Mar 23, 2014

The Mad Man joins Dirty Harry, in GOP's "Skip Invitation" List

By RF Schatten

Deep in the Heart of Texas, the Stars at Night may be Big and Bright…but, to one former shining semi-Rock Star…his glow is quickly dimming. Ted Nugent; well known mediocre Rock Star, fanatical Gun Rights troll, self proclaimed Racist, who says; “All men are not created equal”, and well noted sadistic “Animal Killer”…was given a good size
severance, just for staying away!!…in the words of Dandy Don; “Turn out
the lights, the party’s over!!”

Maybe Texas Republicans, are using…god forbid…Critical Thinking. When members of
the state’s clown representation…Ted Cruz and Rick Perry…both came out against the
Whackmaster, the GOP community began to have second thoughts…wrong idea for the
4th of July…not this year, too sensitive in this political season. In a rare moment of common sense, they realized that they preferred paying him off, and not being embarrassed publicly…than to listen to yet another rendition, of Terrible Ted singing
“Cat Scratch Fever”.

Theodore Anthony Nugent, is an icon for all that is ignorant in America, and the darling Hero of the Tea Party, a conflicting character whose “anti stances” are contradictory, to the way he lived…once saying, very hypocritically and sarcastically, what he had to do, to avoid the draft; “I’d rather shit myself, than fighting for my Country…since I’m Pro War…I’ll send other people to do the job for me” PS: He did shit in his pants, among other just as disgusting things…to get his draft deferment. And he was proud of what he did, as
he told the Detroit Free Press in 1990. What a great patriotic American!!

Yea!! he’s crazy, he’s a lunatic, he’s a despicable and terribly disrespectful piece of garbage…and even, when the GOP thinks he’s nuts, and don’t want his face seen anywhere, within 100 miles from an event…he’s still goes home with $16,000, for just
being an Asshole.

Texas city to pay Ted Nugent $16,000 to stay away from their 4th of July celebration | The Raw Story