Mar 3, 2014

You can't “Impeach” someone, because he's Black!!

By RF Schatten

No one is going to Impeach no one...since an hour after Barack Obama was elected
President in 2008, the Republican Party has been trying to find a way to impeach the President.

Why?? He's a Communist!!, he's a Socialist!!, he's a Fascist!!, he's a Muslim!!, he's a Terrorist!!, He's
a first born male, recruited at birth by Al-Qaeda 50 years ago, to become President of the United States, and undermine our way of life, destroy our Democracy, and turn this country into a Muslim State!! Well?? since that ain't going to work, how about...Benghazi?? aahhh nope!! Oh yea!! how about; he's got the NSA spying on everyone in this Country!!...but so has every President...and J. Edgar Hoover...since November 4, 1952; the founding of the NSA...Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton...and Bush II, all knew...and most likely used them. But keep hitting on those “civil liberties lost” sound bytes, the GOP 'loves' them!!
Impeach him for the Economy?? nope!! It's doing pretty well!!...just ask their friends in Wall St. Unemployment?? 6.6 %, lowest in 5 yrs. Obamacare??...impeach a man for improving man's quality of life?? It's not really going to sell,'s a done deal!!
We all know, this is all Political Grandstanding...specially during this, 2014 campaign season...correlating the “Impeachment” sound bytes, with reminders to their Fox audience base, about Hillary, Bill, and Monica. 

And they're coming out of the woodwork's!! Clowns like Steven Seagal and Ted Nugent,
running around...spewing all their infinite their awe-struck audiences responds; “Oh!! my God!! they look old as shit!!”

If the Republicans, really want to be serious and do some impeaching...impeach the Tea Party from the Republican ranks!! Get rid of all the “batshit” politics, and bring back some sanity into American
An overwhelming amount of Republicans in this country, don't care much for the movement's philosophy, at all...they know, the eminent demise of the GOP, if something is not done...but, the party's top stars don't have the cojones to tell them: “go certify yourself” as a political party, get out of our house, and don't let the door hit ya on your way out”!! How does it feel, to be told, that your party doesn't want you, anymore?? Ask Richard Lugar, Bob Bennett, and Lisa Murkowsky...they just weren't Republican enough, for today's Grand New Party.

Actor Steven Seagal Believes Obama Should be Impeached | World Truth.TV