Jan 24, 2015

The Republican Fear: Obama at his most dangerous...being himself!

By RF Schatten

Pow!! It was the ultimate "Fuck You" political knockout punch!...what made it so exciting? and why the country, and especially the Democrats, feel a sense of resurgence?...it's about time, Barack!!  In fact, it's been about 6 years coming!

6 years of blatant systematic use of hatred, indecent mockery, disrespect, and obstructionism by the Republican Party...ever since the plans were concocted a couple of hours after the 2008 elections, they chose the Low Road of politics...Obama chose High Road. "I won both of them"...Barack Obama's knockout response beat Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, John Oliver, and Larry Wilmore to the punch!...and his "Star" quality is back on the rise!

Now that he's 'done' campaigning, he's a much more relaxed man and there's no one in politics today...other than Bill Clinton...who's better attracting and communicating with the public, when just being himself. His interviews on talk shows and off the cuff with the news media, are the media buzz all over TV and the Net immediately following the interviews or the next morning. What can you say? the man is a very likable and affable gentleman ...that's why he won them both!!

With his popularity on the rise in the polls, and a disloyal opposition scratching their heads while trying to figure out what they're doing wrong...it's Obama's turn to shine, and drive Conservative America more batshit crazy than they already are! With the Internet, the major factor and the strength that got him elected both times...it 'was' the appropriate medium to begin his journey to sell his message for the final 2 years...talking directly to the people is what he does best! The Presidential YouTube Interview, was the start...3 separate, back-to-back interviews in the East Room of the White House with 3 young Internet bloggers, fielding questions from Weed, to Race Relations, to Cyber-bullying, and even SportsCenter!

The answers to all the questions weren't that surprising, though a little revealing at times...but it was the style, that cool demeanor...though frustrating at times to his supporters, has served him well...his ability to express himself in non-political layman terms with the public...but above all, his charm and his attraction with the young and their cultures. Being a dad of 2 teenage girls, keeps him aware of what's happening in their world...in more ways than one!

Summation? Barack Obama is going to make life miserable for the GOP the next 2 years, because they're going to give him everything they've been fighting not to give him. Why? because they have nothing to offer, and now that they're the majority...it's an embarrassment not to accomplish anything whatsoever, after promising the country that they do can a better job than the Democrats.  And on January, 2017...when he leaves office. ..as much as he's disliked by certain sectors of America, his final approval ratings in the polls will certainly still be higher than George W's 22%!...Pow!!

President Obama Interviewed by YouTube Stars: Not a Train Wreck!