Jan 17, 2015

Democrats Finding Their Identity...like Waiting for Godot

By RF Schatten

"One man alone can be pretty dumb sometimes, but for real bona fide stupidity...there ain't nothin' can beat teamwork" ~~~ Edward Abbey

Yes! historically, the party of disorganization, the party that Will Rogers proudly called his own!...broke tradition, and literally unified themselves against the party's standard bearer, their Leader...and sat out the Elections! What did they gain? Zilch! Zero! Nada!

There's no crying in politics...don't cry, if you don't vote...Democrats got all they deserved! When a political party that almost outnumbers their opponent nationally 2-1, loses...don't look for factors explaining why they lost...they lost because they didn't put out the vote!

It's the fault of the Voters for playing couch potato aficionados...and the fault of the Party for sitting around on their asses all year in Congress, and throughout the country...doing absolutely nothing, afraid to say anything or strongly take any position, all in fear of losing their seats...while allowing all the Conservative horseshit rhetoric go unanswered, instead of hitting back!

The media is constantly inundated with stories involving the Republican Circus Show and their tea loving kissing cousins running their own Batshit Freakshow...pretty much using up virtually every available second of sound-byte on TV! Where have the Democrats hit back on all the bullshit?...they created their own apathy!...and it's why many of their voters turned their backs on them.

Democrats just won't get down and dirty, and they won't fight back either!...it's that youthful liberal idealism, that flashes back now and then on many Donkeys...taking the proverbial high road...while the GOP continues their winning wicked ways.

Now, for a little shock of reality...Obama's ratings, according to the latest Gallup Polls have "Skyrocketed"....with his Job Approval ratings showing more people approving than disapproving the way he's running the country. Republicans will naturally, find another of their insanely stupid reasons to disapprove with Gallup. They always do...finding ways to spin their horseshit to 'their' Fox selected audience.

How to re-group after the November disaster? Just 'Vote' and support your party! Disagreements within the Democrats are easy to talk over...there's little difference between Liberals and Progressives. If the Republican Moderates allow themselves to be emasculated by their Far Right tea cousins...and still remain united enough to win... so can the Democratic Party. Vote Democratic, support 'your' President, and out-shout the lies and distortions of their Fox Propaganda Machine!...a little Synergy goes a long way!

Democrats Found Their Identity Too Late To Help President Obama's Agenda