Jan 10, 2015

Marco Rubio: Looking for an issue as competition lurks in the Sunshine State

By RF Schatten

A nervous and sweaty cotton-mouth little kid, pretending to act like a big time politico...please, pass him the Aquafina! First impressions tell a lot about a man...Marco Antonio Rubio remains that 'little man', desperately looking for an issue that will put him back in the limelight...yet, always finding a way of destroying his own credibility!

A royal political bullshit artist, who knows everything you'll ever want to know but were afraid to ask about Socialism, Communism, and every other type of isms...because, his family fled from the Castro hordes and the evils of Communism! How his poor family was forced to leave their homeland, by the "Communist" Castro Government in '1959'!

A very inspiring speech...if you want to get a Cuban elected in the Cuban Community!...just don't tell Little Havana too much, before you're outed out. Sure! 1959 was Castro's 1st year in power! and sure! he did turn the country into a Communist state! But let's just say, "fleeing Cuba from Communism in 1959" was a metaphor. It didn't take long for the Cuban's in SW 8th to mark him as "un descarado"!

A Communist government wasn't totally in place until around 1965, so when they fled in "1959"...they fled because; #1 you wanted to get as much out as you can, before they confiscate it from you...which was more the case, in 1959...or #2 you fled, because you worked directly or indirectly for the Batista Government! The overwhelming majority of Cubans that arrived in Miami in 1959, were mostly the upper and middle class...it wasn't till Communism became more prevalent, that the lower middle classes began to leave...and that followed by the poor...just escaping any which way they could. Then, the 'truth' after getting elected!!...his family left in 1956!! and, if they 'did' leave before Dec. 2nd of that year, Castro would've been still planning his Gramma invasion from Mexico!

Experienced in the threat of Communism? Supposedly an intelligent man with college degrees and a successful political career, till now...and he didn't know when his parents arrived? or their family's history? More, a matter of what to say to the right crowd, at the right time...for just the right effect! Righteous? remember, he's just a little man!

Now, this Boy Wonder is furiously slamming the Florida Courts for repealing the Sunshine State's anti-gay marriage equality law...just hours after saying to reporters on CNN that he will abide by and respect the Court's Ruling, even if he personally disagrees. He looked like an ass to his colleagues, so now he's on the attack of the judicial system....he simply doesn't agree that the Courts have the power to determine "Marriage Equality"!...apparently, from former comments and statements he made praising and embracing a favorable ruling against Obamacare...the courts have the power to make determinations, as long as those determinations agree with his own philosophy.

And again, he's on the losing end of another issue...and, in serious competition for the GOP spotlight in Florida...another Bush is around the corner!!

With Jeb now spewing "Religious Freedom" over Civil Rights, Equal Rights for Women, Marriage Equality, and anything else the Religious Right hates...Little Marco needed to keep up...so now, you're hearing everything about Religious Freedom and Family Values from this character. From a Catholic to a Mormon, back to a Catholic, to a Baptist, to an Evangelical, back to a Catholic. The Miami Herald says his Religious profile is very complicated; "It’s a mix...a “faith journey,” as his office put it...that has some wondering whether the rising Republican is trying to be all things to all people, and what other surprises may be in his past". Not as complicated than the constants re-editing in his Wiki-profile! But, what the hell do you expect?

"I do not believe that there is a U.S. constitutional right to same-sex marriage...I just don’t believe there’s a constitutional right to it." It's called the Equal Rights Protection of the 14th Amendment...you remember, Marco? Dubya used it to become President...even assholes have equal protection! as does sweaty Amateurs playing grown-up games. President Rubio? take a swig of Aquafina and ponder that thought for a while!

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