Jun 28, 2014

Intellectual Dishonesty to the Intellectually Challenged

By RF Schatten

If John Boehner can file lawsuits against the President, for doing his job...can the American Public, take Boehner and Congress to court...for absolutely doing nothing, in 'their' job??

Let's speak about "Executive Orders". Does the President have the right? or doesn't have the right? I don't believe that John Boehner can be that stupid, but he repeatedly finds a way to prove me wrong. Intellectual Dishonesty to the Intellectually Challenged...because only those, will believe his intellectual horseshit. The rest of the world, just needs to use a little common sense, read some History, and look up all the facts and info they dare to read, in the Internet. It's a different world out there, today...and a very frustrating one, for Political Bullshit Artists!!

For the record, speaking of Executive Orders; The 1st Executive Order was made by George Washington...since then, every President, with the exception of William Henry Harrison, contributed to the records. As for Obama? he has 182 since taking office. George W. Bush had 173 in his 1st Term, alone, with a total of 291. The record holders: FDR with 3,522, followed by Wilson at 1,803, Coolidge 1,203, and Teddy 1,081. If Barack Obama's Executive Order ratio, remains the same at 33.58 orders/year...he would average less Executive Orders "per year", in total terms in office...than any other President since William McKinley.

Why did the Republicans and Boehner come up with such a ridiculous idea?? There's no reasoning for it...except as an elaborate political grandstanding stunt...in which case, they'll still come out of it looking like village idiots. But, I guess...when you're speaking to the Intellectually Challenged Base of the GOP...some things, just generally rub off on ya!    

Boehner's Frivilous Law Suit Is A Shiny Object For His Intellectually Challenged Base

Jun 25, 2014

Rebuilding America...not in the GOP's Plans

 By RF Schatten

Learn from your past, America!! It worked once before, and it will work again. It's the only natural way, for a Civilized Country to economically recover...everyone working together, and helping each
other. Our strength as a Nation, doesn't come from our Military prowess...but from "We, the People"

Twitter / SenSanders: The choice is clear. Let's ...

How to continually Kiss Ass, and accomplish absolutly nothing...the Political Life of John Boehner

 By RF Schatten

Allowing the Inmates to run the Asylum. Deregulating Wall Street??…because all those Bankers and Stock Brokers, are so honest and trustworthy…and only care about the welfare of our nation, and what’s good for the people…remember!! they’re the “Job Creators”!!
Well!! with that said…Shit does floats to the top…and with all the filth, that is constantly exchanged between Politicos and their Benefactors…they might as well, just do it openly!! Be honest!! The GOP represents the top 1% of this nation, and they will do anything, even if it means the destruction of our society, in this country…to protect the elite, and particularly the Koch Bros, who stand to gain the most…and who represents every Immoral, Indecent, and Religious Value, the GOP stands for today.

Deregulate!! so that all the people who have been ripped off, and scammed by Bankers and Stock Brokers…can now be ripped off and scammed…legally!! Allow the Banking Industry to charge whatever exorbitant rates they desire, and how they can spend your hard earned $$$…and if their investments hit rock bottom??…you lose it all!! If there’s no “Regulation”…Banks needn’t be Federally Insured!! As for Brokers?? Martha Stewart can now get all the inside trade tips she wants!! Leverage Buyout brokers will have a field day…not having to worry, how Kosher their operations are, or how far the regulators are!!…a “Gift” for Mitt and Bain Capital. And a redemption of sort, for Bernie Madoff!!…how many more people are going to get ripped off by Ponzi style scams??…knowing there’s no regulations, and they can legally pull it off?? the Madoff’s of this world, and everyone else in Wall Street are thanking their ‘partners’ in crime, in Washington, DC.

This is mid-term election season, all this is just Political Grandstanding…the bill will be die in Senate Committee, and all this time and taxpayers $$$, will be wasted again by this congress.
But in all their infinite wisdom…they managed to present a Bill, to the US Senate…where it will be scrutinized, ripped apart, and destroyed…by non other, than Bankers’ and Wall Street’s worst nightmare…Elizabeth Warren!! While simultaneously…because of the spotlight, caused by the introduction of the Bill…they’re unknowingly helping her built some good, strong, future bragging credentials!! No one said, they’re smart!!

House Passes Bill To Aid Koch Brothers, Deregulate Wall Street

Jun 23, 2014

Exploit War and Tension around the World, For Political gains at Home...the GOP way!!

 By RF Schatten

 "No Amount Of American Firepower Can Hold Iraq"...pretty powerful statement!! Is it coincidence, that just days ago, Condi Rice spoke in similar tones?? "Sometimes there are those who say that maybe, there are just those who don't have the DNA for Democracy...maybe, they're just 'not' ready for Democracy".

Maybe...just maybe...all this effort, is just not meant to be...it was never meant to be. Another fruitless exercise in Democracy by Force...didn't work in Vietnam, it didn't work in Iraq...two countries separated by Race, Ethnicity, Religions, Cultures, and Traditions, but one thing has held a common bond: The Inability of the people, to make their own self-determination.

Now, there's those who don't agree with Obama and Rice...who believe America should send in, our finest...to help those, who don't want us there. The only people asking for our help, are those we put in power!!...not the population!! Or is it all, for their own self-interest??...for Halliburton, and all the other American "Contractors"...it's that damn oil, and look who's leading the charge?? The Cowboy from Wyoming, and his loyal band of minions. To all the Warmongers: don't care for what Obama said?...then pay close attention to what one of your Top Party Stars, had to say. If she's as smart, as
the GOP has let all to believe, then you would agree with her, but then again?...

 Obama Hits Back Against GOP Warmongers: No Amount Of US Firepower Can Hold Iraq Together

Jun 22, 2014

How to deal with Failure...GOP style?? Blame it on the other guy!!

By RF Schatten

Before the GOP Congressional leaders have an orgasmic implosion of "We told you so"!! May I remind our esteem colleagues on the Right...it wasn't Barack Obama, who pulled the troops out of Iraq...George W. Bush, signed a "Status of Forces Agreement" that set deadlines for the end of U.S.
combat operations as of June 30, 2009...and, for all U.S. Forces to be pulled out of Iraq by December 30, 2011. Nowhere, does Barack Obama's signature appear in the agreement...but, who's ever gonna blame "Mr. Mission Accomplished"?!?!

Now, you have a dysfunctional Republican leadership...led by a man, John McCain, whose entire
Political career and persona is a based on a failed, very mediocre military career, that started back at the Naval Academy...and whose only heroism, was refusing to leave his men, as a POW. It's Election
Year...no one wants war...except the ignorantly stupid. McCain wants one last hurrah, in the military theater...he 'will' fail, but at least he won't get shot down...or captured.

Article: President Obama Dodges GOP Trap on Iraq | OpEdNews

Jun 21, 2014

"Superheroes": This year's GOP verson of Big Bird

 By RF Schatten

It's the summer of an election cycle, so what's more appropriate for Fox and the Republican Machine, to bring into the Political Arena??...Superheroes!!
As if the GOP didn't have any issues to wage a gripe about...go after that a portion of Americana...for which no one, has ever really cared, whatsoever!!...whether Batman, or Ironman, or Superman...or any other Superhero...is Conservative, leans Conservative, Libertarian, or Liberal!!...who the hell cares?!?!?

It's just another part of the GOP's war against American Society and today's values...because?? They don't know!!...It's that perpetual, cognitive resonance they all constantly live with!! They have waged a war on Women, Gays, Blacks, Hispanics, the Elderly, the Young, and the Poor...they are waging a war on Education, Environmental Regulations, and specially Social Entitlements...including Medicare and Medicaid, Social Security Benefits, and Welfare Assistance/Food Stamps. This, does
not include their continuous Religious war, against absolutely everyone not like them, or not thinking like them...and their Religious Sectarianism...in their determination of making America a "Christian"
Nation. Then they say; "We need to attract all minorities"...you see!!...cognitive resonance!!

"Superheroes"...this year's Republican answer to "Big Bird". It's the continuation of their political Circus Show. Why could it be difficult for a Conservative writer?? First, Superheroes are populists...they attract the populace...the Hero of the People, Robin Hood, was an early superhero...take from the rich, and give to the poor!! A Greek Morality Play...hero fights against all odds and triumphs at its conclusion. Hard for a Conservative, to understand the minds of the oppressed.

This is, what a real "Superhero" is all about...a science fictional character, in a science fictional story, that everyone enjoys to read or watch...whether you lean politically, to the Right, or to the Left. And
if you're really deep into these characters...whether you're young or old, rich or poor, male or female...you're going to collect Childish Character Toys, because you like them!! As Chad MacDonald says; "Superheroes are about Morality...not Politics"

Superheroes Are About Morality, Not Politics : Quiet Mike

Jun 20, 2014

The Indecency of the so called, "Moral" Faith and Freedom Conference

 By RF Schatten

Racism exposes the ignorance in modern society. This act, is just more disgraceful shit perpetrated by the Christian Right...in the name of "Religious Freedom". Hate is Hate, no matter how you try to sugar coat your denial. This is just another evidence, why the Christian Right has lost so much credibility. Social Conservative Christianity is an offensive Insult to Christians around the world.

The GOP's standard line is; we don't hate anyone...it's the Democrats who say nasty things, and attribute it to us. Translation: That's not us...that's those crazy religious freaks!!
But, where is their loud, wide public condemnation??

Faith And Freedom Conference Features Obama Urinal Cakes

Condoleeza Rice; Remembering a Failure

By RF Schatten

Political retirement, mellows out that partisanship in favor of a little more objectivity. Reflecting back, you might say; "Why the hell!! did I do that??...oh!! I remember now, oops!!

Take politics out of the equation...and look at events from the Historical perspective...it was a total failure from day one!! The act of coming to the aid of oppression, against a ruthless dictator...may be very cavalier...but simple, common understanding of someone's culture and ways, can get you a lot farther, than trying to win their Hearts and Minds...on your terms. Now you have the Republican Hawks, with John "Maverick" McCain, leading the latest "Charge!!" chants..."bomb the hell out of them!!" You see, the Iraqi Army is useless...we must go back, and help the Iraqis not lose everything, we have brought to them...though McCain, never volunteered to lead that mission...just too embarrassing to get shot down...again!!

We are too quick to judge our State Dept and Foreign Policies. But, they aren't any different than any other administration...for the good or the bad...they are humans, and they fuck up!! In my lifetime, from Harry Truman on up...every Government has had it's share of controversy. McNamara admitted he was wrong...it's very interesting what Condoleeza Rice, who played a major role shaping Iraq to what it is today, had to say. Whether or not, it made any sense to the "Maverick" and his fellow
Buckaroos, doesn't matter...you can't fix stupid. But anybody else, who's tired of all these useless wars, may just understand the truth spoken by Ms.Rice; "Sometimes there are those who say that maybe, there are just those who don't have the DNA for Democracy. Maybe they're just 'not' ready for Democracy"

Is Iraq ready for Democracy?? We can't bring a Governmental System to those, whose culture is 360*
different than ours...they have the right of self-determination. Unfortunately, until they 'do' learn Democracy on their own...we're going to have allow them to go through their own revolution...if that's what they want...and pick their own Democratically elected President, or their new Dictator...it's their course in history, and their choice...not ours.

Ghost of Iraq haunts Condoleezza Rice portrait unveiling

Jun 18, 2014

"The Year of the Woman"...a Conservative's Nightmare

 By RF Schatten

It's the "Year of the Woman", in the American Political Theater. You have Alison Lundergan Grimes in Kentucky, Michelle Nunn in Georgia...both Democrats, and currently either leading or in a dead tie...and then you have Republican Shelley Moore Capito and Democrat Natalie Tennant, competing for West Virginia's open US Senate seat, recently vacated by Jay Rockefeller. Capito is expected to win, which will help in the GOP's quest in overtaking the Senate...but, if she doesn't?? It'll still go to a Woman!!

Currently, the US Senate is comprised of 20 women and 80 men...that's not the greatest percentage in representation...not, when you look at women comprising over 50% of the population. There's not much difference in the House, either...only 82 Women serve as US Reps...out of 438!! The Governors?? 5 out of 50!!...but there's a slew of women running, out there. There's going to be some house redecorating at State Mansions, after November...you have women running for Governor, everywhere. Martha Coakley in Massachusetts, Gina Raimondo in Rhodes Island, and Allyson Schwartz Pennsylvania are all strong contenders, and they have other females contesting them!!...women are not sitting at home, this year!! Add to that group Mary Burke, whose running against Scott "Koch" Walker in Wisconsin, and Wendy Davis in Texas...altogether, 27 Women have filed so far, to run for Governor this year.

Women Rights in general...and particularly, the vast inequality in today's gender gap...has not shaken the women movement this hard, since the days of Betty Friedan, Bella Abzug, and Gloria Steinem.
Win or Lose in November...things are not going to change that radically, overnight...but the wheels have been placed in motion, and that fire, lit under these women in 2014...it's going to be burning strong by 2016. This is only the beginning, white male America!!...meet your match!!...you just can't ignore the American Woman, any longer!!

Glass Ceilings in Statehouses in the Northeast - NYTimes.com

Jun 17, 2014

The "Liberty Counsel"...just another name for Bigotry and Racism

By RF Schatten

Parents should alienate their "Gay" kids...and turn them over to "Satan". For this; Pastor John MacArthur, is today's "Batshit Person of the Day"

Be my guest, and read about this so called Christian -

Jun 16, 2014

Discriminate often enough...expect back, Discrimination!!

By RF Schatten

If "Religious Freedom" protects “Discrimination Against Jews”...then, this same “Religious Freedom” should also protect “Discrimination Against Religious Ignorance”

You can discriminate against anyone you want...whether they're Black, White, Hispanic, Oriental, Muslim...Gay or Straight, Male or Female...it's your basic human right. You can dislike somebody, all you want...even to the point of hatred. You can ignore them, stay away from them...as long as you don't have to see them or talk to them. But, if they come to your place of business?...you still can't turn them away. It doesn't matter who you are, how you look, how you sound...any race, color, or creed!! discrimination is discrimination!!...sugar coated as a “Religious Freedom”...but it's still discrimination.

The hatred that someone has for someone else, whether it's based on Color, Gender, or Religious preference...cannot be finagled by creating loopholes in law interpretations. American Society is made up of a multitude of cultures, and races...as well as religions. We are the Wretched Refuse...the Mutts of the world!!...and for over 200 and so years, we have evolved into a civilized nation of laws; some that are liked...and some that are disliked. And we put up with them, because we 'are' civil.

For 'moral' Christian people...there's not that much morality among them. Teaching to hate others, and allowing for direct discrimination...is not what Jesus ever taught. They want “Religious Freedom” to hate and deny anything, to those they don't care for. Yet, they get so defensive when it comes to everyone else, criticizing them!!...poor babies!!
The indecency of the act of discrimination, has always had an aire of exclusivity, by the religiously intolerant. It's the tolerance of the American public, that's wearing thin...Social Conservative's willful ignorance of religion, is an insult to the mentality of the vast majority of Christians, Jews, and other religious faiths around the country.

If their intention is to return to the days of Monkey Trials...stupidity has no defense...more power to them. But don't think the American Public is going to follow...most believe in moving forward, not backwards...into the future.            

Right-Wing Activists: Yep, ‘Religious Freedom’ Protects Discrimination Against Jews - The Daily Beast

Jun 14, 2014

The Lamest Political Excuse...Ever!!

By RF Schatten

When you have nothing left to say; blame the other guy for your failures...in the case of John Boehner, like the rest of the GOP...his Obama accusations got too old, too quick, for too long.
But you got to love his audacity!!...blaming a sitting President, from an opposite Political Party...for a primary election defeat of a candidate by others within his party...who wanted to take his seat!!

For a man who holds the most powerful seat, in the US House of Representatives; 'Speaker of the House'...John Boehner, if ever he had any sense of decorum and dignity...just flushed it down the crapper. In one clean swoop, he addressed the defeat of his distinguished colleague from the State of Virginia...with one of the lamest political excuses ever recorded, for posterity. While simultaneously, by not acknowledging the real reasons for Cantor's loss...he appeased the Tea aficionados. The reason?? REASONS!!

"Cantor's defeat was the fault of Obama's failure to engage with Republicans"...Lame!! very very lame!!

Boehner Blames Obama for Cantor's Defeat Because REASONS

Jun 11, 2014

Eric Cantor and his dislike for Tea

 By RF Schatten

What!!...I lost?? It's impossible!! Internal Polling had him by 34 points to win, and lost by 12...somebody wasn't doing their math!!
From all the headlines, it appears Eric's historic defeat, may have triggered off the final straw, within
the GOP...and their Tea loving allies; "GOP in Chaos", "Shocking!!", "Republican Civil War about to Explode", "Establishment has Lost Control", "Conservatives consider Eric Cantor a Fraud"...and more headlines and more stories...as the days pass.

In the aftermath of such a 'surprise' story...at least, to Establishment Republicans...the spin doctors are spinning their BS...every Liberal, Moderate, Conservative, and Libertarian "Expert" Analyst...is expertly analyzing the situation...and all Political Writers, Columnists, and Bloggers...are writing their shpiel throughout the Internet and in Hard Copy. The Immigration Issue?? Bad Polling??...very bad polling!! Not taking his opponent seriously enough?? Conservatives want a lot of answers, and Liberals just want to say...Bye! Bye! So Long, Farewell...the September, of your Political life 'has' arrived!!

Let's be frank about Eric Cantor; he ran a very arrogant campaign...dismissing his opponent too quickly, thinking he would breeze by him. In Cantor's defense...his opponent, Economics Professor Dave Brat, dropped the ball...on a question about the Minimum Wage. Apparently he's not the smartest cookie in the Tea's Cookie Factory. Experts knew Cantor was safe, against this guy. He spend more $$$ than Brat...in fact, his staff spend more $$$ in a dinner, than Dave Brat's entire campaign cost!!

Everything may have contributed to is loss...but he lost because, who he really was...a Congressman, who did more to build his career, than to the needs of his Constituents. When it comes to real life crisis, where communities work together, and politics is set aside...Eric Cantor, turned his back on his
Community...and the Country. No Federal Disaster Relief in his Community, unless it's tied to Budget Cuts. For 'that', he proved where his Heart is...and his Constituency honored him, with a historic feat:
No sitting House Majority Leader has lost since 1899!! Bye! Bye! Eric!!

 Virginia Primary Results: Eric Cantor Stunned By Tea Party Challenger Dave Brat In Massive Upset

Jun 10, 2014

KKK plans to 'retake' US in coming Race War...again!!

By RF Schatten

The continuing saga of the degeneration, of the human mind...and the ever growing conservative ignorance. Retaking the US and making it, into their own image...lovely!! What's the big surprise?? with all the hate in America, openly instigated by the Right Wing propaganda machine of FOXNews, Tea Party Activists, and GOP Politicos...since Barack Obama became President...it's a natural for this turn of events; scripted perfectly by those permitting all this, to occur. Right Wing NutJobs, in all their splendor and glory.

Add to the list...Skin Heads, Aryan Nations, American Nazis, Open Carry Texans, and every wacko fringe group...all, ready to reclaim the Constitution...spewing the Republican line of horseshit. When you Rally, and openly "Prepare to overthrow the US Government"...that's an act of Terrorism!!...domestic terrorism, plain and simple!! If push comes to shove, will the Government "openly" invoke the Patriot Act?? Nobody wants that Law...but, nobody wants to get rid of it, either!! Terrorism is terrorism...but, is it any different when it's domestic?? Not, really.

This tale, can finally lay to rest the Republican Party's claim, of reverse Racism by Progressives and Liberals. Also the claim that it's the Democrats, who are the "Haters". All this, is an outcome
of the political tone, the GOP have set since 2008. It's not racist, to call out a Racist...the Haters?? The 90% of the United States...who's really tired and fed up, of the gun violence and all this shit!!

Returning troops help KKK build paramilitary force to ‘retake’ US in coming race war

Jun 8, 2014

The one common bond, beween all Religions...God!!

 "Peacemaking calls for courage, much more so than warfare...It calls for the courage to say yes to encounter, and no to conflict." ~~~ Pope Francis

All sides are taking the stance, that this unification of the minds...is not Political...but more of a Spiritual retreat (with political undertones). The fact, that Francis was able to arrange this little get-together, in just 2 weeks, is a testament to the growing respect, this man has accumulated...not because he's the Pope, but because of the Man he is. It's pretty powerful, to bring diplomatic civility and common sense, to 2 religiously ardent political leaders. Bringing in the Leader of the Christian Orthodox Church into the mix, signifies Francis' intentions to unify the world, in a quest for Peace. At the end, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists...all are God's Children!!

How will all this, pan out with Social Christian America?? They'll make it more Political, than it already is!! The Pope is not their friend...he's a Socialist...haven't you heard?? FOX will drag out some anti-Francis slurs; somewhere, somehow...they always do. And as much as our Social Christian Ministers, Pastors, and true Born Again believers might say??...no!! Francis is not taking one side over another!!...his only argument with American Conservative Christianity, is...his battle against Theological Ignorance!!
Nothing big "Politically", may come out of all this...but a respectful dialogue, is a good start!! We have our 1st "modern" Pope...unlike most others, who are there for symbolic representation and widow dressing...actually believes in getting his hands dirty, and directing people's anger, at those responsible. He believes in spreading his message, and is not hesitant to use his Power...if it helps the cause.

Religious Leaders are Men of Peace...Francis I, believes in fighting injustice at every level of society, because without justice??...there will never be true inner Peace!!

Pope Francis Offers Prayerful Peace Summit With Israeli And Palestinian Presidents At Vatican

Ronald Reagan and his uncanny ability...not to "Recall" events

 By RF Schatten

Oh!! how people forget!!...but maybe, they just don't want to remember??
It's hard to be proud of secretly trafficking Cocaine...while the 1st Lady, was publicly crying out; "Say no to Drugs"!! or secretly selling Arms to a country, in which they publicly, imposed International Sanctions on. The October Surprise??...there's no surprise for someone whose own Morals, have been in question since his days, with the Screen Actors Guilt and the McCarthy Hearings.

Republicans and Tea aficionados worship Ronald Reagan...he symbolizes all the illusions, that Social
Conservatives so highly believe in. Ronald Reagan, was also an Actor...a "B" actor, whose greatest performance was left for last...it's not hard for a B Movie Star, to captivate the imagination of this crowd.

Alexander Theroux said; "Hypocrisy is the essence of Snobbery, but all Snobbery, is a problem of belonging" . The GOP today, has a serious problem of self-denial...and, of who they are. They love to criticize, their opposition...but when confronted with their own dirty laundry, their standard Gipper answer is..."I Don't Recall"!!

Ronald Reagan “treason” amnesia: GOP hypocrites forget their hero negotiated with terrorists. He was just really bad at it - Salon.com

Jun 5, 2014

Texas GOP's "Gay Conversion Therapy"...it makes you 'think'!!...but not in Texas!!

By RF Schatten

Texas, is racing furiously in its attempt to reign supreme, as the #1 most Batshit GOP State Convention, in the Country.

Their Platform? The full repeal of the 17th Amendment of the US Constitution, Elimination of Executive Orders and all Executive Powers...Blah! Blah! Blah! No surprises here!! Now, for Texas' eyes only...Supports the repeal of the Prohibition on Corporal Punishment in Public Schools...yep!! that's going to go over, real well!...and, If they pack in Open Carry Texas??...even better!! The Oppose Mandatory Vaccinations of School Children...now, that's just plain moral ignorance....Polio anyone?? Texas ranks among the worst Children Health Systems in the country.

Now, for the most uniquely stupid platform of the day..."Gay Conversion Therapy"!! They must have consulted, with the utmost authority in America on the extraction of Gayness from the Human Body...Marcus Bachmann and his lab assistant, Michele. They call it "Exorcising the Gayness...right out of you!!" And yes!! there 'are' people, stupid enough to believe...Obamacare is going to pay for this BS. :-)

If you ask...has anyone ever thought about all of this garbage, before making it, part of the Plank?? This is Texas!!...where Republicans believe "Critical Thinking", should be banned from our Society!! 

Texas GOP Platform Draft Endorses Gay Conversion Therapy

The Constitutionality of Section 1035...and the National Defense Authorization Act

 By RF Schatten

We have become a Country without Pity. Acts of shameless indecency, perpetrated by the American Right Wing and it's Mouthpiece, FOXNews...all just for Political Gains, Demagoguery, and

Michael Tomasky wrote; "Let’s face it: There is no question that if President George W. Bush or a President McCain or President Romney had secured Bergdahl’s release, in exchange for five Taliban prisoners at Gitmo, Republicans would be defending the move...all the way!!".

Ignored the Law?? Obama acted, as any other conscientious President would have...others, have done it in the past. Sometimes an opportunity rises, to get an American out of harm's way...you take it...and by-pass the 30 days notice!! Usually intelligent people would understand...but, today's not too Loyal Opposition, is not that intelligent...and frankly, they don't give a damn!!

You don't negotiate with Terrorists?? Between 2007 and 2009, George W. Bush negotiated for the release of 520 Detainees [compared to a little over 80], since Obama took the White House...one of them, Abu Sufian bin Qumu, is one the principle suspects in the Benghazi fiasco!! But, it's different this time...it was Obama!!

5 Detainees held without charges, or any evidence for incarceration...by a Country who wants to shut down the facility they reside in, and a population that doesn't want them...physically, inside the United States. What do you do, when no other country wants them?? Without charges...International Law says; you gotta let them go!!
Section 1035 of the National Defense Authorization Act, gives the President the flexibility to transfer
detainees abroad. Are they going to come after Americans?? It can happen...like it happened to Dubya. You got to take those chances in life, unless you wanna live in a constant state of Fear and Self-Denial, till the day you die!!

The fact that the GOP disrespects over and over, those who stand on that Line defending our freedom... by using them as pawns, in their little filthy degenerate games of life...clearly shows their contempt and disrespect to the American Community. It's time, the American Community shows them the door!!

Constitution Check: Did the President act illegally in exchanging Taliban detainees for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl? - Yahoo News

Jun 2, 2014

The Moral Bankruptcy of today's Chickenhawks

 By RF Schatten

We have an internment camp at our military base in Guantanamo...where 154 "Detainees" have been our House Guests, since Bush II's desert excursion in behalf of his Texas associates, and his search of
Magical WMDs...at a cost of $800,000/yr per Detainee...compared to the $25,000/yr cost of a Federal Prisoner. The Operating Costs for the camp, since it opened in 2002...runs at $150 Million/yr. And in
all of this, 'We', the Taxpayers...are the ones, forking up our hard earned money to keep this place, open!!

Now, after the Exchange, we have 149 detainees left...and what to do with them??...that's the $64,000 Dollar Question. You have an outcry by the Left...with a lot of nudging from the Right... that Obama has not kept his promise to close, the camp facility at Gitmo. Then you have all those, who don't want the remaining 149, to be transferred into the United States...so where do they go?? Remember, they haven't even been charged officially, with anything!!, they haven't gone to trial...that's why they're listed as "Detainee". No one knows what to do with them, except the Taxpayers...but, what the hell
do we know?...we just pay the Bills.

Afghanistan is a long ways away from the United States, and from Cuba. Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is a lucky man!!...lucky, because there was someone out there, who believed it was the right and moral thing to do, our moral obligation to our fighting men and women, that no one is ever left
behind. But the continuous immoral, political grandstanding of the GOP, merrily rolls along..."Obama violated US Laws by approving the exchange"!! Why are they so mad?? because they can't take
any credit for it??...more like, Obama comes out looking good!! As President, he has the right to negotiate with whoever he wants...as long as he reports back to Congress. But, there are times when it's better...when it's the right thing to do, for secret negotiations.
What's so unusual about it?? during the Cold War, it was routine!!...but this time, you have a Republican Congress, that really doesn't have too many values of their own, when it comes to the concerns of our GIs...as seen, by all their actions taken towards our American Veterans.

It all comes down to Morality!! the difference between the Moral and the Immoral Man. The
GOP, condemns a Man for doing what's Morally right, as politically motivated. "The United States of America does not ever leave our men and women in uniform behind." Politically motivated or
not...Sgt. Bergdahl is coming home!!
The Immoral Man...for political motivation...would secretly negotiate with a Foreign Government, without the knowledge of his own Government or his President...strike a deal...then make all those in captivity, wait even longer, till he's sworn in as President...so to get, maximum exposure in all his glory, and the maximum Sound Bytes!! Today's virtuous Republicans, remain the same as ever...not too virtuous.
Welcome Home!! Sgt. Bergdahl...thank you, for your service to our country!!

AP - Questions loom over Bergdahl-Taliban swap