Mar 10, 2014

Darrell Issa: The Embodiment of what the GOP stands for

By RF Schatten

Historians, someday will write the fascinating tales of today’s Political turmoil…and they will try to explain, why has all this immorality, hatred, and bigotry…on both sides…gotten to such a volatile state, not just in American Society, but in the Halls of Congress…where civilized adults…from all political ideologies, gather and exercise their responsibility to their constituents, and actually do some work. And where the “Loyal Opposition” means something to all those real Gentlemen…and Ladies…from both sides of the aisle that’s always represented this Nation, so well.

They will also talk on why the Republican Party, has become so far to the right, that Moderate to traditional Conservative Republicans, are either abandoning the Party, cross voting, or voting Independent. What has turned off the World towards the GOP??

Darrell Issa’s grand performance in his “One Man Show”…a one giant promo of political grandstanding…more than anything or anyone, mirrors the epitome of the true character of today’s Republican Party, and on where they stand in American Society. The flagrant arrogance he showed towards everyone, mirrors the GOP’s arrogance towards those less fortunate, with their constant display of superiority and self importance as job creationists. As Mitt Romney once said; “Someone has to protect the poor 1%”.

His Impudence and his Insolence shows the shamelessness and rude behavior the Party has towards Women, Gays, Latinos, Blacks, the Elderly, the Youth, and every Religion and/or ideology in the world, that is different to their personal way of thinking. His integrity?? what Integrity?? like today’s Neocons…what moral and ethical principles do they ever stand for?? Yes!! we are in a “Race War”, because they want a Race War, we’re in a “War against Women”, because they want a War against Women. Education?? You don’t want people to know the “piece of @!$%#”, they really are. Environment?? How can you get away with polluting the waters??…ask the Koch Brothers…they just don’t want to keep paying more and more fines!!

But who’s fooling who??…what does all of this Arrogance, Shamelessness, and Contempt shows??…the GOP’s Class War…the humongous disparity between the Upper, Middle, and Lower Classes of the United States…and their attempt in making this Nation, into a Ruling Class Society. In the 21st Century?? They do live in glass houses, and wear Rose Colored Glasses…when was the last time an “Upper Class” ruled a Nation?? And what happened to them??