Jan 22, 2015

Republican SOTU Rebuttals...in Quest for Weirdness

By RF Schatten

"When the going gets weird, the weird turn Pro" ~~~ Hunter S Thompson

In keeping with recent tradition, the Republican's latest response to the State of the Union Address was spinned, by yet another Tea Party or Tea leaning politico. Whether picked by committee or Reince Priebus, himself! the paramount trait of today's Grand Old Party...that looney batshit mindset...was again, in full force. When will they realize, they're an embarrassment to the common sense in their Republican constituency? An embarrassment as a political party in front of the world!...and we're supposed to be setting an example of a Democracy we're trying to peddle to others around the world??

From the cheaply amateurish performance by Bobby Jindal, to the sweaty and thirsty longest 3 minutes of Mr. Aquafina's career!...'this' is what the GOP pushes around the globe via the news media...and show the world why they won the hearts of America and took control of Congress! In response to their response...to the rest of this planet...not all Americans are morons!

Enter the next clown in the GOP hit parade...the Hawkeye State's most famous "Pig Castrator" Joni Ernst!...Iowa's version of Michelle Bachmann, and most likely successor to her title of "Welfare Queen".

In our last impression of a political 'speaker'...a water bottle was the star of the night...all the media sound bytes and the Twitter world focused on the weirdness, and amateur political speech. Now, is poor kids using "Bread Bags" to cover their only pair of shoes! and the sad story of poor little Joni...the Republican's attempt to win the hearts and minds of Americans who believe the GOP is harming them.

While mentioning how dirt poor she was...she never mentioned that her family accepted welfare and food stamps as a kid. And no mention whatsoever that the Ernst’s family received nearly a half-million dollars in government handouts...$460,000 to be exact. Dad Richard Culver received $38,395, uncle Dallas Culver received $370,000...payments targeted toward subsidizing farms with taxpayer funds. This, from a woman who favors cutting welfare and tax subsidies for others, but touch hers? never!...a la Bachmann. Being anti “Federal Government Subsidies” was a major issue and factor in her winning that Senate seat election.

Her performance? the overwhelming review around the world, like the previous Tea darlings'...amateurish, a poor speaker representing the Republican Party again...and very weird! Weirdness just runs in their blood!

Another Republican Failure: Joni Ernst Crashes and Burns During Bread Bag Infused SOTU Rebuttal