Mar 16, 2014

American Citizens are the Weirdest in the World?? No!!!…well?? at least just a Little

By RF Schatten

In a recent study, Anthropologists have determined that American Citizens, are the “Weirdest” in the World!! I’m surprised that it’s taken this long, for scholars to figure this out.

We live in a Dysfunctional Society…we’re a melting pot of Races, Ethnicity, and Religions…and all of their Cultures. And when you start intermingling all those Cultures, with all those Races, Ethnic Groups, and Religions…what do you expect, is going to happen?? Yes!! we ‘are’ Weird, so what?? We ‘are’ the wretched refuse, that the world discarded, and now, all want to do business with.
America is not perfect, no one is…and to those who believe we are, always been, or should be…we never have been!! Even our “Founding Fathers” weren’t perfect…Jefferson was a Philanderer, plus fathered a good portion of the Slave population in Virginia. Ben Franklin, aside from his distinguished public life, was also known for some of his eccentricities…they kept telling him to “go fly a kite”…he did, and look at what came out of it?? The rumors of Alexander Hamilton’s gay relationships, Patrick Henry’s male chauvinism, that kept his wife chained up in the basement…what can I say, Americans have been Weird since all those Weird people, founded this wonderful Weird Nation.

We’re anything but perfect…we complain about Government, but, so many today wish that it
fails…just because, they don’t personally like the guy in charge?? Europe and the rest of the world, thinks Americans are totally nuts!! And yes, we are nuts…look at our US Political arena, today!!
The study suggests that the cognition of an American, is not just different from other Western cultures, but somehow, “malformed” or “twisted”. How twisted or malformed?? I’ll leave that up to you.
You know these Anthropologists can’t be all wrong…look at this country, everywhere…Weirdness is flourishing, gushing out all around us.

Weirdness?? We ‘are’ the product of a broken Dysfunctional Society…but that isn’t always bad, it makes you think. The study says; “Weird minds are also more analytic, possessing the tendency to telescope in on an object of interest, rather than understanding that object in the context of what is around it”. I’ve been “Weird” all my life…nice to know, I’m considered the norm, these days.