Jun 8, 2014

Ronald Reagan and his uncanny ability...not to "Recall" events

 By RF Schatten

Oh!! how people forget!!...but maybe, they just don't want to remember??
It's hard to be proud of secretly trafficking Cocaine...while the 1st Lady, was publicly crying out; "Say no to Drugs"!! or secretly selling Arms to a country, in which they publicly, imposed International Sanctions on. The October Surprise??...there's no surprise for someone whose own Morals, have been in question since his days, with the Screen Actors Guilt and the McCarthy Hearings.

Republicans and Tea aficionados worship Ronald Reagan...he symbolizes all the illusions, that Social
Conservatives so highly believe in. Ronald Reagan, was also an Actor...a "B" actor, whose greatest performance was left for last...it's not hard for a B Movie Star, to captivate the imagination of this crowd.

Alexander Theroux said; "Hypocrisy is the essence of Snobbery, but all Snobbery, is a problem of belonging" . The GOP today, has a serious problem of self-denial...and, of who they are. They love to criticize, their opposition...but when confronted with their own dirty laundry, their standard Gipper answer is..."I Don't Recall"!!

Ronald Reagan “treason” amnesia: GOP hypocrites forget their hero negotiated with terrorists. He was just really bad at it - Salon.com