Jan 27, 2015

Limbaugh, The Weather Truther: Forecast? A lot of Hot Air!!

By RF Schatten

Does the Far Right really believe in Rush Limbaugh?...or is he just their excuse to claim ignorance? Limbaugh makes a living off exploiting people's ignorance...and does it very well!...he's a "Professional Demagogue", his job 'is' precisely to obscure facts and manipulate his audiences towards his whims!

It's unbelievable this man can be perceived as stupid or ignorant...because, he's not!  This tub of lard is a pretty smart guy, drop-out or not...he wouldn't be living the life of Riley today, if he didn't know what he's doing. All his intentions are to instigate hate and instill fear in the Conservative mind! Ignorance is bipartisan...it has no respect for ideologies or political affiliations. But in the conservative mindset of the Republican Party today, Ignorance is wholeheartedly embraced!  Blogger/Writer Amanda Marcotte wrote last year; "In the face of expertise and facts, being belligerently ignorant...and offended that anyone dare suggest ignorance is less desirable than knowledge...has become the go-to position for many conservative politicians and pundits"

It's the Liberals' fault for all this lousy weather because the National Weather Service has been politically compromised?? WTF??  How can "forecasting" a Hurricane or Tornado be political?...this slimeball doesn't want anyone warning anything!!  "Liberalism assumes that we can’t take care of ourselves...the assumption that we don’t know what’s best for us". What a dick!! and they're people who'll faithfully agree with this horseshit!

Blasting the authorities for warning residents to keep safe? Listen Rush! screw what The Weather Channel has to say; go out and freeze your big fat ass off! Show everyone that you can take care of yourself, as you say...and going over to an ice fishing Bob house with a bottle, doesn't count! But you won't..you'll be in the warm comfort of your home, listening to The Weather Channel on your big fancy HDTV. Ignorance? nah!! But, it makes the good show for his belligerently ignorant fans!!

Rush Limbaugh goes weather truther: ‘The left has corrupted everything’