Jun 21, 2014

"Superheroes": This year's GOP verson of Big Bird

 By RF Schatten

It's the summer of an election cycle, so what's more appropriate for Fox and the Republican Machine, to bring into the Political Arena??...Superheroes!!
As if the GOP didn't have any issues to wage a gripe about...go after that a portion of Americana...for which no one, has ever really cared, whatsoever!!...whether Batman, or Ironman, or Superman...or any other Superhero...is Conservative, leans Conservative, Libertarian, or Liberal!!...who the hell cares?!?!?

It's just another part of the GOP's war against American Society and today's values...because?? They don't know!!...It's that perpetual, cognitive resonance they all constantly live with!! They have waged a war on Women, Gays, Blacks, Hispanics, the Elderly, the Young, and the Poor...they are waging a war on Education, Environmental Regulations, and specially Social Entitlements...including Medicare and Medicaid, Social Security Benefits, and Welfare Assistance/Food Stamps. This, does
not include their continuous Religious war, against absolutely everyone not like them, or not thinking like them...and their Religious Sectarianism...in their determination of making America a "Christian"
Nation. Then they say; "We need to attract all minorities"...you see!!...cognitive resonance!!

"Superheroes"...this year's Republican answer to "Big Bird". It's the continuation of their political Circus Show. Why could it be difficult for a Conservative writer?? First, Superheroes are populists...they attract the populace...the Hero of the People, Robin Hood, was an early superhero...take from the rich, and give to the poor!! A Greek Morality Play...hero fights against all odds and triumphs at its conclusion. Hard for a Conservative, to understand the minds of the oppressed.

This is, what a real "Superhero" is all about...a science fictional character, in a science fictional story, that everyone enjoys to read or watch...whether you lean politically, to the Right, or to the Left. And
if you're really deep into these characters...whether you're young or old, rich or poor, male or female...you're going to collect Childish Character Toys, because you like them!! As Chad MacDonald says; "Superheroes are about Morality...not Politics"

Superheroes Are About Morality, Not Politics : Quiet Mike