Jan 25, 2015

Bobby Jindal: Promoting "change" within the GOP...then endorses Cruz's Anti-Gay Legislation

By RF Schatten

Openly Indecent Hypocrisy...the Hallmark of the Grand Old Party since 1980...the adoration of a man who circumvented the laws and negotiated secretly with another Government (technically an enemy) without the knowledge of his own country's administration. That, is called "Treason"!!...and the fact it was orchestrated during elections, and then afterwards for a special Hollywood affect; 'that' is being an indecent piece of shit! Also the adoration of a man who lead us to war on a ruse...to profit off other people's misery. And they adore both that man, and the man one heartbeat away. The fact both of those men have International Criminal Warrants for "War Crimes"?? Conservative Christians have a way of forgiving their own, by repenting and being born again!...Glory Hallelujah!!

Enter the GOP welcome page, and read the Header: "The Party of Opportunity...fighting for a freer America where everyone has the opportunity to achieve the American Dream". "The Republican Party is open and accessible to all Americans". Now the sound bytes of Bobby Jindal's Sunday Interviews, as he urges the GOP: "We can't just be the Party of No!...we have to be the Party of Solutions!". Then Bobby...in all his infinite wisdom..spoke in the Huffington Post, endorsing Tex Cruz's push for a Constitutional Amendment to ban Same-Sex Marriage!!

"The only vice that cannot be forgiven is hypocrisy. The repentance of a hypocrite is itself hypocrisy" ~~~ William Hazlitt

Where the hell are those solutions, Bobby?? or are you just the same Bullshit Artist that allowed yourself to make it this far with so little character?? You're defeating your own argument...you're essentially agreeing with your "Party of No". Bobby Jindal is supported by the NRA with an "A" Rating by the Gun Owners of America. He's anti-gay rights, and every other 'Anti' Issue supported first and foremost, by Koch Industries...and followed by Christian Fundamentalists and the Tea Party! So where is all this 'Party of No' horseshit? Where are all that 'Party of Solutions' garbage? Political hypocrisy? This Tea Clown will retire a hypocrite!

Bobby Jindal urges GOP to be more than ‘Party of No’ - Jennifer Shutt - POLITICO