Jan 28, 2015

Libertarian Project: The Great Con on Honduras.

By RF Schatten

Why does the Hispanic community throughout the world have such a privately held disdain towards American governments? I'm 67yrs old...and it goes back to my parents and to some degree...to my grandparents! Latinos don't hate, despise, or dislike Americans...never have...in fact, they've always found many common grounds with American Society. The problem is not the people..it's the constant problem of a Foreign Power's continuous meddling in another sovereign state's affairs...whether directly through the government or indirectly through private industry.

Why are Americans looked down upon in Central and South America? Why did Nixon get spit at in Venezuela in the 50s? why did "Yankee Go Home" become a symbol of resistance throughout Latin America? Let's start way back in 1823, when the "Monroe Doctrine" stated; "Further efforts by European Nations to colonize land or interfere with states in North or South America would be viewed as acts of aggression, requiring U.S. intervention". "US Intervention"...the keywords!! The United States, on their own, decided to become the "protector" for all those countries...whether or not those countries wanted any protection. Then came "Manifest Destiny" ...because it's our destiny as a nation to expand throughout the Americas..."Eminent Domain" how did other countries feel about that? the American public just turns their back as if it never existed. And for our Cuban audience, drumroll, please!..."The Platt Amendment"!! This little document allowed the US to have total control of who runs the country, and how the country should run...with a Government, acceptable by the United States. If not acceptable, the US had the right to "intervene" any time they wanted. Eventually, pressure succumbed and Cuba got their own Constitution and free elections...but $$$ certainly corrupts...and puppet governments and corruption remained the fashion till Jan.1st 1959.

Ironically, what got Attorney Fidel Castro into his journey in life, was his frustration working within a governmental system that weighed heavy on American "public" and "private" influence, money, and organized corruption...while ignoring its population. It was his lifelong battle...his writings, his speeches ever since the mid-thirties...the hatred of the Platt Amendment!!

And for those who will immediately shout out loud..."He's been a Communist all his life"! The Cuban Communist Party didn't trust him and didn't even give him their official support or monetary funds, till around a month before the end of the war. And if the Washington Senators would've kept another pitcher on the roster?...who knows how we would be looking at him, today?

Do "Banana Republics" still exist in the 21st Century?; "The American Fruit Company" aka CIA...their efforts into buying Governments, buying the Militaries...controlling a country's way of life, to fit their personal need! All in the name of $$ and influence. Are those days totally over?...or has it been funneled to the private sector? Either way, they're all making money out of all these peasants.

A Libertarian Project? A Libertarian spelled "John Birch" would be more correct! What the hell is Grover Nordquist? a former speechwriter for Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush Sr.? a senior member of the Cato Institute "Think Tank"? and Ronald Reagan's son Michael??...as well as a Danish banker, a Peruvian economist, and an Austrian general secretary of the Friedrich Hayek Institute...all running around Tegucigalpa, Honduras?? It's not the latest "In-Spot" in a travel itinerary. It's Manifest Destiny time for the John Birch Society! or whatever the hell they want to call themselves..it's.time to Buy a Country! and of all the neighboring States...Honduras is just the ripe one for the taking!

It's their practice run before the big one...on Nov 8th, 2016!!

The Nightmare Libertarian Project to Turn This Central American Country Into Ayn Rand's Paradise | Alternet

In search of Mediocrity...all fools rush in. Welcome to the GOP!

By RF Schatten

A parade of fools opened the 2016 Republican Clown Olympics season...not a whole lot of difference from 2012...with pretty much the same cast of usual suspects. It's the GOP's little way of insulting the minds of the general public quadrennially...while glorifying their mediocrity and embracing ignorance.

From the Koch 'Casting Couch' to FoxNews Correspondent Auditions... 2 former Fox fellows are also inside this clown car...all, vying for the title of "Best Politician Money Can Buy". It's fascinating how these people spew "Family Values" while being so politically immoral...and then justifying it all by throwing the Bible at you!

Who's going to survive among this political version of American Idol Rejects? There are no ideas and no policies coming out of any of these people's mouths...you can figure out "Who's on First" quicker than any of their official policies! It really doesn't matter who wins, they'll continue to gerrymander their wins statewide...but until the GOP finds a distaste for Tea, rids itself of their pariah and finds some viable candidates...their White House hopes? until they change, they're going to be on the outside looking in. Looking in...at a woman running this country!

Democalypse 2016 - Fox News Correspondent Auditions - The Daily Show - Video Clip | Comedy Central

Jan 27, 2015

Limbaugh, The Weather Truther: Forecast? A lot of Hot Air!!

By RF Schatten

Does the Far Right really believe in Rush Limbaugh?...or is he just their excuse to claim ignorance? Limbaugh makes a living off exploiting people's ignorance...and does it very well!...he's a "Professional Demagogue", his job 'is' precisely to obscure facts and manipulate his audiences towards his whims!

It's unbelievable this man can be perceived as stupid or ignorant...because, he's not!  This tub of lard is a pretty smart guy, drop-out or not...he wouldn't be living the life of Riley today, if he didn't know what he's doing. All his intentions are to instigate hate and instill fear in the Conservative mind! Ignorance is bipartisan...it has no respect for ideologies or political affiliations. But in the conservative mindset of the Republican Party today, Ignorance is wholeheartedly embraced!  Blogger/Writer Amanda Marcotte wrote last year; "In the face of expertise and facts, being belligerently ignorant...and offended that anyone dare suggest ignorance is less desirable than knowledge...has become the go-to position for many conservative politicians and pundits"

It's the Liberals' fault for all this lousy weather because the National Weather Service has been politically compromised?? WTF??  How can "forecasting" a Hurricane or Tornado be political?...this slimeball doesn't want anyone warning anything!!  "Liberalism assumes that we can’t take care of ourselves...the assumption that we don’t know what’s best for us". What a dick!! and they're people who'll faithfully agree with this horseshit!

Blasting the authorities for warning residents to keep safe? Listen Rush! screw what The Weather Channel has to say; go out and freeze your big fat ass off! Show everyone that you can take care of yourself, as you say...and going over to an ice fishing Bob house with a bottle, doesn't count! But you won't..you'll be in the warm comfort of your home, listening to The Weather Channel on your big fancy HDTV. Ignorance? nah!! But, it makes the good show for his belligerently ignorant fans!!

Rush Limbaugh goes weather truther: ‘The left has corrupted everything’

Jan 25, 2015

Bobby Jindal: Promoting "change" within the GOP...then endorses Cruz's Anti-Gay Legislation

By RF Schatten

Openly Indecent Hypocrisy...the Hallmark of the Grand Old Party since 1980...the adoration of a man who circumvented the laws and negotiated secretly with another Government (technically an enemy) without the knowledge of his own country's administration. That, is called "Treason"!!...and the fact it was orchestrated during elections, and then afterwards for a special Hollywood affect; 'that' is being an indecent piece of shit! Also the adoration of a man who lead us to war on a ruse...to profit off other people's misery. And they adore both that man, and the man one heartbeat away. The fact both of those men have International Criminal Warrants for "War Crimes"?? Conservative Christians have a way of forgiving their own, by repenting and being born again!...Glory Hallelujah!!

Enter the GOP welcome page, and read the Header: "The Party of Opportunity...fighting for a freer America where everyone has the opportunity to achieve the American Dream". "The Republican Party is open and accessible to all Americans". Now the sound bytes of Bobby Jindal's Sunday Interviews, as he urges the GOP: "We can't just be the Party of No!...we have to be the Party of Solutions!". Then Bobby...in all his infinite wisdom..spoke in the Huffington Post, endorsing Tex Cruz's push for a Constitutional Amendment to ban Same-Sex Marriage!!

"The only vice that cannot be forgiven is hypocrisy. The repentance of a hypocrite is itself hypocrisy" ~~~ William Hazlitt

Where the hell are those solutions, Bobby?? or are you just the same Bullshit Artist that allowed yourself to make it this far with so little character?? You're defeating your own argument...you're essentially agreeing with your "Party of No". Bobby Jindal is supported by the NRA with an "A" Rating by the Gun Owners of America. He's anti-gay rights, and every other 'Anti' Issue supported first and foremost, by Koch Industries...and followed by Christian Fundamentalists and the Tea Party! So where is all this 'Party of No' horseshit? Where are all that 'Party of Solutions' garbage? Political hypocrisy? This Tea Clown will retire a hypocrite!

Bobby Jindal urges GOP to be more than ‘Party of No’ - Jennifer Shutt - POLITICO

Jan 24, 2015

Sarah Palin, and the impossibility to decipher stupidity.

By RF Schatten

After a 35 minutes speech before a Conservative Republican crowd...and a throng of batshit Tea Party fans...Sarah just stood there with her big bright shiny smile, proudly waving and thinking to herself; "I hit it out of the ballpark!!" Everybody else; "WTF!!" "What the hell did she say??" Confusion with her text?...why even think about it, it's Sarah Palin!

When Conservative columnist Toby Harnden, called Palin’s speech, “Bizarro”...you knew how terrible it must've gone for the rest of the press to listen!...suffering through 35 minutes of Palin mutilating her prose at the Steve King Iowa Freedom Summit...it's just impossible to decipher stupidity, give up folks!

Now, the Hockey Mom appears to be seriously thinking of joining the 2016 Thousand Clowns Show...and putting her hat and red clown nose into the ring. It's a pipe dream for the Democrats...but it would make it a hilariously funny primary season...the queen of batshit statements, and she can even drive the clown car!
Albert Einstein once said; "The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits". In Sarah Palin's case, there are no limits...whenever you hear something absurd out of her mouth, remember!...you haven't heard nothing yet!

Sarah Palin delivers ‘bizarro’ speech to Iowa Freedom Summit and Twitter users react hilariously

The Republican Fear: Obama at his most dangerous...being himself!

By RF Schatten

Pow!! It was the ultimate "Fuck You" political knockout punch!...what made it so exciting? and why the country, and especially the Democrats, feel a sense of resurgence?...it's about time, Barack!!  In fact, it's been about 6 years coming!

6 years of blatant systematic use of hatred, indecent mockery, disrespect, and obstructionism by the Republican Party...ever since the plans were concocted a couple of hours after the 2008 elections, they chose the Low Road of politics...Obama chose High Road. "I won both of them"...Barack Obama's knockout response beat Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, John Oliver, and Larry Wilmore to the punch!...and his "Star" quality is back on the rise!

Now that he's 'done' campaigning, he's a much more relaxed man and there's no one in politics today...other than Bill Clinton...who's better attracting and communicating with the public, when just being himself. His interviews on talk shows and off the cuff with the news media, are the media buzz all over TV and the Net immediately following the interviews or the next morning. What can you say? the man is a very likable and affable gentleman ...that's why he won them both!!

With his popularity on the rise in the polls, and a disloyal opposition scratching their heads while trying to figure out what they're doing wrong...it's Obama's turn to shine, and drive Conservative America more batshit crazy than they already are! With the Internet, the major factor and the strength that got him elected both times...it 'was' the appropriate medium to begin his journey to sell his message for the final 2 years...talking directly to the people is what he does best! The Presidential YouTube Interview, was the start...3 separate, back-to-back interviews in the East Room of the White House with 3 young Internet bloggers, fielding questions from Weed, to Race Relations, to Cyber-bullying, and even SportsCenter!

The answers to all the questions weren't that surprising, though a little revealing at times...but it was the style, that cool demeanor...though frustrating at times to his supporters, has served him well...his ability to express himself in non-political layman terms with the public...but above all, his charm and his attraction with the young and their cultures. Being a dad of 2 teenage girls, keeps him aware of what's happening in their world...in more ways than one!

Summation? Barack Obama is going to make life miserable for the GOP the next 2 years, because they're going to give him everything they've been fighting not to give him. Why? because they have nothing to offer, and now that they're the majority...it's an embarrassment not to accomplish anything whatsoever, after promising the country that they do can a better job than the Democrats.  And on January, 2017...when he leaves office. ..as much as he's disliked by certain sectors of America, his final approval ratings in the polls will certainly still be higher than George W's 22%!...Pow!!

President Obama Interviewed by YouTube Stars: Not a Train Wreck!

Jan 22, 2015

Republican SOTU Rebuttals...in Quest for Weirdness

By RF Schatten

"When the going gets weird, the weird turn Pro" ~~~ Hunter S Thompson

In keeping with recent tradition, the Republican's latest response to the State of the Union Address was spinned, by yet another Tea Party or Tea leaning politico. Whether picked by committee or Reince Priebus, himself! the paramount trait of today's Grand Old Party...that looney batshit mindset...was again, in full force. When will they realize, they're an embarrassment to the common sense in their Republican constituency? An embarrassment as a political party in front of the world!...and we're supposed to be setting an example of a Democracy we're trying to peddle to others around the world??

From the cheaply amateurish performance by Bobby Jindal, to the sweaty and thirsty longest 3 minutes of Mr. Aquafina's career!...'this' is what the GOP pushes around the globe via the news media...and show the world why they won the hearts of America and took control of Congress! In response to their response...to the rest of this planet...not all Americans are morons!

Enter the next clown in the GOP hit parade...the Hawkeye State's most famous "Pig Castrator" Joni Ernst!...Iowa's version of Michelle Bachmann, and most likely successor to her title of "Welfare Queen".

In our last impression of a political 'speaker'...a water bottle was the star of the night...all the media sound bytes and the Twitter world focused on the weirdness, and amateur political speech. Now, is poor kids using "Bread Bags" to cover their only pair of shoes! and the sad story of poor little Joni...the Republican's attempt to win the hearts and minds of Americans who believe the GOP is harming them.

While mentioning how dirt poor she was...she never mentioned that her family accepted welfare and food stamps as a kid. And no mention whatsoever that the Ernst’s family received nearly a half-million dollars in government handouts...$460,000 to be exact. Dad Richard Culver received $38,395, uncle Dallas Culver received $370,000...payments targeted toward subsidizing farms with taxpayer funds. This, from a woman who favors cutting welfare and tax subsidies for others, but touch hers? never!...a la Bachmann. Being anti “Federal Government Subsidies” was a major issue and factor in her winning that Senate seat election.

Her performance? the overwhelming review around the world, like the previous Tea darlings'...amateurish, a poor speaker representing the Republican Party again...and very weird! Weirdness just runs in their blood!

Another Republican Failure: Joni Ernst Crashes and Burns During Bread Bag Infused SOTU Rebuttal

Jan 20, 2015

John McCain's attempt to define his Legacy...or is it, to re-define it?

By RF Schatten

How do you successfully define a Legacy, when your whole public and private life has been one long news media reality show?...and not necessarily, all that successful!

Poor John McCain!...he finally got that Senate Chairmanship he craved for all these years...yet, his insecurity on how people perceive him now, in the September of his political career, has become a matter of desperation. You may not give a rat's ass when your young...because you're so invincible!...but as you grow older and wiser, you'll probably look back with some regrets and try find some ways of redeeming yourself. A National Campaign to define his legacy?...or is it, to "re-define" his legacy?

The Maverick's Legacy? He graduated from Annapolis...like his father and grandfather...but unlike those 2 Admirals, he graduated 894th out of 899 Midshipmen in his class. He went on to Pensacola for flight training, where he was known as a "reckless and careless" hotshot flyer and a party guy...not unusual for a military brat...and then came Vietnam, where he crashed 2 jets and another one that burned during a fire on the deck of the Forrestal, where 134 men died...and even once, he collided with power lines. That bad luck ended and another one began, when he was shot down by a missile over Hanoi!

More legacy? how about his personal character! This is the loving husband and father who moonlighted as a philanderer. Instead of staying in the Navy, he resigned in order to start a Political career...now that his POW fame brought him celebrity status. But it also brought out his arrogance and showed what kind of human piece of shit he truly was. With a wife that was left severely crippled by an auto accident...John Boy felt she wasn't the proper wife, a successful politico needs to have. She wasn't 'attractive' enough!...as his ex-wife said, politely as possible; "‘My marriage ended because John McCain didn't want to be 40, he wanted to be 25".

Numerous personal and family acquaintances  portray the politician as a self-centered womanizer who effectively abandoned his crippled wife to ‘play the field’. They accuse him of finally settling on Cindy, who's filthy rich, for financial reasons and to further his political career. When you're making $25k per year in the Navy, and your new father-in-law is a multimillionaire with political influence...what are you waiting for? take advantage and play the Game of Politics! what else?

Political Legacy? He could have won the Democrats' support and votes as that "Maverick"...before he declared he's a Right Wing Conservative to grab the Tea Lovers' votes, instead. He's been a little of everything to everybody...appealing to Liberals and Progressives, appealing to the Far Right, and all of this while declaring to be a "Mainstream" Conservative Republican.

John Sidney McCain III may want to define his Legacy as a great War Hero, a great Military Strategist, great Foreign Relations understanding, and the greatest US Senator from Arizona...greater than Barry Goldwater!

His Legacy? Understanding this man's intelligence, and why he ranked 894th in his class...he selected Sarah Palin! Enough said?

News from The Associated Press

Jan 17, 2015

Democrats Finding Their Identity...like Waiting for Godot

By RF Schatten

"One man alone can be pretty dumb sometimes, but for real bona fide stupidity...there ain't nothin' can beat teamwork" ~~~ Edward Abbey

Yes! historically, the party of disorganization, the party that Will Rogers proudly called his own!...broke tradition, and literally unified themselves against the party's standard bearer, their Leader...and sat out the Elections! What did they gain? Zilch! Zero! Nada!

There's no crying in politics...don't cry, if you don't vote...Democrats got all they deserved! When a political party that almost outnumbers their opponent nationally 2-1, loses...don't look for factors explaining why they lost...they lost because they didn't put out the vote!

It's the fault of the Voters for playing couch potato aficionados...and the fault of the Party for sitting around on their asses all year in Congress, and throughout the country...doing absolutely nothing, afraid to say anything or strongly take any position, all in fear of losing their seats...while allowing all the Conservative horseshit rhetoric go unanswered, instead of hitting back!

The media is constantly inundated with stories involving the Republican Circus Show and their tea loving kissing cousins running their own Batshit Freakshow...pretty much using up virtually every available second of sound-byte on TV! Where have the Democrats hit back on all the bullshit?...they created their own apathy!...and it's why many of their voters turned their backs on them.

Democrats just won't get down and dirty, and they won't fight back either!...it's that youthful liberal idealism, that flashes back now and then on many Donkeys...taking the proverbial high road...while the GOP continues their winning wicked ways.

Now, for a little shock of reality...Obama's ratings, according to the latest Gallup Polls have "Skyrocketed"....with his Job Approval ratings showing more people approving than disapproving the way he's running the country. Republicans will naturally, find another of their insanely stupid reasons to disapprove with Gallup. They always do...finding ways to spin their horseshit to 'their' Fox selected audience.

How to re-group after the November disaster? Just 'Vote' and support your party! Disagreements within the Democrats are easy to talk over...there's little difference between Liberals and Progressives. If the Republican Moderates allow themselves to be emasculated by their Far Right tea cousins...and still remain united enough to win... so can the Democratic Party. Vote Democratic, support 'your' President, and out-shout the lies and distortions of their Fox Propaganda Machine!...a little Synergy goes a long way!

Democrats Found Their Identity Too Late To Help President Obama's Agenda

Jan 16, 2015

Beyond Beyoncé: Political 'Sound Bytes' to inspire hate

By RF Schatten

Mike Huckabee believes Beyoncé's lyrical content is "obnoxious and toxic mental poison"...this naturally, from a Political and Religious opportunist, hypocrite, and former FoxNews analyst...who performs with Ted Nugent often enough in public, jamming and singing "Cat Scratch Fever" every opportunity possible whenever the press is around, and the camera's rolling.

Is all this really about lyrical content? or who the fuck is kidding who? Patty Reagan's taste for music wasn't the only thing she differed from her old man. Jenna's and Barbara's MP3 collections are certainly not the same as Dubya's collection...just as Junior and Senior enjoy different genres. But now, a President and his wife must change their family values, because someone finds Beyoncé offensive to his taste?  I find Ted Nugent to be a racist and a degenerate asshole pig!...and any man who truly enjoys his company and listens to this piece of shit, is not really as sanctimonious as his Baptist Minister certificate makes him out to be!

What makes all these social fundamentalist Christians believe they're so superior in taste and knowledge? They don't understand! most of them are morons...exploited by people like Huckabee...whisper in their ear, and they'll follow you to the end of the earth...or to that bridge to nowhere! Just like the Republican US Congress...a lot of hot air...but legislation going nowhere.

Barack Obama's parenting skills are as good as any 1st Family. They appear as very happy and well behaved kids...and now, as teenagers?...they're going to try to be themselves! You can only hold them back for so long, mom and dad!. But, you really got to give all these kids, all the credit in the world!...for all kids growing up in the White House, must be hell trying to be like other kids or teenagers?

Conservatives and Social Christians want to take away, a woman's right to her own body, want to take away the rights of a black man to vote, want to control who may marry whom, want to change the education in the US to reflect their way of thinking, and rewrite History and Science...not to mention outlawing critical thinking wherever possible...keep the population stupid! Now criticizing Beyoncé? and her music? Cheap, petty, political sound byte to appease the intellectually challenged racists and bigots...by a petty former Governor that just can't win an election anymore. Michael Dale Huckabee can always quit being a political clown, and become a professional again!...at FoxNews...and their cast of a thousand clowns!

Jimmy Carter Defends Obama Letting Daughters Listen To Beyoncé

Jan 10, 2015

Marco Rubio: Looking for an issue as competition lurks in the Sunshine State

By RF Schatten

A nervous and sweaty cotton-mouth little kid, pretending to act like a big time politico...please, pass him the Aquafina! First impressions tell a lot about a man...Marco Antonio Rubio remains that 'little man', desperately looking for an issue that will put him back in the limelight...yet, always finding a way of destroying his own credibility!

A royal political bullshit artist, who knows everything you'll ever want to know but were afraid to ask about Socialism, Communism, and every other type of isms...because, his family fled from the Castro hordes and the evils of Communism! How his poor family was forced to leave their homeland, by the "Communist" Castro Government in '1959'!

A very inspiring speech...if you want to get a Cuban elected in the Cuban Community!...just don't tell Little Havana too much, before you're outed out. Sure! 1959 was Castro's 1st year in power! and sure! he did turn the country into a Communist state! But let's just say, "fleeing Cuba from Communism in 1959" was a metaphor. It didn't take long for the Cuban's in SW 8th to mark him as "un descarado"!

A Communist government wasn't totally in place until around 1965, so when they fled in "1959"...they fled because; #1 you wanted to get as much out as you can, before they confiscate it from you...which was more the case, in 1959...or #2 you fled, because you worked directly or indirectly for the Batista Government! The overwhelming majority of Cubans that arrived in Miami in 1959, were mostly the upper and middle class...it wasn't till Communism became more prevalent, that the lower middle classes began to leave...and that followed by the poor...just escaping any which way they could. Then, the 'truth' after getting elected!!...his family left in 1956!! and, if they 'did' leave before Dec. 2nd of that year, Castro would've been still planning his Gramma invasion from Mexico!

Experienced in the threat of Communism? Supposedly an intelligent man with college degrees and a successful political career, till now...and he didn't know when his parents arrived? or their family's history? More, a matter of what to say to the right crowd, at the right time...for just the right effect! Righteous? remember, he's just a little man!

Now, this Boy Wonder is furiously slamming the Florida Courts for repealing the Sunshine State's anti-gay marriage equality law...just hours after saying to reporters on CNN that he will abide by and respect the Court's Ruling, even if he personally disagrees. He looked like an ass to his colleagues, so now he's on the attack of the judicial system....he simply doesn't agree that the Courts have the power to determine "Marriage Equality"!...apparently, from former comments and statements he made praising and embracing a favorable ruling against Obamacare...the courts have the power to make determinations, as long as those determinations agree with his own philosophy.

And again, he's on the losing end of another issue...and, in serious competition for the GOP spotlight in Florida...another Bush is around the corner!!

With Jeb now spewing "Religious Freedom" over Civil Rights, Equal Rights for Women, Marriage Equality, and anything else the Religious Right hates...Little Marco needed to keep up...so now, you're hearing everything about Religious Freedom and Family Values from this character. From a Catholic to a Mormon, back to a Catholic, to a Baptist, to an Evangelical, back to a Catholic. The Miami Herald says his Religious profile is very complicated; "It’s a mix...a “faith journey,” as his office put it...that has some wondering whether the rising Republican is trying to be all things to all people, and what other surprises may be in his past". Not as complicated than the constants re-editing in his Wiki-profile! But, what the hell do you expect?

"I do not believe that there is a U.S. constitutional right to same-sex marriage...I just don’t believe there’s a constitutional right to it." It's called the Equal Rights Protection of the 14th Amendment...you remember, Marco? Dubya used it to become President...even assholes have equal protection! as does sweaty Amateurs playing grown-up games. President Rubio? take a swig of Aquafina and ponder that thought for a while!

Marco Rubio Slams Florida Court For Permitting Marriage Equality | ThinkProgress