Mar 6, 2014

In a Rare Show of Bipartisanship: It's "Pick on Vladimir" Time

 Sometimes, when problems occur between neighboring countries, it’s better to let them work their disputes among themselves…but, like the Middle East…it’s no longer, just a dispute among neighboring factions. Today, any dispute, are in everyone’s self interest…whether they’re
Governmental or private self-interest. Everyone wants something out of someone else problems or tragedy.
In the meantime, what no one, at least in the West…ever an X Factor. The people in the
Crimea voted to secede from the Ukraine, and become part of Russia, which puts a twist into this lovely tale…a matter of whether or not, an ethnic region can decide, or are legally allowed to decide, to which country they want to belong…Russia or the Ukraine??
Now, all these negotiations going on, are for one and one reason only…to find a way for all parties to save face, and get this whole problem, over with.
The Russians’ main interest is not their outlet to the Sea…and not so much, the question over the Crimea. Moscow’s main interest is the courting of the Ukraine by the European Union, and NATO…which is another story, altogether. Putin will pack up and leave…and the EU and NATO,
will stop their courting, and no NATO Forces will be looking through their front yard.
Back in the USA: The GOP simultaneously attacks Barack Obama’s Foreign Policy…while becoming a bipartisan partner, on a $1Billion Loan package to the Ukraine. The Vote was almost unanimous; 385-23…and those 23 were GOP budget hardliners.
Obama’s intentions for the Loan, were consistent with US Foreign Policy…and the morally
right thing to do. The GOP's warmth to bipartisanship?? too many reasons to really discuss at this time. But for time being, both sides have a new Punching Bag to play with…named “Vlad”

House passes $1 billion in loans for Ukraine, weighs Russia sanctions -