Mar 16, 2014

Samuel Adams makes a “Major Pro-Gay Move”…because it’s good for business!!

By RF Schatten

St Paddy’s Day 2014 – City Mayors Walsh in Boston, and De Blasio in New York, are boycotting their respective parades. With Gay Veterans and other LGBT Groups not allowed to participate, now, sponsors are pulling out…an embarrassment for the Parades??? In a political year…yes! And politics has played a part…but, it’s also a signal of our overall public acceptance,

It’s not all Politics, we’re literally seeing our Society changing, almost in front of our eyes.
Before all the Kudos are said…remember, Boston Beer '‘was’ participating in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade…until City Cafe, dropped Sam Adams from their delivery route…and that followed with a string of Gay Bars in the Boston area…and that’s not good for business and their American Dollar.

We’re in a new century, life just continues to progress and evolve. The American business supports Gay Rights, because they believe in the cause, or because is best for business…either way, Gays, are generally accepted, with any biases that one might personally have…kept to themselves. That’s how America managed to survive Civil Rights, and all the transformations in this Nation since the 1960s, in our Society…people remaining civil with each other…until, the aroma of Tea started polluting the air.