Jan 28, 2015

In search of Mediocrity...all fools rush in. Welcome to the GOP!

By RF Schatten

A parade of fools opened the 2016 Republican Clown Olympics season...not a whole lot of difference from 2012...with pretty much the same cast of usual suspects. It's the GOP's little way of insulting the minds of the general public quadrennially...while glorifying their mediocrity and embracing ignorance.

From the Koch 'Casting Couch' to FoxNews Correspondent Auditions... 2 former Fox fellows are also inside this clown car...all, vying for the title of "Best Politician Money Can Buy". It's fascinating how these people spew "Family Values" while being so politically immoral...and then justifying it all by throwing the Bible at you!

Who's going to survive among this political version of American Idol Rejects? There are no ideas and no policies coming out of any of these people's mouths...you can figure out "Who's on First" quicker than any of their official policies! It really doesn't matter who wins, they'll continue to gerrymander their wins statewide...but until the GOP finds a distaste for Tea, rids itself of their pariah and finds some viable candidates...their White House hopes? until they change, they're going to be on the outside looking in. Looking in...at a woman running this country!

Democalypse 2016 - Fox News Correspondent Auditions - The Daily Show - Video Clip | Comedy Central