Mar 29, 2014

The Acceptance of Obamacare...even Republicans get Sick

By RF Schatten

Why do Republicans sure hate the ACA??...after a lot of careful research, the only possible conclusion is...because Obama passed it!! “We don't need Obamacare, our system is already the best in the world!!” USA#1!! USA#1!!

Of course, if Mitt Romney would have won, no one would be complaining...they would've just change the name to Romneycare, and say it was his plan after all.
The rest of the world looks at us, and laughs, as we fight about the virtues of semi-Socialized Medicine, versus America's unique Capitalistic system of Medicine...theirs, are all socialized. Hassles?? There are hassles everywhere in the's part of life...but you learn to live with it.

Who has the best care in the world?? Since the last survey done by the World Health Organization, the best Quality of Medicine practiced, belongs to?? USA#1!! USA#1!! Sorry folks, the best quality medicine goes to...France #1!! France #1!! OK, then it's USA #2?? Nope!! The next pecking order, following France are...Italy, San Marino, Andorra, Malta, Singapore, Spain, Oman, Austria, and Japan. Well, how about the USA?? Ah, yes...the old Red, White, and Blue is #37!! Yes, #37...just behind Costa Rica, and just ahead of another medical and science metropolis...Slovenia!!

Why is it, that Republicans don't want affordable healthcare, for those less fortunate??...obviously, it will improve the overall quality of life in this country...that's a no brainer. The American Medical Association, the last bastion of Medical Conservatism, approved the plan...the Pharmaceutical Industry, has embraced it...and the Insurance Industry, has too. Over 6 million already enrolled, and Red State Governors in Arizona, Kentucky, Ohio, and among others...are spewing the great deals and savings, their states are getting.

So why keep on hammering on the ACA?? It's more than obvious, that anyone, below what they consider to be their standards in not in their personal agenda...and not necessarily, just this issue. Their total Arrogance, their Insolence, their Impudence, and their total lack of's the Republican way. 

America, home of the Greatest Health System ever invented by man...we need to stop patronizing ourselves. We 'are' a great country, with some great Medicine, but don't's tacky...we're still #37

"I'm a Republican, and You Should Get Covered" | The White House

Mar 23, 2014

The Mad Man joins Dirty Harry, in GOP's "Skip Invitation" List

By RF Schatten

Deep in the Heart of Texas, the Stars at Night may be Big and Bright…but, to one former shining semi-Rock Star…his glow is quickly dimming. Ted Nugent; well known mediocre Rock Star, fanatical Gun Rights troll, self proclaimed Racist, who says; “All men are not created equal”, and well noted sadistic “Animal Killer”…was given a good size
severance, just for staying away!!…in the words of Dandy Don; “Turn out
the lights, the party’s over!!”

Maybe Texas Republicans, are using…god forbid…Critical Thinking. When members of
the state’s clown representation…Ted Cruz and Rick Perry…both came out against the
Whackmaster, the GOP community began to have second thoughts…wrong idea for the
4th of July…not this year, too sensitive in this political season. In a rare moment of common sense, they realized that they preferred paying him off, and not being embarrassed publicly…than to listen to yet another rendition, of Terrible Ted singing
“Cat Scratch Fever”.

Theodore Anthony Nugent, is an icon for all that is ignorant in America, and the darling Hero of the Tea Party, a conflicting character whose “anti stances” are contradictory, to the way he lived…once saying, very hypocritically and sarcastically, what he had to do, to avoid the draft; “I’d rather shit myself, than fighting for my Country…since I’m Pro War…I’ll send other people to do the job for me” PS: He did shit in his pants, among other just as disgusting things…to get his draft deferment. And he was proud of what he did, as
he told the Detroit Free Press in 1990. What a great patriotic American!!

Yea!! he’s crazy, he’s a lunatic, he’s a despicable and terribly disrespectful piece of garbage…and even, when the GOP thinks he’s nuts, and don’t want his face seen anywhere, within 100 miles from an event…he’s still goes home with $16,000, for just
being an Asshole.

Texas city to pay Ted Nugent $16,000 to stay away from their 4th of July celebration | The Raw Story

Mar 19, 2014

Loser vs. Loser: The Battle for Cook County's Republican Voters

By RF Schatten

 America!! What a Country!! It’s primary season, and our favorite Political Reality Show, is back: “America’s Next Clown”. Who will this week’s winner be??
Yes!! it’s Chicago, where both sides can argue till hell freezes over, on who runs more corrupt, scandalous, or just plain, looney political campaigns…that said…this one, ranks as major comedy chat sound bytes, among Political Satirists and Late Night Talk Hosts.
A Republican primary race between 2…count them…2 major head cases. One has court orders, that he’s fighting, to attend anger management classes and undergo a mental health assessment. The other, belongs in the Cookie Factory, since she’s a few cookies short…even the Illinois GOP, disavowed her!!
And the winner is?? The batshit with the few cookies short, that the Republicans are running as far away as if she were a Leper.
Atanus wants to run against the leading Progressive in the US Congress, Rep. Jan Schakowsky, this November. Her name alone, has brought attention to the fact…that as another blogger, very well mentioned…the name Atanus, is an Anagram for; “As a Nut”. And yes, it does tell you a lot about this lady. Her battle is today’s typical Tea Flavored hodge-pudge of Religion, Social Conservative mores, and Ignorance.
It’s Common Sense, Progress, and moving forward vs. moving back into the Caves with the “Croods”.
If the Croods think they’re in the Stone Age, wait till the Tea Party moves in…in the words of “Grug”: “there goes the neighborhood!!”

Mar 16, 2014

American Citizens are the Weirdest in the World?? No!!!…well?? at least just a Little

By RF Schatten

In a recent study, Anthropologists have determined that American Citizens, are the “Weirdest” in the World!! I’m surprised that it’s taken this long, for scholars to figure this out.

We live in a Dysfunctional Society…we’re a melting pot of Races, Ethnicity, and Religions…and all of their Cultures. And when you start intermingling all those Cultures, with all those Races, Ethnic Groups, and Religions…what do you expect, is going to happen?? Yes!! we ‘are’ Weird, so what?? We ‘are’ the wretched refuse, that the world discarded, and now, all want to do business with.
America is not perfect, no one is…and to those who believe we are, always been, or should be…we never have been!! Even our “Founding Fathers” weren’t perfect…Jefferson was a Philanderer, plus fathered a good portion of the Slave population in Virginia. Ben Franklin, aside from his distinguished public life, was also known for some of his eccentricities…they kept telling him to “go fly a kite”…he did, and look at what came out of it?? The rumors of Alexander Hamilton’s gay relationships, Patrick Henry’s male chauvinism, that kept his wife chained up in the basement…what can I say, Americans have been Weird since all those Weird people, founded this wonderful Weird Nation.

We’re anything but perfect…we complain about Government, but, so many today wish that it
fails…just because, they don’t personally like the guy in charge?? Europe and the rest of the world, thinks Americans are totally nuts!! And yes, we are nuts…look at our US Political arena, today!!
The study suggests that the cognition of an American, is not just different from other Western cultures, but somehow, “malformed” or “twisted”. How twisted or malformed?? I’ll leave that up to you.
You know these Anthropologists can’t be all wrong…look at this country, everywhere…Weirdness is flourishing, gushing out all around us.

Weirdness?? We ‘are’ the product of a broken Dysfunctional Society…but that isn’t always bad, it makes you think. The study says; “Weird minds are also more analytic, possessing the tendency to telescope in on an object of interest, rather than understanding that object in the context of what is around it”. I’ve been “Weird” all my life…nice to know, I’m considered the norm, these days.

Samuel Adams makes a “Major Pro-Gay Move”…because it’s good for business!!

By RF Schatten

St Paddy’s Day 2014 – City Mayors Walsh in Boston, and De Blasio in New York, are boycotting their respective parades. With Gay Veterans and other LGBT Groups not allowed to participate, now, sponsors are pulling out…an embarrassment for the Parades??? In a political year…yes! And politics has played a part…but, it’s also a signal of our overall public acceptance,

It’s not all Politics, we’re literally seeing our Society changing, almost in front of our eyes.
Before all the Kudos are said…remember, Boston Beer '‘was’ participating in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade…until City Cafe, dropped Sam Adams from their delivery route…and that followed with a string of Gay Bars in the Boston area…and that’s not good for business and their American Dollar.

We’re in a new century, life just continues to progress and evolve. The American business supports Gay Rights, because they believe in the cause, or because is best for business…either way, Gays, are generally accepted, with any biases that one might personally have…kept to themselves. That’s how America managed to survive Civil Rights, and all the transformations in this Nation since the 1960s, in our Society…people remaining civil with each other…until, the aroma of Tea started polluting the air. 

Mar 13, 2014

The Infamous Tea Party Gay Basher, is Very Upset That The Gays Are Bullying Her

By RF Schatten

Bachmann and Gays…she keeps talking about how tired she’s about Gays, and constantly demean them…now, they’re Bullies!!…but love making money off them, as she and hubby Marcus, run an Anti-Gay Christian Therapy Clinic; Bachmann & Associates (sounds like a Law firm) to “Exorcise the Gayness” in the person.
As ABC News said; “Michele Bachmann Clinic: Where You Can Pray Away the Gay!!”
And she gets away with this BS, because who she is. SCAM is a SCAM…no matter how much you try to look at it, twist it or turn it. This is what Michele Bachmann is all about, and what the ideals of her Tea Party are all about…

Michele Bachmann is Very Upset That The Gays Are Bullying Her | Alternet

Mar 12, 2014

A Conservative's self-denial of Slavery: "You had some contented Slaves"

 By RF Schatten

A Black President, a Black Slavery know where the Right is going, with 'that'.
James Bowman speaks about Slavery...without condemnation...and about the happiness, some slaves may have had in remaining slaves. James Bowman may be a Scholar...and with all due respect...he just proved, he's a Racist!!
Oh!! Happy Days!! James Bowman would fit perfectly, as a Slave Owner!!...a kind Slave Owner, because he believes in "Contended Slaves"!!
This character happens to be a Movie and Culture Critic!!...and for the American Spectator!! who else??
He's a Social Christian Conservative, who not only echos every single word, from all of today's Political Looney Tunes...but, he's also a critic of the Roman Catholic Church, and the way "they" interpret the Bible..what the hell does the Vatican know? He also believes that the Pope, along with Barack Obama are part of a world conspiracy, for the Muslim Brotherhood to take ultimate power, and make America an Islamic State.
Welcome Aboard, Jim Bowman!! another character to join the Grand Old Tea Party's Freakshow. It's 15 minutes and counting!!...

12 Years a Slave didn't depict the 'happy slaves', critic complains - News - Films - The Independent

Mar 11, 2014

George Carlin; gone...but his Words will stay forever

By RF Schatten

To some people, George Carlin was just a almost an entire generation...he was much more, he was an Observer of Life...a Commentator, a Storyteller about Society, our Culture, our Religious Believes, and our Education...particularly the use of words, in the English Language.

When speaking in meetings or conferences about Religion, Politics, and Society...there's one person all Academics bring up either because of his theories, observations, and/or quotes...

Carlin was Roman Catholic...and a big critic of the Church...but, I bet he and Pope Francis, would have gotten along, marvelously!!

He Changed The Lyrics To An Insanely Popular Song, And Now I Can't Get Them Out Of My Head

Mar 10, 2014

Darrell Issa: The Embodiment of what the GOP stands for

By RF Schatten

Historians, someday will write the fascinating tales of today’s Political turmoil…and they will try to explain, why has all this immorality, hatred, and bigotry…on both sides…gotten to such a volatile state, not just in American Society, but in the Halls of Congress…where civilized adults…from all political ideologies, gather and exercise their responsibility to their constituents, and actually do some work. And where the “Loyal Opposition” means something to all those real Gentlemen…and Ladies…from both sides of the aisle that’s always represented this Nation, so well.

They will also talk on why the Republican Party, has become so far to the right, that Moderate to traditional Conservative Republicans, are either abandoning the Party, cross voting, or voting Independent. What has turned off the World towards the GOP??

Darrell Issa’s grand performance in his “One Man Show”…a one giant promo of political grandstanding…more than anything or anyone, mirrors the epitome of the true character of today’s Republican Party, and on where they stand in American Society. The flagrant arrogance he showed towards everyone, mirrors the GOP’s arrogance towards those less fortunate, with their constant display of superiority and self importance as job creationists. As Mitt Romney once said; “Someone has to protect the poor 1%”.

His Impudence and his Insolence shows the shamelessness and rude behavior the Party has towards Women, Gays, Latinos, Blacks, the Elderly, the Youth, and every Religion and/or ideology in the world, that is different to their personal way of thinking. His integrity?? what Integrity?? like today’s Neocons…what moral and ethical principles do they ever stand for?? Yes!! we are in a “Race War”, because they want a Race War, we’re in a “War against Women”, because they want a War against Women. Education?? You don’t want people to know the “piece of @!$%#”, they really are. Environment?? How can you get away with polluting the waters??…ask the Koch Brothers…they just don’t want to keep paying more and more fines!!

But who’s fooling who??…what does all of this Arrogance, Shamelessness, and Contempt shows??…the GOP’s Class War…the humongous disparity between the Upper, Middle, and Lower Classes of the United States…and their attempt in making this Nation, into a Ruling Class Society. In the 21st Century?? They do live in glass houses, and wear Rose Colored Glasses…when was the last time an “Upper Class” ruled a Nation?? And what happened to them??

Mar 9, 2014

It's Official. 2016: Hillary vs. The Tea Party...not the Republicans

For those traditional Conservatives and Moderates, wanting a return to what the Republican Party once was…if you haven’t kicked the Tea Party on their ass, and out the door by now…too late!! too late my friends!! Might as well go out and form your own Grand New Party…the age of the Batshit Party is upon us…Hallelujah, Glory Hallelujah!!
Rand Paul…the “Original” Tea Party darling…won the Conservative Political Action Conference’s annual “Straw Poll” with 31%. Their “current” darling, Ted “Tail Gunner” Cruz, took the Silver with 11%…and the Bronze goes to…Ben Carson!! yes, Ben Carson renowned Physician, Scholar, and personal Royal Super Screwball, got 9%. This, from a man who is not even a Politico!!
Chris Christie tried to put his problems aside as just “Water under the Bridge”, but that got him only 8%…and from there on down, every crazy ding dong that was left, divided the rest.
It’s going to be Hillary vs the “Tea Party” in 2016…not the “Republicans”…and it will most likely be the filthiest and most repugnant race ever. And after it’s all over…as Hillary takes the landslide win over Paul or Cruz, or whomever the Tea Party anoints to run against her…Republicans will be looking back, in nostalgia…at the days, when people like Mitt Romney could be seen, as a sensible alternative to Tea. But hey!! Calvin Coolidge might still have a chance for an upset, as a write-in!!…he’s on CPAC’s ballot!!

Rand Paul Wins CPAC Straw Poll - NBC

Mar 6, 2014

In a Rare Show of Bipartisanship: It's "Pick on Vladimir" Time

 Sometimes, when problems occur between neighboring countries, it’s better to let them work their disputes among themselves…but, like the Middle East…it’s no longer, just a dispute among neighboring factions. Today, any dispute, are in everyone’s self interest…whether they’re
Governmental or private self-interest. Everyone wants something out of someone else problems or tragedy.
In the meantime, what no one, at least in the West…ever an X Factor. The people in the
Crimea voted to secede from the Ukraine, and become part of Russia, which puts a twist into this lovely tale…a matter of whether or not, an ethnic region can decide, or are legally allowed to decide, to which country they want to belong…Russia or the Ukraine??
Now, all these negotiations going on, are for one and one reason only…to find a way for all parties to save face, and get this whole problem, over with.
The Russians’ main interest is not their outlet to the Sea…and not so much, the question over the Crimea. Moscow’s main interest is the courting of the Ukraine by the European Union, and NATO…which is another story, altogether. Putin will pack up and leave…and the EU and NATO,
will stop their courting, and no NATO Forces will be looking through their front yard.
Back in the USA: The GOP simultaneously attacks Barack Obama’s Foreign Policy…while becoming a bipartisan partner, on a $1Billion Loan package to the Ukraine. The Vote was almost unanimous; 385-23…and those 23 were GOP budget hardliners.
Obama’s intentions for the Loan, were consistent with US Foreign Policy…and the morally
right thing to do. The GOP's warmth to bipartisanship?? too many reasons to really discuss at this time. But for time being, both sides have a new Punching Bag to play with…named “Vlad”

House passes $1 billion in loans for Ukraine, weighs Russia sanctions -

Mar 3, 2014

You can't “Impeach” someone, because he's Black!!

By RF Schatten

No one is going to Impeach no one...since an hour after Barack Obama was elected
President in 2008, the Republican Party has been trying to find a way to impeach the President.

Why?? He's a Communist!!, he's a Socialist!!, he's a Fascist!!, he's a Muslim!!, he's a Terrorist!!, He's
a first born male, recruited at birth by Al-Qaeda 50 years ago, to become President of the United States, and undermine our way of life, destroy our Democracy, and turn this country into a Muslim State!! Well?? since that ain't going to work, how about...Benghazi?? aahhh nope!! Oh yea!! how about; he's got the NSA spying on everyone in this Country!!...but so has every President...and J. Edgar Hoover...since November 4, 1952; the founding of the NSA...Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton...and Bush II, all knew...and most likely used them. But keep hitting on those “civil liberties lost” sound bytes, the GOP 'loves' them!!
Impeach him for the Economy?? nope!! It's doing pretty well!!...just ask their friends in Wall St. Unemployment?? 6.6 %, lowest in 5 yrs. Obamacare??...impeach a man for improving man's quality of life?? It's not really going to sell,'s a done deal!!
We all know, this is all Political Grandstanding...specially during this, 2014 campaign season...correlating the “Impeachment” sound bytes, with reminders to their Fox audience base, about Hillary, Bill, and Monica. 

And they're coming out of the woodwork's!! Clowns like Steven Seagal and Ted Nugent,
running around...spewing all their infinite their awe-struck audiences responds; “Oh!! my God!! they look old as shit!!”

If the Republicans, really want to be serious and do some impeaching...impeach the Tea Party from the Republican ranks!! Get rid of all the “batshit” politics, and bring back some sanity into American
An overwhelming amount of Republicans in this country, don't care much for the movement's philosophy, at all...they know, the eminent demise of the GOP, if something is not done...but, the party's top stars don't have the cojones to tell them: “go certify yourself” as a political party, get out of our house, and don't let the door hit ya on your way out”!! How does it feel, to be told, that your party doesn't want you, anymore?? Ask Richard Lugar, Bob Bennett, and Lisa Murkowsky...they just weren't Republican enough, for today's Grand New Party.

Actor Steven Seagal Believes Obama Should be Impeached | World Truth.TV

Mar 1, 2014


By RF Schatten

State Rep. Lawrence Lockman (R-Maine) is extremely sorry for some sexist remarks, he made back in 1995. Is he truly remorseful?? To his voting constituency?? He certainly is now!!...after being exposed world wide, through the Internet, for the man he really's terrible to be outed as a chauvinist scumball, when you're on the wrong end of Political Correctness.
19 years ago, he gave...probably...the most disgusting degenerate anti-women statement, a Social Conservative...activist or politico...has ever given, and illuminates the true inner feelings of today's Tea loving GOP establishment.
In the statement; "If a woman has the right to an abortion, why shouldn't a man be free to use his superior strength to force himself on a woman? At least the rapist's pursuit of sexual freedom doesn' most cases...result in anyone’s death", he knew exactly what he meant to say...before and after, he said it...and certainly knew all the political ramifications, ever since 1995.
The GOP's contention is; that they don't have a War on Women, that it's a biased media who's saying all those lies about them, and the real War on Women is by the Democrats. Larry Lockman just proved all the GOP's Bullshit, is just that...Bullshit!!

Lawmaker Regrets Asking Why Men Can't Rape If Women Can Get Abortions