Jun 22, 2014

How to deal with Failure...GOP style?? Blame it on the other guy!!

By RF Schatten

Before the GOP Congressional leaders have an orgasmic implosion of "We told you so"!! May I remind our esteem colleagues on the Right...it wasn't Barack Obama, who pulled the troops out of Iraq...George W. Bush, signed a "Status of Forces Agreement" that set deadlines for the end of U.S.
combat operations as of June 30, 2009...and, for all U.S. Forces to be pulled out of Iraq by December 30, 2011. Nowhere, does Barack Obama's signature appear in the agreement...but, who's ever gonna blame "Mr. Mission Accomplished"?!?!

Now, you have a dysfunctional Republican leadership...led by a man, John McCain, whose entire
Political career and persona is a based on a failed, very mediocre military career, that started back at the Naval Academy...and whose only heroism, was refusing to leave his men, as a POW. It's Election
Year...no one wants war...except the ignorantly stupid. McCain wants one last hurrah, in the military theater...he 'will' fail, but at least he won't get shot down...or captured.

Article: President Obama Dodges GOP Trap on Iraq | OpEdNews