Jun 23, 2014

Exploit War and Tension around the World, For Political gains at Home...the GOP way!!

 By RF Schatten

 "No Amount Of American Firepower Can Hold Iraq"...pretty powerful statement!! Is it coincidence, that just days ago, Condi Rice spoke in similar tones?? "Sometimes there are those who say that maybe, there are just those who don't have the DNA for Democracy...maybe, they're just 'not' ready for Democracy".

Maybe...just maybe...all this effort, is just not meant to be...it was never meant to be. Another fruitless exercise in Democracy by Force...didn't work in Vietnam, it didn't work in Iraq...two countries separated by Race, Ethnicity, Religions, Cultures, and Traditions, but one thing has held a common bond: The Inability of the people, to make their own self-determination.

Now, there's those who don't agree with Obama and Rice...who believe America should send in, our finest...to help those, who don't want us there. The only people asking for our help, are those we put in power!!...not the population!! Or is it all, for their own self-interest??...for Halliburton, and all the other American "Contractors"...it's that damn oil, and look who's leading the charge?? The Cowboy from Wyoming, and his loyal band of minions. To all the Warmongers: don't care for what Obama said?...then pay close attention to what one of your Top Party Stars, had to say. If she's as smart, as
the GOP has let all to believe, then you would agree with her, but then again?...

 Obama Hits Back Against GOP Warmongers: No Amount Of US Firepower Can Hold Iraq Together