Mar 9, 2014

It's Official. 2016: Hillary vs. The Tea Party...not the Republicans

For those traditional Conservatives and Moderates, wanting a return to what the Republican Party once was…if you haven’t kicked the Tea Party on their ass, and out the door by now…too late!! too late my friends!! Might as well go out and form your own Grand New Party…the age of the Batshit Party is upon us…Hallelujah, Glory Hallelujah!!
Rand Paul…the “Original” Tea Party darling…won the Conservative Political Action Conference’s annual “Straw Poll” with 31%. Their “current” darling, Ted “Tail Gunner” Cruz, took the Silver with 11%…and the Bronze goes to…Ben Carson!! yes, Ben Carson renowned Physician, Scholar, and personal Royal Super Screwball, got 9%. This, from a man who is not even a Politico!!
Chris Christie tried to put his problems aside as just “Water under the Bridge”, but that got him only 8%…and from there on down, every crazy ding dong that was left, divided the rest.
It’s going to be Hillary vs the “Tea Party” in 2016…not the “Republicans”…and it will most likely be the filthiest and most repugnant race ever. And after it’s all over…as Hillary takes the landslide win over Paul or Cruz, or whomever the Tea Party anoints to run against her…Republicans will be looking back, in nostalgia…at the days, when people like Mitt Romney could be seen, as a sensible alternative to Tea. But hey!! Calvin Coolidge might still have a chance for an upset, as a write-in!!…he’s on CPAC’s ballot!!

Rand Paul Wins CPAC Straw Poll - NBC