human being without a moral conscience or any sign of remorse? A man with a total disregard to the Rules of Law…and a spoiled rich little 70 years old kid, whose Mom and Dad failed miserably teaching him the meaning of "Honor"?!?!

A Trump Presidency will be as Legitimate as Trump University. The Politics of Nihilism has dominated the GOP in recent years…and now, in a Presidential Cabinet entirely made up of Moral Nihilists? Ethics and Ethical Standards are dirty words in today's Republican Party.
Republican Ethics? The very 1st order of business for the new Congress? The House GOP cowardly voted 'un-ethically' in secret…in the middle of the night!...and without advance notice or the Democrats' knowledge to cut the funds, gutted down, and close the independent and non-partisan "Office of Congressional Ethics"!
Those very same cowards showed what they're really made out of when they backed down from that political skullduggery the very next morning…right after the rest of the country woke up and echoed from coast to coast; WTF?!?!

This Inauguration Day is not like any other ever seen in this Country…a man who collaborated with a Foreign Government and opposes our Intelligence Community while being a major apologist for the Intelligence Community of another Nation! That's a Treasonous Act! any which way you cut it!! 
On Feb. 20, 2017, America will have a Traitor sworn-in as President of the United States!…starting his first day in office with the highest disapproval ratings for an incoming President in American History.
When the heads of the CIA, FBI, and NSA, go to Trump Towers and hands our Illegitimate President-elect all the proof in writing that Russia, under direct orders from Putin…has been cultivating and compromising the Trumpster for over 5 years. And with the knowledge that the Trump Campaign…with the assistance of Paul Manafort and others…have been in contact, working hand in hand with Russian Intelligence in a series of Hacks, Leaks, and Misinformation in order to subvert our Democratic Process and divide a Nation.  When you receive that information and defend the Russians?? Yes!!! you're a Traitor and a shameful Illegitimate Leader!!!   
The latest in Reality Shows: "The Spectacle of the Trump Inauguration"…"Legitimate or Illegitimate"…either way, it's going to be one big spectacle!!
Let's just say, it's not going to be your normal run-of-the-mill Quadrennial Swearing-in Party. That sort of peaceful day, where feelings of optimism are usually in the air…even if the People's Choice, is not everyone's choice…that sense of civility and decorum is usually reserved for at least the first 100 days! America almost always will show their good side, and give incoming Presidents that one chance to prove themselves worthy…afterward?? Good Luck, Mr. President, you're on your own!!!

An Inaugural Theme?...WTF does a Traditional Government Ceremony has to do with Themes??...it's not a Halftime Show in the Super Bowl!! The Theme? "Soft Sensuality"…yes, folks!! one way or another!…no matter how "Formal and Reserved" the event might be, Donald Trump's sick sexist mind, always reverts back to his world of "Tits & Ass".  

Let's begin with The Donald offering free tickets to the Inauguration Ceremony on Facebook…desperately begging people, literally anybody! When Donald Trump gives anything away, he's got trouble. When he can't even buy someone to sit and clap, and no one would even take his free offer? He's in big trouble. Not good when entering his first hours as Commander-in-Chief with the worst poll ratings in history, and a hostile population who doesn't believe in his Legitimacy?
Now, you have the Trump Supporters; White Supremacists…Republicans who kiss his derriere, American Neo-Nazis, and Klan Members…all coming for the coronation of Heir Fuhrer! You also have Bikers coming and vowing to form a "Wall of Meat" to stop Trump Protestors. Somehow,  a "Wall of Meat" sounds more like a title of an XXX Porno Flick…but, it's the age of Trumpism where Lewdness and Indecency are considered a fashionable asset.

On the opposite side of the coin, you have a load of Elected Officials, VIPs, and Entertainers who are publicly Boycotting the Inaugural. There's going to be more than the usual amount of Protestors…from every Ethnic, Religious, or Social Group, naturally…and lots and lots of Women!!!
Though they're in DC for the Million Women March on the following day, you just know they're going to be a good amount of them, loudly voicing their impassioned opposition to President P***y Grabber!!

As dignified as Feb. 20th is every four years…we're in the Trump era…dignified events are a challenge for the vulgar and the inelegant!!
Even the actual Swearing-in act, is going to be a poignant moment…which is another chapter within itself in the continuing story of Donald Trump's public image as an Asshole Extraordinaire!
Donald J Trump will be sworn President by the man he insulted years earlier for Voting "Yes" on the ACA's ruling. The man who's Intelligence was questioned by the Trumpster. "Dummy"!! Followed by "Disloyal", "Stupid", and "Irrational"….more than a couple of dozen times on Twitter! (naturally!).

Chief Justice John Roberts, the "Dummy", will swear-in the "Real Dummy", Donald J Trump as President of the United States…as the Puppet Master smiles, pulls the strings, and Donald waves to the Crowd!!


Jan 7, 2017

Trust & Respect? Crazy Ivan & the Great Pretender

By RF Schatten

"Self-control is one mark of a Mature Person; it applies to Control of Language, Physical Treatment of Others, and the Appetites of the Body" ~~~ Joseph B. Wirthlin

The Self-control of a Mature Person? Nope!...not, the man America elected!! Control of Language? Let's just say that Respectful Statesmanship and Decorum is a non-existent Policy in today's GOP, which is lead by indecent degenerates who believe Insulting its own Population or another Country is politically correct.
Physical Treatment of others? Trump to his Supporters at a Campaign Rally; "Knock the crap out of the Protesters and I'll pay the Legal Fees"! Appetites of the Body? Yes! Donald Trump is definitely your man!…hands down!

For those who opposed a man for 8 years, basically cause he wasn't White enough…using every transparent phony excuse in the world for the hatred of a man and his race, and the ignorance of self-denial by dismissing all the many accomplishments made, even while being blocked by a not too Loyal Opposition for 8 years straight. In denial? Their natural roots of regression, that deeply flawed character inside their souls, has been laying dormant for years…till a Black Man took the White House. That old 'cracker' inside every discriminating racist just had to come out of their discriminating closet!!

Those who are either too childish or ignorant enough to truly believe Obama is a secret Muslim terrorist subverting our Democracy, used their infamous "astute" mind and elected a 70 year old child as the White House's new tenant!...a man who's already committing acts of treason by openly subverting and sabotaging his own US Government! with the direct assistance of a Foreign Entity!...and now, the Trumpster wants to cut down the size and reduce the duties of the CIA?? Reeeaaalllyyy??
Why, of course!! Less to track the Russkies, with!...you're very welcome, Vladimir!

What is Crazy Ivan's ultimate subversion plot of a Legally Constituted Government?...ever since the Soviet/American Cold War days? Undermine our political process, destabilize our Nation's Sovereignty, while slowly dismantling…one piece at a time…our 241 years of American Democracy.
When all is said and done, America! you're going to miss the guy so many of you hated!…you're gonna hear the echoes of Barack Obama…in the words of Sophie Tucker; "Some of these Days, you're gonna miss me, honey"!!

Very interesting! A Narcissistic, Vain, and Thin-skinned Psychopath Con-artist…who seriously hates any Criticism whatsoever made about him, makes up "Enemies Lists", and fully retaliates with a very nasty vengeance, anyone that criticizes him. A man who wants to be President but never to be criticized?
Unless there's a shutdown of the Free Press, a crackdown on all Political Dissent, and Suppression of Writers, Artists and Poets…you cannot shut down the voice of the people. The 1st Amendment was created precisely for situations like this!…to protect us from unqualified scumbag "dickheads" who become President.

We, the People have the Constitutional Right to express our feelings…both, our anger and our joy. We have the right to criticize the Government as much as we want!…by getting elected President, Trump becomes the Government…and we will continue to resist by exercising our Rights, till the Will of the People takes precedent over the Will of a dozen Billionaires and Trump, himself.
Those Rights can't ever be taken away, especially by a Charlatan and Demagogue "Pretending" to be Commander In Chief, and leader of the free world!

Now, Republicans are urging the Democrats to please!! stop fighting, and come together with Trump!…for a "united" America! While Kellyanne Conway is running like a chicken with its head cut off…begging! Yes, begging! for the press, entertainers, and everyone in the Internet to stop making Trump Jokes, or making fun of him!...it's disrespectful and not funny anymore!
Well! sorry Kellyanne..but Trump still is very funny, it's sad but true…remember, Comedy is truth! That's why a vain Trump can't ever laugh or joke about himself.

Oh! Poor baby!! His feelings get hurt whenever someone says something he doesn't like? Well Mr. President-Elect…it doesn't matter what nasty things you say about other people…but, it bothers you when other people say nasty things about you?

We have a man who in a period of a year and a half, has insulted and/or condemned Hispanics, Muslims, Jews, Blacks, Veterans, and War Heroes. He has mocked and insulted the Handicapped, he's insulted Gold Medal Families, and has continued to be his Misogynistic self, sexually bullying Women as second hand objects!
He loves the under-educated and poorly educated…you know why, and he makes no bone about it. Taxes?…he never pays taxes, cause as he says; "I'm smart"!
He has absolutely No Credit at all with any Bank in the United States…he owes a personal debt of over $1.5 Billion to Germany and China. And Russia?…they won't tell you how much he's indebted to them for, probably too compromised!…and all that, it's not Conflict of Interest?
His oratory of division has nourished a resurgence of White Nationalism , and his inclusion of Fascism inside the White House and into our American dialogue, has done nothing but incite a Nation even more.
Finally, working with Putin into subverting our Election process and Democracy, itself…the notion of allowing a Foreign Power to literally become directly involved in the American Political Process…is simply deplorable. But what's worse, is the true act of a Traitor, an unpatriotic coward…being an apologist for Vlad Putin and Russia over his own Country, and a mouth-piece for Moscow!

After all the embarrassment this Country has had to endure in front of the rest of the world…during the Elections, and afterwards. Russian hacking scandals, Argentina, Buenos Aires Hotel Building Permits, the DC Hotel…the pressure on Foreign Diplomats into staying in his Hotels…Trump Foundation scandal, pay for play scandals that include the two Jr. Trumpsters…and The Donald hasn't even been sworn-in yet?!?!

Now, after all the hate and insults, Trump wants the Respect a President deserves! For 8 years, Barack Obama was ostracized by the Republican Party, for 8 years Obama was disrespected by an immoral and degenerate GOP in every way, shape, and form…Birther horseshit, memes with Monkeys, memes of African Natives with Bones through their noses…all depicting the Obamas in the most despicable and disgusting ways possible. The total lack of public respect by the conservative segments of our population…all continuously baited by GOP Politicos.
But now, they want all those people they previously degraded to Love and Respect Trump? WTF?!?!

They say it's to show the world the National Unity among our Citizens…but when did the GOP ever try to Unite with Obama? Now, see how it feels not to have this Country united behind its President. A little payback time? Don't like it?...put up with it!...there's no cryin' in Politics.
If Donald Trump wants the support and respect of a Nation that overwhelmingly voted for his opponent, he's going to have to "Earn" that Support and Respect!…the same Respect, Obama earned by the 'real' majority of this Nation who elected him "twice".
Now, the question is; Will Trump work to earn America's Respect?…or will he work to earn his Billionaire Associates' Respect, instead?

Intelligence Report On Election Hacking Says Russia Plans To Do More