Jan 16, 2015

Beyond Beyoncé: Political 'Sound Bytes' to inspire hate

By RF Schatten

Mike Huckabee believes Beyoncé's lyrical content is "obnoxious and toxic mental poison"...this naturally, from a Political and Religious opportunist, hypocrite, and former FoxNews analyst...who performs with Ted Nugent often enough in public, jamming and singing "Cat Scratch Fever" every opportunity possible whenever the press is around, and the camera's rolling.

Is all this really about lyrical content? or who the fuck is kidding who? Patty Reagan's taste for music wasn't the only thing she differed from her old man. Jenna's and Barbara's MP3 collections are certainly not the same as Dubya's collection...just as Junior and Senior enjoy different genres. But now, a President and his wife must change their family values, because someone finds Beyoncé offensive to his taste?  I find Ted Nugent to be a racist and a degenerate asshole pig!...and any man who truly enjoys his company and listens to this piece of shit, is not really as sanctimonious as his Baptist Minister certificate makes him out to be!

What makes all these social fundamentalist Christians believe they're so superior in taste and knowledge? They don't understand! most of them are morons...exploited by people like Huckabee...whisper in their ear, and they'll follow you to the end of the earth...or to that bridge to nowhere! Just like the Republican US Congress...a lot of hot air...but legislation going nowhere.

Barack Obama's parenting skills are as good as any 1st Family. They appear as very happy and well behaved kids...and now, as teenagers?...they're going to try to be themselves! You can only hold them back for so long, mom and dad!. But, you really got to give all these kids, all the credit in the world!...for all kids growing up in the White House, must be hell trying to be like other kids or teenagers?

Conservatives and Social Christians want to take away, a woman's right to her own body, want to take away the rights of a black man to vote, want to control who may marry whom, want to change the education in the US to reflect their way of thinking, and rewrite History and Science...not to mention outlawing critical thinking wherever possible...keep the population stupid! Now criticizing Beyoncé? and her music? Cheap, petty, political sound byte to appease the intellectually challenged racists and bigots...by a petty former Governor that just can't win an election anymore. Michael Dale Huckabee can always quit being a political clown, and become a professional again!...at FoxNews...and their cast of a thousand clowns!

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